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  1. Sims don't commute using the upper highway, but they do use the lower if I connect the RHW-2 road with the upper highway. That's weird.. Do you have ideas how to fix it? Thanks.
  2. Some sweet interchanges.
  3. If I follow your first suggestion, I won't get ideal cloverleafs because one of their sides will be bigger. Anyway, I can always make a cloverleaf where one road goes under the other.
  4. What about NWM elevated viaducts? Viaducts over curves? And here is a problem:
  5. Old McDonald had a farm..
  6. Do you use any mods for changing the look of the ground? If so, please tell which.
  7. Haljackey, I am very glad you liked my pictures! By the way, I watch your Youtube channel and I would like to see more real life highway driving videos, but I like it ! : P
  8. Undeveloped.
  9. A trumpet interchange for future's highway expansion and the industrial zone's traffic jam which the interchange barely resists (imagine how it would've been looking if I hadn't chosen a Cloverleaf over a Diamond interchange).
  10. Oh, sure! I've noticed that a rural road is as wide as the regular two lane road.
  11. Thanks! I am completely satisfied, so I am not going to modify it. It was weird but I wasn't allowed to add any text to my previous messages, so anyway I'll say what I wanted to say now. The first picture is about my today's discovery that clover leaves can be even more round. In the second picture, you can see the interchange being completed. At first, I wanted to build a simple Diamond interchange in that place, but later realized there would be too much traffic because of commuters' cars and freight trucks.
  12. Look forward!