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  1. More Network Stuff and Advanced Buildings Editor are the go to mods to place them with.
  2. Thank you! There were a few that I had definately missed which deserve to be on any 'Must have mods' list
  3. If you're not playing the game through Steam, you don't have a proper copy of the game. We don't condone piracy, so I'm afraid there's no help for you to find here. Do yourself a favor though and get the game - it's totally worth it! And you'll have access to all the awesome stuff from the workshop with easy installs.
  4. Np! Yeah, that does seem very random! I wonder what caused it - hopefully it won't come back. Otherwise there's also the unsub/resub RICO to try xD
  5. Then my guess would be another mod is blocking RICO from loading properly. If you can upload your output log somewhere and drop a link to it here, I can take a look and see if something pops out. Otherwise it's prob the tedious method of disabling mods and loading to test to see which one is the problem. And ofc start with newly added ones or ones that have updated since before the problem first happend.
  6. I know. But the Loading Screen Mod would still share the textures and mesh, so it would still be worth it.
  7. They look awesome! And I guess with subbuildings we can use them for other buildings pretty easily while having the benefits of buildings.
  8. Looks like they're all RICO buildings. I've had that happen once in a while - usually reloading fixes it. Any luck with restarting the game and loading it again?
  9. I would really recommend installing mods from the Steam workshop and not an off site like smods. That's likely where all your problems come from - the mods on Steam are the most up to date versions, while other sites might have older versions with bugs or some that simply don't work with the game anymore.
  10. Can you post a link to the Traffic Manager mod you installed? There's a lot of different versions. Also More Network Stuff needs another mod installed - see it's description on the workshop.
  11. Np. These days with so many props and FindIt it's easy to miss what's up with these
  12. Not as a prop (I think), but a building could. I don't think they'd use it unless there are paths going down to ground level, which might mess with the ability to move it up and down as we please.
  13. Are you placing the prop or the building? These walls all consist of both a building and a prop - the prop is used to apply texture below ground, while the building is used to have a LOD shown when zoomed out. The props aren't complete on their own, so you want to place the buildings, which I think are found in the ship transport category (where you find harbors)
  14. What - something that transports humans? Are you saying conveyor belts aren't usable for people?! A skywalk prop would totally be possible to make, but people wouldn't use it. It would be purely a visual thing. But it's a cool idea for sure - I love the LenoTech building that comes with one. Woah that building looks like a ton of work! Will be amazing to see it start to get textures and really come to life!