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  1. Yay! And that bollard looks so nice too! Not sure where I'd use it, but I think I might just have to find somewhere
  2. poll

    Doesn't really work with so many options for pcs. My processor isn't on there either (Gen 4 I5) and to be fair clock speed has something to say too.
  3. I forgot a few other reasons for making something a prop. Like KingLeno said if it's used several places on the asset it's better to have it as a prop. Another good reason is to add variation for especially growables. It can be some chimneys or a balcony or something else, which can be set to only appear sometimes giving some more variation to an asset.
  4. That's part of the reason I post on those assets. Ofc there are some who just don't know what's the proper way to do things and haven't bothered looking into it. I've encountered some who have then added the original creator's name in the description and I've left those alone. It's up to the creator if they're okay with that or not. Personally I'm not a fan of those slightly changed assets, but I'd much prefer it if we can talk it out instead of putting in a report like this. I'm however 100% fine with people having local versions of my assets edited to their liking. It's partly to avoid too much bloat on the workshop, partly because I'd like to keep some control over my creations. Like Kliekie has said they're out little babies. And I have a certain standard all my assets have to live up to, which I can't really control if there's 5 versions on the workshop by 5 different people. But that's just me. @OcramsRzr That's very similar to Valve's. We give them rights to do pretty much whatever they'd like with our creations.
  5. In case you missed it we recently had a few people post a bunch of assets to the workshop, which weren't theirs and claiming them as their own. All comments saying they're stolen or mentioning the original creator got deleted as well. It got me thinking that some creators prob don't know what kind of rights they have or how to handle it, when someone steals their assets like that, so I made a little guide. I'll share it here for those of you who haven't figured it out yet and so we can get it out there. One thing is sharing our work or carrying on something abandoned, but those intentionally claiming things as their own and not giving the original creator credit just isn't okay in my book. And it's actually not allowed either. Guide: Content creator rights and how to enforce them
  6. Trains released and I'm really looking forward to doing some non-container things again. Love all the containers, but it does get a little boring looking at the same stuff this long.
  7. Not that new. I think it was there since before ND. But it's in a place where we prob don't go unless to find this button.
  8. There's an "unsubscribe all" button in the game.
  9. Wow, I must have been a little tired yesterday! xD There was both a fixed version and a link to the mod bsquiklehausen mentioned. Trains incoming later today/tonight.
  10. Uh, I had missed that completely! Thank you! That mod's save works
  11. Ty, I'll try that and see if it wants to play along a little at least. Edit: No luck sadly. Doesn't matter if it's from a fresh load of the game or not. It simply doesn't save at all. So sad. (Also I realized I messed up my oil trains since I had forgotten all about needing the mod to save)
  12. In case you missed them I released my containers on @Tim The Terrible's container car model here. Since then I've gotten them ready for trains and found an engine to use (recolor, not a new model by me), but I've run into a problem. Seems the Asset Vehicle Editor mod is not working - at least I can't get it to save, which means only one trailer variation. Do any of you guys have an idea for what to do? With all the trailers releasing a train with varying trailers is kind of a must, so I'm hoping there's another way or another mod to let me do this.
  13. To prop or not to prop, that's the question! Generally I'd recommend you consider what uses it would have as a prop outside the building you're currently making. I'm guilty of making stuff props even though there's really no or little use for it outside the building I made. For 3D lettering it's easy to allow the tris to be alot higher when it's a prop on it's own than if it's part of the building (a prop of 500-1000 tris feels more ok than adding the same amount to the building "just" for the sign). Actually making 3D letters in Blender is super easy as it supports doing so directly from writing - you can read about it here. If I remember correctly you can even get Blender to tweek the tris count. The trick to get low poly text to look good is smoothing the right parts of letters (more on smoothing here if you need it) and convincing yourself that you don't need that much detail. It's so tempting to make all the round bits nice and smooth and detailed, but for the game we really don't need much since we don't get that close. And if you don't need it then leave out the back of the letters Here's some example of 3D lettering/logos - and the C in CIM could very likely have been less detailed.
  14. Check your water supply. Sounds like your city is drinking poop water. Make sure water pumps are far away from your sewage pumps and that you have no water towers in industrial areas (where the ground is polluted)