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  1. A little view of my historic district
  2. I thought this was a real photo for a minute.
  3. I had no clue A Nonny Moose was that old.Anyways I shall give my condolences to his family and friends.
  4. This also happened to San Prudenico,one of my other projects.
  5. As you may know,all of my saves were suddenly deleted out of nowhere.I had hundreds of hours placed into Arden County only for it to suddenly vanish.The worst part is there's no recovering it so I have to restart.
  6. Lost every save I had including Arden County for no reason,I couldn't recover the saves at all so hundreds of hours placed into San Prudenico and Arden County all for nothing.Fear not I will come back bigger,better and stronger than ever.
  7. I think your building style is better than mines.
  8. For some reason If I try to plop growables they will disappear instantly.Hopefully I will be able to work around this issue.Also I'm not really sure if I should do a beach area because I'm not really good with beach areas.
  9. Finally San Prudenico's first real interchange and updated Downtown(kinda)
  10. I've always had prop and tree anarchy off by default and the trees have never disappeared so it must be something else.
  11. So I've built a city hall for one of my city journals and when I loaded my savegame after I've built it nearly all of the trees are missing.Here's some evidence Before: After: As of now I have no clue what could be causing this.I've noticed trees disappear on a couple of other places in my city.I don't understand what could be causing the trees to disappearing and I am not bulldozing them.What is going on?!!
  12. Dear Scott, I agree there's no such history affiliated with the buildings.The office building on the right is home to a small magazine company known as Regal Daily.No one really cares if the convenience stores on the left get demolished because Claremont is transforming from a ghetto into a lively suburban area.The company doesn't want to relocate because they say Claremont is their home town and they don't want to leave.Eventually I worked an agreement with the company to move their Headquarters to a office park(which was recently built)which is also in Claremont if the favor is in those who want the block replaced.At the same time I don't want a city-wide protest going on because I replaced a few buildings with better ones,so I might have to figure how this will work out. Regards, Mayor, Jordan Helmock
  13. I really need to get better at making stories and polls.
  14. There's been a ongoing conflict with an developer and residents of Claremont.The developer Remi Bros. wants to replace an entire block of old buildings with more houses.Supporters of the rebuild say there's no need for the old buildings anymore as they are reaching their limit.Opposition says destroying the entire block would erase some of the city's history and there's already enough housing in the area.Should the developer leave the block alone or demolish it and replace it with a few more houses?State your opinion and why.
  15. I added a few more skyscrapers to the skyline.I will release the photo soon.