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  1. Very nice, as usual. Very clever putting that @Feindboldcorner building on top of the Hard Rock Café. They look like they were meant to go that way.
  2. Love the Cheesecake Factory. You're killing it, as always.
  3. Post office! I love it. Something else I'd like to see in this same vein are some branch libraries, something every city has, but aren't in the game.
  4. I was just thinking about this the other day. I'm glad to see you're back.
  5. Very nice. I'll be on the lookout for those on the workshop.
  6. This is looking really cool. Might I suggest using concrete tracks in the station?
  7. Fantastic. This was something I was hoping for, along with a similarly broken old graying wooden fence. You know the kind, with every few fence boards barely hanging on or fallen off.
  8. I like the look of the construction props. Something I haven't seen, and this isn't necessarily a request, just putting it out there: Dead end barricade: No outlet: Hospital sign pointing in either direction: Just things that crossed my mind as I was working on my city today.
  9. Nice work. I'm also working on a SoCal-inspired city, so I'm looking forward to your Hispanic building. That's one thing I'm very sorely lacking that really drives the SoCal vibe home.
  10. Good to know. I may re-sub it, mainly just to get this station. It's very nice.
  11. I love the way this looks, I just wish it didn't require the extra train tracks mod. I got rid of that a while back when it was causing problems. I thought there was supposed to be an integrated solution coming down the pipeline of Network Extensions. Am imagining things or was that a plan at some point?
  12. Amazing. I got that building in what I think is a good place in my Oldtown. I haven't placed the new one yet though. I have a spot in mind, but it's on an as-yet unterraformed island, so I have to do that part first, then several of your buildings will go along the main parkway along the northwestern shore. It's supposed to be another old and fairly historic area, and I have a number of your buildings, including the new one, set aside for that strip. I'll post a picture once I finally get around to doing it.
  13. That looks very nice. Did you settle on a name, or at least some kind of naming convention?
  14. This looks amazing, and those pics seriously look like photos. Damn fine work.
  15. I like those street ads. I subbed but haven't had a chance to load up a save and put any down. But I will. I just have to figure out where. Are these common in US cities? I can't think of anywhere I've seen them where I live.