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  1. Wow, almost photo-real! What a wonderful model! btw: please include a 'vanilla pudding yellow' version (with dark gray rims), because it's the quintessential T5-R color! A friend of my dad used to have one of those (a yellow one, of course), and g**damn those things can haul ass Fantastic car!
  2. Great to hear! I'm using it quite a lot myself as well, especially with trees: having replaced all trees with your ones has made my city look so much better. And surprisingly the impact hit is negligible \o/
  3. The Apollo House looks positively sublime! So sublime in fact I decided using just one in my city would've been indefensible, so then this happened: Made possible because it's perfectly symmetric along one of the axis (no Move It! needed).
  4. No worries man, it looks great no matter the ceiling height. Besides that, that picture pretty much blew my 'criticism' clean out of the water
  5. Fantastic, can't wait to check it out in-game!!! Finally we have a worthy successor for Attercap (I wonder where he went...)
  6. @skallben - I hope you see that as a good thing If you're also interested in getting rid of the vanilla trees on tree-lined roads (by replacing them with Workshop trees), I recommend boformer's Network Skins mod. btw: the issues related to not being able to select any buildings when you open either of the 2 customizing panels should - at last - be resolved with the update I just released (v.1.1.2) Probably next on the roadmap is separate panels for global building and global free-standing trees, to allow for more selective and finely tuned replacements.
  7. I have uploaded an update for Prop it Up!, which contains: - new feature: Extreme Mode, which enables all props, including decals, markers and effects. This is still experimental, so use at your own risk (decal replacement seems to work perfectly, the others I haven't really tested yet); - new feature: Aedificium mod support, which means that hot-loaded props/trees (subbed while in-game) now appear in the mod panels once loaded into the game; - new feature: global tree replacements now also affect free-standing trees (many thanks to @BloodyPenguin for adding this!); - major fix: replaced tree LOD's are now showing the correct model (many thanks to @BloodyPenguin for adding this!); - several bugfixes.
  8. Love the Willemsbrug, looks great in-game! Also good to at last see a smaller bridge appear in the Workshop again: if you need to span half an ocean's width of water there's plenty to choose from, but moderately sized bridges for river, ravine or wider rail/road crossings are pretty rare.
  9. Do you mean like keeping a list of all buildings and their original props/trees as a reference (allowing to revert, fully or partially, back to an asset's original state), or by logging every change so you can revert back to previous states?
  10. Because prop doubling is only a problem within the same building (it's no problem using the same prop with different buildings), just a dozen or so 'hider' props should be sufficient to cover 99% of all cases - PropHiderProp 1-12 (or whatever name someone more creative can come up with). In fact, if someone uploads just one, players can create as many local copies of it as they need (just open in it Asset Editor and save it with a different file/prop name, then rinse-repeat until you have enough).
  11. I think using an invisible/tiny prop is the most likely approach to getting rid of unwanted props (removing them means you can't undo it, because when you select a building the prop/tree lists are filled in real-time with the props/trees that are present at that moment: stuff that isn't there can't be listed, which means gone = gone. However, using an invisible prop also has its drawbacks, because as soon as you replace more than one prop or tree with an invisible one (or any other prop for that matter), it means that from then on the hidden props are seen as one To illustrate: if a building has two props (A and B), they will be listed separately, and can be replaced separately as well - but if you replace both with the same prop (C), from then on the building only has one prop (C), which means the mod can only be aware of prop C (and no longer of original props A and B, because that building no longer contains props A and B, only prop C). Hope this makes sense... Replaced props are still loaded: the mod replaces them, but the game itself isn't aware of all the stunts my mod is pulling: it loads all vanilla and Workshop assets first, and only then the game starts to apply mod customizations afterwards (afaik. this applies to most mods: I think Traffic Manager or Rush Hour stuff is also done after all assets are loaded). There may be work-arounds for this behavior (different life-cycle events to hook into), but it's not something I want for this mod (this deals with prop/tree replacement, not asset management). @Matthias King - accessing parking markers is on my wish list (as well as various other props, like solar panels, which for some reason aren't listed when selecting a building), but whether it is possible I don't know yet. So no promises
  12. Love all the awesome decals, Ronyx! If I may chime in with a suggestion: broken asphalt decals. Not cracks, but worn out asphalt exposing old cobble stones underneath. For example like so: or or like this.
  13. All right guys, good news: Prop it Up! is at last live! Download it here, and have fun experimenting!