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  1. Yipee! more rural goodness! Look forward to it. Your rural areas are always so well done Just had a chance to view your previous Middletown entry. Lovely town.
  2. See my bottom of my original entry for comments on the likes. Here is another entry from Riverview. This covers some of the downtown and surrounding area. I hope you all like and enjoy. 1. Town Hall and The Regal Theatre 2. 3. A department store, boutiques and other businesses, along with some housing 4. Another viewpoint of downtown. 5. The hospital, Safeway, and an office complex, and the ubiquitous Starbucks... 6. Another park that services more housing. 7. More housing with a playground/park. I see I missed a spot ! 8. Housing without the grid. 9. 10. An overview. 11. Apartments/Condos with another park. (I like my parks!) 12. 13. Here's the lake with a path and part of the creek. 14. The High School. 15. Housing beside the school. 16. A stable and paddock for the horsey set. 17. 18. Mayor Carol's house away from it all. 19. Meet Buttercup and Daisy, the cows. Carol also lives with chickens "The Girls", a dog named Kat, and two cats, named Molly and Mouse (so named for the "gifts" she brings home ;-0...) 20. 21. She really likes the creek - nice and peaceful. 22. Overview of the farming community. I'll be coming back to that next week.
  3. Thanks to all those of you who "liked" my little CJ, especially @korver (I'll take that as a big compliment even though I'm sure it's all about encouraging the new gal on the CJ block) You're entries are jaw dropping fabulous...
  4. @Dgmc2013 thanks so much for the comment. I like to keep things pretty if I can. There are enough ugly things in the world, lord knows.
  5. Weird! Just uploaded my CJ and it worked just fine this time. Still don't know what I did wrong the first time.
  6. I feel your pain! I was really sorry to hear about the disappearance of your CJ pictures, although some seem to be still ok. I always loved your entries. Glad to see you will be back and I look forward to seeing more small towns/rural areas from you. You are inspiring in that regard. The above picture is great.
  7. Hi Everyone This is my first City Journal. It was my first completed medium tile (not a region) that I created last summer. No particular story attached other than this was started as a resort type town with a nice waterfront, hotels, a marina, theatres, an outdoor music venue, some industry, farms etc. A bit of a mix in other words. I hope you enjoy it! A Note about third party hosting services: I hope the IMGUR jpg pictures are all ok and are not too big. Had a hard time understanding how to do the links as this was the first time doing it. Unfortunately even with a lower quality (85%) jpg I couldn't keep the file below 4Mb when I tried to paste them directly from my album thus my use of IMGUR. Wonder how long the "free" part will last with them. 1. I'll start off with the Bandshell. 2. Lever Plaza beside the park and Bandshell. And now onto the Waterfront 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 11. 12. 13. A couple of night time pictures. I find the Peg's Boardwalk especially pretty at night. 14. 15. and 16 are overviews of the waterfront and surrounding area.
  8. oops a second screenshot sneaked in there. Sorry about that.
  9. Can someone tell my why I can't seem to submit my City Journal. What am I doing wrong? Here are screenshots to better explain what is happening. Initial screen for editing Second screen showing a partial picture transferred over from IMGUR. All the pictures are actually there. When I click on Add City Journal Entry "or" Submit City Journal Entry I get this screen: Create City Journal entry. (I already did that !?) I fill in the Title, Tags as required. Content??? required - I don't understand this part. It's as though I'm starting from scratch... Bottom part of the screen. See below. As you can see Album states: " There are no results to display." Therefore I can't "Submit Entry". What am I doing wrong? Have I missed a step somewhere. Thought this looked obvious, but boy I must be really technically challenged I can usually figure out most things but I'm stumped here. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks a bunch Cyclone Boom. I hope Norton doesn't do this again.
  11. Oh now I see and understand much better about why people use the hosting services. I didn't know what the limits were. For the more prolific posters the limit would be a problem. Not so much for myself at the moment but I will look up my attachments to see how much I've posted. More photo durability would be real nice if that is remotely possible through Simtropolis. Free is nice but not at the expense of loosing everything. Time is also money. Thanks for the information and clarification.
  12. Does this mean that the pictures will stay put, in other words not likely to disappear, if I paste it directly from my album in SC4 as I have done here? Sorry if I'm being a bit dense, but if this is doable why do others use hosting sites with all the resulting disappearances over time... Ok I will try doing a CJ soonish - have to make raspberry jam (being very domestic this week).
  13. I haven't created a CityJournal as yet but wondered why you can't imbed your photos in the CityJournal the way you can in a forum thread? As in the examples below. Does it have to do with size? Resolution? What are the problems with doing it this way? Since image hosting services are being a royal pain as per CorinaMarie's major hassle. Any clarification would help with this dumb question.
  14. Hello @rsc204 Well gee you left that hanging there with the "free" suggestion. I'm always open to "free" however not having enough knowledge about what is available/reliable and what is really secure etc etc. no idea what to look for. Do you work in the computer industry? You always sound knowledgeable. If you know something better, I'm open to suggestions. And yes I always keep everything updated and very little is on my hard drive in any case. I have back ups for the back ups...I've worked with computers long enough to know you don't rely on hardware. My Norton package is due for renewal in September. Thanks in advance. PS: I disable Norton while on the Simtropolis site; only way I can navigate.
  15. Grrrrrrrr Norton must be really paranoid now what with the two global cyber attacks in the past couple of months Due dilegence indeed!