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  1. I think it is, shouldn't be because it's nothing close to the water. I have plans to change a little bit the average look of it. There's not much sidewalk as I want in the side where buildings are. This week I will try to see if there's a way to edit a existing NAM pedmall to a another texture for bigger sidewalks in other case, editing buildings so they look to extend the sidewalk are also a good option. Beach umbrellas, beach sports areas are also wanted. Adding trees is a great option, and I'll do it. This is not a finished concept, and I will expand it. Thanks for your kind words, It is always a pleasure!
  2. A little taste of what is coming up in the new entry of the Bellingham Journal:
  3. Maybe something went wrong: But we have that closeups for your likes:
  4. I want to thank you for that part. A second line side by side with the old line (and not sharing the station with the other line) solved my problem about subway capacities and the "65535" question. Unfortunately there was low capacity stations, but I tend to use more than just one station (to simulate a variety of entries and exits) so I just made a NAM station the capital one. There IS a limit, and according to my tests, this is the maximum number of sims traveling in a single tile transport. In roads, it's possible to have more than that if the type of transportation is different (like 64000 buses and 64000 cars but it's not possible to have 128000 buses). I will be searching if there's another major problems based in what you said. And I'll give u a full answer later.
  5. Pretty good! I loved your return.
  6. This is definitely a case of it I have a care to "merge" all the cities, so can be difficult to know where the cities divide, but there are four. my idea was just to leave them make 3/4 of it segregating the way they came directly to other city tile, so I don't know why they still want to complete the circle And thanks for all the links! I'll try to see if they can apply in the already built concept
  7. Hello! I don't know how is the full process of the eternal commuting, but I know that they leave the neighbor city tile and try to get back to them. This is annoying because I have a city that still has jobs but some people cannot reach them. This is all the range of the RHW of the city. I want them to go from the bottom to the top of the image, where the jobs are. but they prefer to go all the way to get that exit that is in the bottom of the city(the clover-stack design), going to the left of this image. You're right about the attractiveness of the RHW because way is totally pendular. It's pretty reasonable that some people avoid a Congested way to a clear one, and I am trying to encourage people around the center to use the other part of it to get to the center. I have a subway line right next to the RHW and it is pretty well used (47000 to - 54000 sims using it in the morning commute) (Is 65535 the highest number of sims using a single subway route? Even when 300% is like 45000 I've been not able to get more sims in that) Here's the congestion graphic of the city.
  8. just fixed. Can you see if it works?
  9. Hello, I'm having a problem with eternal commuters. I leave them no opportunity to complete the commute but they prefer in the last tile of the city use the invisible connector to get back and don't go to the other city. instead, the go all the way back to complete the circle. what should I do? I already know that is not all the traffic, but it is a significantly part of it (28000 of 52000). How can I avoid it? What is going on?
  10. Where can I found a tunnel that can curve for RHW-4/OWR?
  11. I'm using data given by SimCity 4 simulator. This is a already built line, the first one. The Graphics help me to change things and to see if I need changes in the line.The main purpose is to understand why am I having 120000 vehicles in the morning peak in my expressway around the city center and just 53000 people in the city only subway going to the CBD. I discovered that people use the central railway station as a parking lot and use the station to get to the CBD (you can see the peak in Central Station). Apparently I'm having a problem with the Suburban rail too, not enough people are using it to get to the city center, or are landing in the Inner center. The fact is that I'm not having enough use from the central station.
  12. I'm creating a demand graphic based in the Line 1 of the subway in Bellingham Graphic of the carry of Line 1
  13. Some political division of the city Yellow: City Center Red: CBD Blue:Inner Center Fluorescent green: Port Zone Light Green:North Zone Dark Green: Airport Zone Purple: South Zone Grey: Northeast Zone White: Southeast Zone
  14. starting point

    This gonna be good! Nice graphics and a really good and original idea about the maps!