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  1. There's always quays and assets to make the trench seem smaller for those inner city areas.
  2. Hah, did I forget to share the link to that? Anyways, the prop variation guide is done. Edit: Nevermind, I'm still asleep it seems xD
  3. Thank you all again! @Matthias King I think they're very common on any pedestrian street or even wide sidewalks - anywhere there's space and lots of pedestrians walking past (open platforms of train stations too). I really should make a bus shed version too, since that's prob even more common. Today I released the template for the street ad in a guide which makes it easy to find other templates by me and others - right here. And I published a logo prop for Aukio too with more to come in the future. I really gotta grab some screenshots with King Leno's new commercial buildings since they look way better than the default commercial buildings.
  4. Some of the assets barely had some changed decorations. Who knows what goes through someone's head when they think that's a good idea. xD It's possible the code being on Github changes things - I haven't read the terms of use for Github. But if it's been published for everyone to see and/or use like that, it might be considered public domain by Valve. It definately makes proving ownership a whole lot more complicated that's for sure.
  5. I don't even use the edge split. I just tick "auto smooth" and then set the edges to sharp where I want them. I find that so much easier. More on smoothing in Blender here.
  6. Valve needs rights to everything we upload to the workshop, so they can distribute it, and you ofc can't hand over rights you don't have. Here's a bit of the agreement you and everyone else using the workshop has agreed to: No doubt there's alot of content on the workshop which breaks this, which shows Valve don't really patrol the workshop, but instead rely on us reporting stolen assets. Generally our community doesn't seem to report assets which update abandoned assets and give credit, but that's technically still breaking the agreement. I know there's laws related to trademarks where you eventually lose your rights if you don't enforce them, which perhaps will also apply to workshop content (Note I'm just guessing here based on my limited knowledge on the area), meaning reuploaded assets might become public domain after a while (likely years) if they never get reported. From my experience of having a few of my assets stolen and then taken down Valve aren't involved in any legal action. They remove the offending item from the workshop, which I guess clears them of any legal trouble (since the other user broke the agreement with Valve). One of the latest ones, who stole like 150 assets (no credit, deleting any comment saying it was stolen), still has an active account, so at the most I'd assume a suspended account if any action was taken. In that case I think only a few were reported by the original creator and I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are just set to private now and not actually deleted. Anyways! Permission is always the way to go, but some people won't respond. Uploading them without permission is actually breaking the agreement with Valve, but I'd be very surprised if any very severe action was taken for that - especially if you add a disclaimer crediting the author.
  7. Some of Matt's reuploaded stuff is also not 3D creations (I remember parking lots), which are very likely not under the same rights as models. Plus we don't know what private conversations he might have had with the creators. Asking is always the right thing to do, especially when we're talking about custom models.
  8. I have no idea how to do it in SketchUp, but you should look into smooth shading. That'll make your chickens (and any round things) look even better.
  9. There's always hope! Plus last time I saw AJ3D comment on the matter he had a fix in the works (plus more stuff ofc). Seems life or other games stole him from us again, but perhaps Mass Transit will lure him back.
  10. Huge improvement! And for those areas we view very up close we're still likely to use trees (well, grass but you know what I mean ). I'd love having these much better sprites! Does that mean we could make the rock ones look like something and not weird blobs too?
  11. Thank you again! I've been busy today (or I just finished up stuff - you'll never know ). First up the guide to prop variations - let me know if something is missing from it. I've made so many now I can do it half asleep, so I might have missed something not so obvious. And then street ads! I had so much fun with these, I'll likely do more at some later point. But for now there's 10 variations (20 ads) and I'll release the template for them soon.
  12. Thanks again guys! I'll definately be back, though I prob won't be active much in August. My fiancé is a gamer and actually nudged me into 3D modelling, so we've got our pcs set up next to each other and count it as quality time.
  13. @jumonjii I think we can assume the update will break TM:PE and prob mess up NExt too. But hopefully our wonderful modders are up to the task for fixing them (lets all remember to send them some love when that happens to drown out the complaints).