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  1. 'First-Person Camera' was updated to 1.7 on May 20th. I can't confirm if it's working or not yet. Any update on exactly which mod 'Control Building Level-Up' is conflicting with?
  2. As promised. A shot from the corner across the street. And a night shot from the roof of the bank. I look forward to your next buildings.
  3. It's been a while, but I did go through and clear out a lot of my assets based largely off what Mesh Info showed me. I had a few that were pretty bad and had to go. I think I'm pretty good now, but I have a lot, just in pure volume. I think Loading Screen helped a lot, it seemed to, but I still have quite a few and I'm running out of juice. Though I may try this out just to see what happens. I was hoping to make it a central feature of the business district of my biggest borough. It fits in with the overall feel I have in mind for that area. If you're right about the textures, then it might be ok.
  4. My framerate struggles with 24gigs of RAM. I'm fast approaching the point where I can't sub any new assets, so anything I sub now has to be really tight on file size for the game to continue to run. I wish I could have this asset because it looks super nice, but I just can't sacrifice that much RAM space.
  5. This looks great, but that filesize. Ouch. I won't be able to use it. It's just too darn big.
  6. Thanks. That's a very impressive fountain, especially with the terrace part.
  7. These tulips look great. I love flowers. But I have to ask, off-topic, what is that fountain? It looks awesome.
  8. Yea, since I only saw the sketchfab link I thought it wasn't done yet, but when I loaded Steam I saw it on the workshop. Already got it and placed it exactly where I had in mind. It looks awesome. You're doing killer work, and I'd love to see more LA buildings from you. This one is fantastic. I might post a pic of where it went.
  9. Nice. I'm looking forward to these. Could a sub-building be the solution to your rail warehouse size issue?
  10. I can't wait to see this on the workshop! What size is it? 2x3? I'm pretty sure I know right where it's going when it's released.
  11. Not that I know of, but I'd love to have them. I use the tiles a lot too, and having a half version or a corner version would be extremely handy.
  12. Whatever you're working on, know that Cities would be a much different experience without your awesome assets. I think half my city would be gone.
  13. It's been a while, but I've made some progress. I finally got around to doing some large-scale terraforming to adapt the map into the islands I needed: Here's a cloverleaf I built to connect the main highway known as the Loop and the parkway that runs along the western shore called the San Carlos Parkway. I'm fairly satisfied with how it turned out. I've done some detailing with road lines in some places and pretty much all the signage like merging and exit signs, though they're not visible here. Here's a trumpet interchange connecting the parkway to a major thoroughfare. I'm not real satisfied with how it turned out, but it was the best I was able to do. The terrain added a lot of complications and problems given that it slopes significantly upward from south to north, and downward from east to west moving toward the river. It's not terrible, but I wish it had turned out a bit smoother in places. I worked on it for hours, but this was the best I came up with and I'm not sure what I can change to make it work better. The on and off-ramps from that road going over the avenue aren't connected yet. I was debating cutting the avenue back a ways and coming the rest of the way with parallel one-way two or three-lanes, otherwise the ramps create an awkward intersection. Suggestions for changes or modifications are appreciated. ------ Here's a place off to the west of the parkway where I want to make a nice riverside park, but I'm not sure quite what to do yet: I have the foot bridge going over the highway to the other side, but beyond that I'm not sure where I want to go, or what other walking connections I should add. Suggestions are appreciated. ------ And here's the coastline of Oldtown: I still have a lot to figure out for how I want to do the rest of it. I may end up moving the cruise ship harbor to the end of that pier, because as it is now the ships don't know what to do and just spin there in the water. Also I might like to have some extra room between that pier and the next one over to create another, possibly with a fish market and small marina. This area still needs a lot of work. Again, suggestions are appreciated. ------ And lastly I have a few nice night shots: Here's the Loop going into the Historic District. This is Oldtown on the left side of the highway: And Little Italy on the right: And finally the neighborhood of Coronado, the business district of the southern borough: Coronado is mostly low to mid-rise, with only a small handful of high-rises, none of which are particularly tall. At 100 meters, the Wells Fargo building is the tallest building in this borough. This is an old area, much of it almost as old as the Historic District. The blocks surrounding the fountain plaza saw some attention and money infused into redevelopment over the late-90s and early 2000s, resulting in the new buildings now overlooking the plaza, along with a few new or renovated street-level parking lots, but development has all but ceased, first stalling during the recession following 9/11, then halting completely with the economic collapse of 07-08. With economic recovery still slow, and the epic mismanagement of the city's former mayor, this little bit of rejuvenation is the most the neighborhood has seen, and is likely to see for some time. ------ I'm not sure when the next entry will be. I work on the city fairly regularly, but I work very slow and oftentimes wonder what I actually got done after several hours of work. Until next time.
  14. Double post. Please delete.