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  1. Workshop cars look so much better \o/ Downtown scene The crappy part of town
  2. Ditto for me. Good to see you haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth, DK!
  3. Any chance it could be saved as a corner building? (wouldn't explain why Building Themes can't find it, though) At times I've wrestled with the same issue with Workshop assets as well (before Find It! made live so much easier for us), and it took me ages to figure out the building I wanted to spawn wouldn't grow on a normal plot. Also keep in mind that - as far as I know - RICO settings prevail over asset settings when it comes to wealth level and building type, so if you have a L3 HR building RICO-fied as L5 HR, it will grow as an L5 building. Similarly, a commercial growable RICO-ized as industrial building will only grow as an industrial building.
  4. I had to look closely myself, but there it is
  5. I haven't seen it in-game yet, but no doubt in my mind it'll look insanely good! And speaking of looking insanely good: here's a screenshot I took of your previous upload - I don;t think I've seen more beautiful texturing for this game than this yet - it's mind-blowing!
  6. I agree the old ones look more dense, but the updated ones look so much better. And I think density won't be that much of a problem once you combine them with grass/lawn assets, like the ones by Pdelmo. Something that wasn't really an option with the old ones, because they looked fugly no matter what you tried, or what you combined them with. So in my opinion it's a massive improvement: in fact, it's hardly a contest at all! The one thing that will probably prevent me from using even these improved ones is that you don't have any control over where they show up (at least afaik.): and whether vanilla or these new ones, it looks kind of odd seeing them prop up on yard tiles and other decals.
  7. A bit late to the party, but many congratulations on your wedding! Ditto to you, Mr_Maison!
  8. Welcome on board, pdelmo! Your trees are fantastic, perfect companions for (and supplements to) Mr_Maison's collection!
  9. @Abrams124 - I have to confess that the idea was 'borrowed' from an interchange in the Workshop, so the layout isn't really my idea. However, since the underground is anything but flat, I ultimately had to redo pretty much every stretch of road to get it all nice and smooth, and while on it, I made a few changes to the layout as well. It's not suitable for high-traffic situations btw, but with low to medium traffic density it flows pretty well (and it looks great).
  10. It still needs some polish (for some reason the underground keeps buckling at nodes - best visible in the 2nd screenshot) and proper exit/entrance lanes, but overall I'm pretty pleased with it so far.
  11. That's one hell of an undertaking! Transport isn't really my focus point when playing, especially not airports (usually just plop a vanilla one, add some roads and details, and call it a day), but I'm looking forward to see this progress - perhaps it could even entice me to putting some actual effort into building a decent airport...
  12. Man that vanilla nuke plant looks puny in comparison Looks smashing, and the size is positively monstrous! Appears to be roughly in the same league as the old Dampfkraftwerk Donaustadt that has been pulled from the Workshop ages ago (luckily I saved it locally for... well... "archiving" purposes...) Any idea what the final file size for the whole package (building and props) will be, ballpark estimate?