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  1. @LivingInThePast How can you say "Unlimited money", "Unlock All", "Unlimited resources" and "Pollution, Death, Garbage and Crime Remover Mod" aren't cheats? Sure, not all mods are cheats, but some are, which is why achievements are disabled. There's a lot of those achievements, which are only a challenge because you have to manage income and services. It makes sense to have mods disable achievements, especially looking at the ones the game shipped with. Plus if you really want achievements, there's a mod to enable them while you're running mods.
  2. I'd say below the 1500 tris mark is best (I think I have a few over it, but most are below) with a max texture size of 1024x1024. I'm really fuzzy about the LODs for them though, as they're shown most of the time for vehicles. Below 150 tris, preferably close to or below 100 with textures no larger than 128x128.
  3. Floating fences

    This happens when the terrain is changed after the props have been placed and the mod Prop Snapping is enabled. Since it lets us raise props into the air, it saves their possition and they don't move with the ground down. It's pretty easy to fix though. Just select the affected props with MoveIt and move them down. Make sure the option "Allow prop to submerge" for Prop Snapping is disabled when doing this, so they don't end up in the ground.
  4. Thank you very much. ^^ It doesn't make sense either where you have to go to create a new collection, so no wonder you can't find it. You go to where you browse collections (here) and the button for a new collection is on the right.
  5. Steam collections only allow for 1000 items, but you can subscribe to many more (provided your computer can handle them all ofc). The best way to handle over 1000 items for a Steam collection is to create a 2nd collection and add that to the first (collections can be added into another collection to easily find everything).
  6. I think that's the "floor height" of the train you see there. A lot of train assets have that. I have no idea how to fix it if that's possible - for buildings we have a setting on the right, but I don't think it's there for vehicles. Maybe @Tim The Terrible has some ideas?
  7. The actual road part of that one is sunken, unlike the plain concrete road, which is level with the terrain. I too would love to have a flat, plain asphalt road! It would be really handy in many places, where concrete doesn't really make sense.
  8. Try making the black on your alpha map a lighter grey. As long as it's darker than 50% it will be transparent, but changes how early it disappears when you zoom out. Here's some examples with fences. Looks cool! I would recommend having a 2nd face set about 1-5cm behind the first for better placement in the game.
  9. Landfill released! I'm actually not too happy with this one, but I figured I might as well release it instead of scrapping it completely. And it fits with my piles, so I'm sure some people will have a use for it. I'd like to give a landfill another go at some point - prob making something more modern where the trash gets burried and the gasses from it are used for heating. But that's not for right now.
  10. I usually turn saturation and lightness down by 50% in photoshop, but you might have to try some different things to get the right result in game. The red could also be color variations on whatever building or prop you used as template. If you set all color variations to white that will go away in game (props don't update in the editor).
  11. For the lods it seems the .fbx file should be LOD, while textures are fine with lower case. That's how I always do them and they show up like they are supposed to like that.
  12. I'm really excited for this one! Lots of new buildings and they look really nice! I'm usually not that big on vanilla buildings, but especially the low density ones I like. Plus I spotted about 5 new trees. Even without the added features it seems like a lot of stuff to me. Oh, and "road modding" sounds like something we should really be excited about! Hope they'll share some more on that soon.
  13. The max number of assets is limited by the amount of RAM you have and how detail assets you are subscribed to. If you mostly have larger, very detailed buildings, you'll be able to have fewer assets in total compared to someone with the same setup, but who mostly have smaller buildings and props. Basicly the filesize of the assets is loaded into the RAM. This also means your graphical settings don't really play a role in how many assets you can have (the game can get more laggy when your RAM is almost full or if you have very large and unoptimized assets).
  14. I think there's also some issues with making LODs with SketchUp, since you don't really have control over the UV. Maybe @Darf knows some tricks to get the UV coordinates to behave in SketchUp. Otherwise you'll want to grab another 3D program like 3DS Max or Blender (free) for the LOD.