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  1. Inspired by: Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
  2. Here's where the tolled Highway begins: Rosewood Highway: Pay to enter, the exit It's on our dime! Ready for development?
  3. Hello, welcome to another entry to the Bellingham Journal. This entry will deal with one of the most important matters of the city: Mass Public Transport. This is a real map from the transport in Bellingham Superscripion: Blue: Line 1 Metro Yellow: Line 2 Metro Orange: Suburban Railway (Lines A from D) Red: BRT (The colors are not the official ones, and are here just to separate the the lines) This is an tourist map about the stations for lines 1 and 2. They have the all the names of the stations and the integrations with the diverse forms of transportation. The next images will show a few of them: Costa Verde Station: The former end of the Line 1, now the infrastructure leads to the new access to the new station and is the integration between ferries and Line 1. This is the terminal of the BRT System in the CBD, side to side with the Rail terminal, a complex called "Terminal Central". The complex receives 160000 passengers/day. They're also integrated with line 1 of the metro and all the Railway Lines (A from D) with the Central station. The Complex also gives access to the biggest walkable complex of services in the region. This is Cosmos/Allianz Arena Station, One of the most used in the Bellingham. Is the Intersection between Line 2 of Metro and Line D of Commuter Rail. Due it's prime location, The station also attends universities, stadiums (That put the name on the station) and one of the most used avenues in the city, the Avenida Manchester. To ensure full access to the station, a footbridge was attached next to the station, crossing the rail and linking Estrada das Lágrimas and the end of Avenida Cosmos to Avenida Manchester. Vila Inglesa Station: Integrates Line 2 with Lines A and B. The station still retains the original characteristics of when it was a station that served a village inspired by the European concepts (mainly English) of architecture and urbanism.
  4. I loved the entry, loved the song and loved the night shots! But your day shots are way too bright!
  5. Pretty latino, huh? This is the line 1 of my subway. (Yeah, I act like this is a real thing) it goes to the south zone of the city from the end of the CBD, next to the Portlands. This is something very consolidated and I don't think that I'll change it from now. The GLR line would go straight, so they'll split in the end of that image. By the other hand, I Think that Avenida dos Bandeirantes needs more subway stations (the begin of the proposed GLR, the parking lot, is the only one that the avenue and all this big skyscrapers has.) And having a GLR runing so close to it would defeat the purpose.
  6. My first mosaic. This is from the historical centre: By the way... If yellow is an existing subway system and orange are the stations that it will be integrating, what do you think about GLR in that red way?
  7. Let's talk about the RHW: Your transition is a beast! I really loved it. but I have some tips about your avenue viaducts. You really should use a embankment of 7.5m. The transition between the surface and old 15m elevated viaducts are just too tall to work well in RL. You have an other option: underpass it. It works very well with RHW too. OMG, what a neat image! you're doing very well with that Tram thing.
  8. Thank you! This is one of the first parks in the city. I'm in a process of evolution of my gaming skills and urban planning in general. You can see that from Iguaçu Park to Costa Verde there's a clear evolution in terms of MMPing, for example. There's always time to learn new things. In my next works i'll surely use this one, and the other suggestions. Thanks! I really appreciate your comment. This helps me to keep going!
  9. I feel like I am a little late, but here's my 2 cents: I feel you. I live in South America, and we have a little different concept of what is real here. Cities with a fixed clean skyline like Santa Rio DO NOT exist in our culture. For example, this is Campinas, one of the greatest cities in the Brazil that is not a capital: This is Nova Iguaçu, the city that I live: We don't build giant skyscrapers, our type of urban development is a superdense cluster of midrises. Having a full highway through a city center in Brazil is just insane. Somebody could actually kill the engineer if High five interchange would in Brazil. You can't have more than 2 visible levels in a interchange. If you do so, you're giving the preference for the car and forgetting about people, even if nobody would walk there in the first place. It is actually pretty hard to define what is a real city. It depends on culture and how you want your city to look like.
  10. Playing with painted beaches and pedmalls
  11. not here, certainly. Metarvo? Are you here?
  12. Empire state building...
  13. Oh yes! Abrams?
  14. Nah. Phil?
  15. korver?