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  1. I'm familiar with the ones in South America like Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. But what I'm looking for are American examples, preferably western US. I'm building a Southern California city, so I need examples that fit into that. Thanks though.
  2. I've been trying to find some real-world inspiration for one of these shantytowns. I know there are some in Seattle and San Fran. A few props I'd like to see on the workshop would be some weathered, dirty camping tents which I've seen in a lot of real homeless areas, and a few old, dirty couches, maybe one with cushions, one missing a cushion. Something like that.
  3. That looks really good. My only critique would be that there would probably be some kind of fence/wall separating the shantytown and that avenue to the left. I would think anyway.
  4. You're welcome, though I feel bad now making you go back and alter it when I was totally wrong. I broke my rule of not speaking when I don't actually know.
  5. Wow. Objection withdrawn. I've never seen anything like that, so I had no idea it grew that tall. Sorry.
  6. I thought the scale looked off too. They look great, but they seem extremely tall. They're towering well over the first story of the houses. That's one tall flower. It should be probably one quarter or even one eighth the size.
  7. Well, there it is. I think what @Avanya said makes a lot of sense, regarding what use they might have outside your building. If it's a logo for some kind of chain that someone might see fit to use on a number of buildings, like generic shopping centers or the bottom floor of a mix-used building, maybe prop. Otherwise, I guess building into the building's geometry is the better option. I knew they'd know.
  8. I'm not a creator, so take my advice with a giant grain of salt, but making them separate props might be the way to go. It seems like it would save tris on the main model. Someone who knows their stuff like @Darf or @Avanya would have to come along and say whether that's sound or not.
  9. I'm almost positive that the three at the top, and the middle bottom are vanilla assets. The middle bottom is two of the same asset put together. Not sure about the bottom right and bottom left, thought I think the bottom left might be vanilla too.
  10. Nice! These slabs are almost what I had in mind with the concrete versions of the planters I mentioned.
  11. Totally understand. I wish we could get more graffiti 'billboard' props so I could make my own. The ones on the workshop are great, though they flicker a lot. Not sure what causes that. But I'd always love to have more. Like I've said before, nothing says run-down like some ugly gang graffiti. Can't wait to see these hit the workshop. Your assets are seriously invaluable. Thank you for all of them.
  12. The Dorilton is very impressive. Fantastic work.