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  1. Aww, I'll miss that feature. Hopefully it wasn't because of the silly people who turned vanilla buildings off and then didn't understand why they didn't spawn. The vanilla themes or styles don't work with default buildings. You can only create styles with workshop buildings and if no building is chosen for a level/size then it will spawn something random. Nowhere near as good as Building Themes
  2. The Loading Screen mod can be set to not load certain buildings. It doesn't work ofc if you use the option of loading what's used in the city and they're already there. You'll need their full name, which you can find here. So for the first one you'd add "H5 4x3 Highrise07a" in the options for buildings to skip loading. I don't have a screenshot sadly, but I can grab one later if needed.
  3. The subbuilding doesn't show up in the menu - at least not the real one that's saved into the .crp of the main building. What you're seeing is likely the dummy building you made to place (after placing the subbuilding in the main building and saving I'd recommend moving that .crp out of the assets folder).
  4. Added the two for larger decals. I have plans to gather all the prop/building shader scripts with some explaination, so I'll add that later. So much good stuff!
  5. I watched this video from ParadoxCon (totally worth watching!) today, where Mariina talks about how Cities: Skylines came to be. It's crazy to hear how small their team was - 2 programmers! I mean, we have more modders in our community than they had originally work on the game - no wonder we see mods add some things we'd consider core features, which should be in the game. Also in case you missed it, this comment from Karoliina in the reddit AMA is also worth a look. From the start of the video and that comment I really really hope we get to see a sequel for Cities - I think that would bring the things we're missing now (which aren't possible without a major overhaul of the game code). Ofc that doesn't do anything for the game now, but I figured it might be interesting for others too, especially when we talk about CO's intentions with the game.
  6. You need to use subbuildings to get to different buildings in one. Not sure how RICO acts with the built in subbuildings, but you can give it a try.
  7. I think the Chinese might just be players - I've had a few and there's some modders too. I guess they found their way to Steam even though the game was released on something else for China. What's witht he 6's though?
  8. I've updated the first post and moved some stuff around (basicly split up assets and modding). I've also gotten rid of some out of date stuff (Like a list of AD compatible mods) and dead links. Seems like @Shroomblaze's LOD tutorial video is gone - can anyone confirm that? Just wanna make sure it isn't just for me it's gone before I remove the link.
  9. Picture thanks to Pres - also I think the shortcut is V
  10. I pretty much tried to fit your trees, so they could plausibly be from them. ^^
  11. I just posted this on the official forums - hopefully we'll get an official fix (though that'll prob be months from now). Definately not pretty! :S
  12. *waves at Ricardo* Hi! Not sure about the sheep/llamas - new smilies on here. Been a while since I posted here! Today I released some playground sand that I've wanted to make for a while now - and as I did that one I found the leaves decals I worked on after MrMaison shared his gorgeous trees with us. I can't remember why I never finished them (prob got distracted by something shiny) and then Ronyx released his and these were forgotten. I finished them today since they're alot smaller than Ronyx's so they'll fit in those tight spots - however I wouldn't want to do a forest with them!
  13. I noticed a few things which might help you. You have alot of wasted space and you don't need that much padding between faces. Smaller faces can be put in the gabs to help fill out the map better as well as overlapping faces with the same texture. To avoid too much repetition (especially if you have dirt or graffiti on the walls) you can offset them a little compared to each other. I have an album here with a few of my UV maps and some highlighted faces that overlap. Some assets I do more overlapping, some I do less (my other ones don't do this much). Overlapping doesn't work well with texture baking though, so you'll need to fill in the texture manually to really do some overlapping. Hope this helps!
  14. The creator is aware of the issue and working on a fix.
  15. I just moved this into City Journals since that's a better fit. Plus then people looking for a city to follow can find yours too