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  1. I haven't had time to take a proper look at the new stuff in the code, but a run-once script that resets all street names by looping through them when the map loads sounds feasible. I suspect one could even add a customizable white-list (like a .txt file) with street names that should not be replaced when looping through all the street names.
  2. Love the new apartments! You're right the semi-transparent balconies aren't all that visible from a larger distance, but when zoomed in they look incredible!
  3. That's what I do for dead-end roads lined with parking lots in front of/behind - for example - big box stores: I just give these bits of road the name of the store they 'serve'. What I would like to know is whether road names are programmatically accessible through road segments/nodes: that could perhaps open new possibilities for customized exit/highway number signs (for example by reading a highway ramp node's road name - say I-70 - and outputting/overlaying that name on the highway route sign).
  4. Silly question perhaps (I must be overlooking something), but how do I get to see the new traffic light/stop sign icons on the roads with the new built-in traffic tools? On Youtube video's I saw them show up as soon as you select a road (either through the new Traffic Routes tool, or by clicking on the Adjust Road button of a road info panel), but when I do that I don't see any icons. I however did manage to toggle traffic lights by randomly clicking on an intersection until I - apparently - managed to hit the invisible traffic light icon... Is there a setting I need to enable, or is this new functionality clashing with a mod? And while we're at asking dumb questions, is there any way to toggle road names (I still see them when in cinematic view), direction arrows, which road tools (guides, nodes), etc?
  5. Man, that hotel looks outrageous, a genuine master piece!
  6. Very interesting. My map went completely ape after I started a ferry line as well (textures, props, trees, decals flickering, blue roads, buildings disappearing), so I'll definitely give disabling Network Skins a try. Thanks for the heads up! Too bad Boformer is hardly active these days, so I'm not really hopeful it will be fixed any time soon
  7. I'm playing the game on a laptop with an i7 and a GTX1070. But I wasn't saying I was getting many frames (performance is pretty atrocious to be honest )
  8. Yeah, I completely forgot how rough around the edges the game looks without DR Thankfully my laptop has a 4K resolution panel to ease some of the pain, but imo. 1080p with 300% DR looks infinitely better (and keeps the UI readable....)
  9. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I updated all obsolete/error-throwing mods, and as a result I get no errors during the loading process, but unfortunately this is all I get to see. Doesn't make building cities any easier Edit: nevermind, fixed it by disabling Control Building Level Up and Dynamic Resolution, so either one of them must be the culprit.
  10. Now that you mentioned it, I've only seen those US-style Volvo trucks a few times here: the vast majority of Volvo's driving around here are of the regular type indeed, same with all other truck brands (seems like we Europeans have a thing for flat noses ), so perhaps I'm way off the mark (humble pie is standing by, just in case). I don't really recall seeing such Volvo's in the US a lot, but last time I was there was when I was there, Bush Jr. resided in the White House for his first term, so who knows what has changed since...
  11. Looking foward to that!
  12. @Rotype - you're definitely right that we'll never reach a scale of real-life cities: even if we'd have enough room (current maps are too small for a properly sized city), we'd run into all the built-in limits way before we'd ever get close to a realistic size. So down-scaling is key indeed: most players build skyscraping downtowns, but compared to real-life even they are way too small. For example, downtown Denver or Pittsburgh, not really giants of cities, have downtowns that alone are larger than the majority of C:SL cities (if you include the old residential area's, warehouse districts, etc.). Same with major thoroughfares: big cross-town avenues in C:SL are typically just a handful of miles in length at the very most, whereas in real life they not seldomly go on for tens of miles (often eventually becoming national routes that connect smaller cities). And the same can be said about pretty much all the other types of neighborhoods, be it 19th/early 20th century row/terraced houses, garden estates, "projects", late 20th century cookie-cutter 'burbs, commercial districts, industrial estates, .... So pretty much everything is (needs to be!) down-scaled in order to create a city that contains all the main ingredients of a big city. So when you go down that road and down-scale your entire city, why not continue that in the surrounding area's? At least that would give a complete picture of a city that slowly transitions into the 'hinterland', instead of abruptly ending - in the end, we (or many of us) try to build as realistic as possible, but it'll always be within the (considerable) limits the game imposes on us. Which means that despite the game's grandiose name, it's (in my opinion at least) way more suitable to build a small city (about 100.000 inhabitants) with some surrounding towns and villages, rather than huge metropolises with the eponymous skylines...
  13. The cities we build have such a size that in real life they would be agglomerations, which means a center (the city) and a periphery (satellite cities), which means you can build several more places on the outskirts of your main city. These can be anything from small towns to tiny hamlets, old or new (imagine how your city would have developed over time, gradually expanding from where it all started). In between all these different places you can do anything you want (industry, commerce, leisure, sports, nature, agriculture - you get the point), and connect them with rural roads and national highways. And the further you get away from the center, the more natural or agricultural things get. In your case, why not expand towards a themed little town on the far end of the lake (water sports, outdoor activities, cute little historical center), industrialize the 'south' shore, farmland towards the top right - just thinking out loud here
  14. That was a joy to watch (at a frame rate I can only dream of), really cool! A few small tips, if you don't mind me: - I've noticed a few low-poly/detail vehicles, like the old Ford Taurus and garbage truck, and perhaps even a few vanilla's (RAAAAH!!!!) I'd replace them with more realistic vehicles, as those low-poly models break immersion quite a bit (they stand out all the more because the rest looks pretty damn real); - While we're at the subject of vehicles, consider changing the colors of some of the more unrealistically colored cars (especially the pastel-colored ones) with Advanced Vehicle Options - in real life, black, grey, white and dark red/blue/green dominate (reality is a drab affair); - I'm not sure if Volvo trucks are common in the US, but I'd definitely replace a few models with proper American trucks (there's lots of them in the Workshop, Freightliners, Macks, Peterbilt flat noses) - just for that added bit of realism; - consider spicing up your bus stock with US school buses, Greyhounds and mini-vans; - If you have identical or similar wall-to-wall buildings side-by-side, use Move It! the align them horizontally, so that their roof tops are at equal height. Not only does it remove the somewhat unrealistic looks of a building being 'broken' in half, it actually gives the impression of one larger building; - replace the vanilla trees with custom ones, including the ones that are part of buildings (you could use Prop it Up! for that - sorry about the shameless self-promotion ) - just a detail, but it makes such a difference on the visuals! Having said that, it's all just details - as is, your city already looks sublime!