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  1. This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but with 'Move-It' and 'Disable Zoning Check' you can effectively do exactly what you want, though you would have to move them manually. But once you do, they stay where you put them and won't despawn. Problem solved. To fill in the concrete you can either use 'Surface Painter' or one of the concrete brushes on the workshop. There's 1x1 and other sizes. Very handy if you don't already have them. Also, if you don't already have 'Control Level-up' you should get that too, as it will lock a building's level, for anytime you want to keep a low level building you like and not have it be replaced by leveling up. Good luck.
  2. Your pictures are killer. Your designs are too, but the way you stage and frame your pictures takes them to the next level. Awesome work.
  3. Someone extracted the vanilla humans from default game. Are they not low-tri?
  4. This is very good work. I've looked at this same thing myself as inspiration for my city. You've done an excellent job making it look right. How did you do it?
  5. We're going to have to start calling you the Captain.
  6. Found them. Thanks. The preview pictures make them look a lot different. I'll have to see how they look in-game.
  7. Awesome, as usual. Two things. One is a very minor critique. Beside that little general store or whatever it is, where the El Camino with the topper is parked, I would leave the parking bumpers but remove the parking lines, since it's on dirt. The second thing is where did you get those small camping tents? I've been looking for something like them for my homeless population.
  8. Ah, nevermind then. Though I would say that using a scale other than the game's would be a little counterproductive, because roads and buildings are to that scale, and are fairly true to life in size in most cases. I'd like to have a bigger map area too, but I don't think there's any more anyone can do beyond the mods we have.
  9. The actual scale of the game is 1 cell = 8 meters x 8meters.
  10. That looks really sharp. What did you use for the hatch marks on the sides? They look so neat and uniform.
  11. It doesn't look too unrealistic. It reminds me a little bit of Miami. Just try to keep in mind how much office space and living space you have and whether it's realistic to your population, and I mean the population it would actually have, not what the game says. I just look at it and ask myself whether the city would have the population to justify the amount of office space and various commercial space. For what it's worth, I don't think you've gone too crazy with the skyscrapers. It's a long, long way from looking like a clone of Manhattan.
  12. This is very impressive. Now that this is done, what's next?
  13. I really like this. Very well done.
  14. Looks good, one of the better parking lots I've seen. I have a bit of a fixation with parking lots. Of all the things to be interested in, why parking lots? I have no idea. BTW, what is that office across the street with what looks like a band of graffiti around it?