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  1. Just a Little anti-grid in the new part of the city. You can see Bellingham Central Artery too.
  2. Your Idea is very common here in Brazil. we use that to add arterial access to the two Highways without extremely complex interchanges. But what do you think about using the 6C D1 Dual Shift inside? It would be smoother, even with the 6C to 6s transition.
  3. @EvansRE4 I really love your choose of buildings! In fact, I want that white building in the right size of the avenue (EDIT Actually, is an RD-6). What is its name? My new update to Bellingham: As you can see, "Trumpetstack" was needed to link Rodovia dos Jacarandás (Rosewood Higway) to Costa Verde Expressway and Beira-Mar Avenue (They're parallel, Beira-mar serves as the collector road for Costa Verde) . This interchange has to be so complex to complete the central ring expressway. There's also a little development in urbanism too And a port defense fortress( HUGE thanks to @philforhockey51 for showing me the model) But there's still a lot of things to do
  4. I'm making a metropolis. Follow me and you'll see.
  5. I was really thinking in something like this! I Don't know it was just that specific. The first is very nice! "Oravský hrad", great name for a castle wall. But I Think I'll keep with paeng's Castle walls and make something nice in lot editor EDIT: the original file of the castles was lost. so I'll use the first option. thanks everybody
  6. Just to end up my comment about viaduct stations, something that I've only seen in Rio: That station integrates one of the busiest Urban Railway stations with BRT system. It also attends the greatest suburban center of CS$ in the city. With the implementation of the BRT Corridor, Madureira Station turned in one of the most used stations in SuperVia's Urban Railway system, used by people from the West zone of the city to reach the downtown. Few years ago, they have to take a normal bus in a congested road to reach the same station, or take Linha Amarela and Avenida Brasil, the two busiest expressways in the city. Here's some aerial photos from it's construction. The initial plan was to use the already existing viaduct and widening it, but they think that it was cheaper to make a viaduct side by side with the existing one.
  7. Yes, it is. I really like how they just fit with BRT models. I think if that works, it will be excellent. If we need new viaducts, we could use NRD-4, like this example: That by the way, is just prolific. Really well done!
  8. Hello, I came with a question today. This is Bellingham. It's a seaside city, but i have a question about this trench In special, this little elevation here I want to have something like an observatory, or a castle-like fortress. Can you help me to chose and implement something here? I would really appreciate it
  9. Thank you! I realy like how it looks too! Those are from Jeronij http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=131 I really can't wait!
  10. This is Vila Inglesa Station (Something like English village in English) It integrates Lines B, C for the Railway and 2 for the Metro, as usual in Line 2, you can see Avenida Metropolitana too That's the other part from lines B and C
  11. It's an honour to be an inspiration for someone's work. Thank you very much! Totally agree. I Think my style is the second one, as I plop very much and always keep trying that my city look like a RL thing, but without copying (Well, not so much), and that involves sometimes plopping with lotplop cheat or destroy that blue tall building in your low-rise residential area. It's just a question of style. Find yours and I'm sure that you'll post some beautiful images in the show us topics
  12. I Think I was the only one doing that stuff I name all the Highways, main Avenues and subway stations, sometimes even side streets and intersections get names!
  13. Slowly turning that walkable part of the CBD in a W2W historic centre
  14. Upgrading Bellingham!