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  1. @redfox85 Shoot, I don't know how I missed that. It's possible that I may still have a copy of the model files on my old external hard drive, but it's a bit of a long shot. I'll definitely do some digging, though, because it would be nice to fix this. In the meantime, I will try to see if this affects any of the other models. Thanks for pointing this out!
    Absolutely divine! The stone detailing is superb, as is everything else. Hail Minnesota!
  2. Very nice model! It shows great attention to detail - the roof area especially looks good. I think JP Schriefer is onto something with regards to the sampling needing to be increased, as right now the preview you posted looks like it's in the middle of final gather. Have you worked at all with texturing/nightlighting? While it is a lot of work (and I agree with you about the modeling being the most fun part), I think you may find it valuable to go through the entire process at least once just to see what it's like. I personally find nightlighting really fun, and seeing your whole model come together with a good set of textures can be really satisfying. Of course, if you feel like doing all that would kill your motivation to create models, then just do what you enjoy
  3. @Thin White Duke Only a year and a half later than I planned, a new personal best
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Rapson Library is an early 60s academic building based heavily on the University of Minnesota's Rapson Hall, located on the east bank of the Twin Cities campus. It is named for modernist architect Ralph Rapson, who was the head of the university's architecture department from 1954 to 1984. Though Rapson was responsible for a sizeable number of modernist works, perhaps he is best known for his Riverside Plaza apartment complex, which received mainstream attention when it was featured in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. To be clear, the real-world Rapson Hall was not designed by Ralph Rapson, but rather by Thorshov and Cerny, another Minneapolis-based firm. As the title suggests, I have modded this building as a library. One dependency is required - Volume 1 of the Cycledogg BSC texture pack. As always, I have included two options for the night scene: one that fits with the game's default night mode, and one that makes use of Simfox's delightful darknite mod. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or bugs you find. You can also check out my current projects here.
  5. @redfox85 Unfortunately, I no longer have access to these files, so I am unable to release a non-datpack version :/ sorry!
  6. @Fantozzi Yeah, I think I may have been thinking about it the wrong way. After poking around in the reader a bit more, the whole type/group/instance thing makes a bit more sense now, so thank you! @SimCoug I think you may be onto something with the date and time thing - I kind of figured that would be the easiest way to generate a unique ID. @Jasoncw I appreciate the offer - I'll definitely let you know if I run into any more issues! I do think you have a point about the IDs being screwed up regardless of whether they're conflicting, because I'd really rather not discover the issue after it's too late. I only found out about this conflict in the first place after I had already made an upload and I'd rather not repeat trying to fix that mess. I actually managed to find my old laptop from ~2012 that I used to export my very first BAT (Wells Fargo Plaza) and exported my LODs without any sort of ID conflict. I still don't know what the deal with my current computer is, it's like it thinks it's stuck at 0:00 UTC or something, so I'm just gonna do all my LOD exports on my old laptop from now on. A quick note - I wound up abandoning Heller Hall (the shorter version of the building I just uploaded) because it was really poorly modeled and the night scene was becoming really problematic. I figured there was nothing special about it since it was literally just a slightly shorter version of the one I just uploaded, which is already fairly short by tower standards. However, I did finally get that Rapson Library I was working on about a year ago to work, and I got the change to scale it up a bit in the process. For whatever reason, when I tried to give the lot the default Maxis grass base texture (the one on an open grass area from the parks menu) it showed up ingame as the R$ grass texture instead. I found out that Cycledogg included a copy of the Maxis grass tile in one of his texture packs, so I just used that one instead (I figure most people have volume 1 of his texture pack by now). I tried to keep the lot pretty simple, so if it isn't too bland then I'd say it's ready for release. It's not too exciting looking, but I always liked something about this building. I have a few more like it in the works. My current focus is on version 2 of the Hiawatha Bank Tower. I'm going for an actual First Bank Building recreation this time, so I'm remodeling most of the building. I'll post a preview when there's a little more to show.
    These look really spiffy. Great job, thanks for these!
    Solid, I've been hoping for something like this! Great work.
  7. For the nightlighting issue, see this link. A hotfix can be found under the "recommended downloads" section. You'll want the 14.4 mb "Simcity4 Buildings update" (Update 1.1.640.0).
  8. I really dig that rowhouse. I don't think I have any other corner buildings of that size and orientation in my plugins folder, so this will be an awesome addition!
  9. Fantastic model! I love these tall and slender buildings, they remind me of some of the BATs by oneil from way back in the day. Keep it up!
  10. @Jason: thank you, that worked really smoothly! I'll have to remember that for the future. Way easier than fussing with LEprop. @T: I'm on Windows 8.1 with LEprop 1.62 (which I think is the last version he released). I tried doing everthing one step at a time, but for some reason I kept getting the same result :/ I'm having the duplicate ID problem again (or still, rather). Basically, I can export the LODs from 3dsMax to get .3ds files just fine, but when I attempt to export these files in the BAT to get .SC4Model files, I keep getting conflicting IDs. Every time I export a new set of LODs for a different building, I get the same building ID (starting with something like buildingname-0x5ad0e817_0x9edef4d8_0x10000.SC4Model), and each successive export increases the id to buildingname-0x5ad0e817_0x9edef4d8_0x20000.SC4Model, buildingname-0x5ad0e817_0x9edef4d8_0x30000.SC4Model, etc. in a hexadecimal series. Since I have over 60 sets of exported LODs, each with their own ID in that series, I would have to re-export the LODs for each new building over 60 consecutive times just to get a unique building ID, which is what I've been doing up until this point. Or sometimes less than 60 - occasionally I'll get lucky and the second string of characters in the 3-part ID (the one starting with 0x9 in the examples above) will be something completely different (like 0xc450d34b) and thus I'll no longer have a pair of conflicting IDs. This seems to happen completely randomly, though. The first string (0x5ad0e817) is always the same, which leads me to wonder what does each part of the ID mean? I tried to do some digging on TGI values and stuff but I'm more confused than when I started (and a lot of old modding resources have been lost to the ages). As far as I can tell, the buildingname prefix that comes before the 3 strings in the ID acts only as a label, since two files with the same ID strings but different prefix names have an ID conflict. I've already tried reinstalling everything multiple times to no avail in the past, so either I have something set up wrong or I don't know what it could be. I no longer have the patience to do a ton of exports, because I feel like I'm just making some super obvious mistake that's making my life way more difficult than it needs to be. Will anything bad happen/is it possible to manually change part (specifically the third string, immediately before the .SC4Model suffix) of a building ID (ex. buildingname-0x5ad0e817_0x9edef4d8_0x10000.SC4Model) using the reader? To be honest I'm a bit fuzzy about how the IDs are even generated. How is it that different content creators are able to avoid having conflicting IDs between their models? Is there a "fingerprint" in that ID sequence that is unique to my copy of the program or something? I could export the LODs on another computer or ask someone to do them for me, but I'd really like to figure out what's causing this issue in the first place. It's come up so many times that I'm just sick of trying to work around it. I know it's a long shot, but I've also attached the .3ds files of the LODs I'm attempting to export in the BAT to make into .SC4Model files in the hopes that someone more experienced with this sort of thing may have some idea of what's going on. heller 4.3DS ssbfresh_nobase.3DS treeprop.3DS
  11. @T Wrecks @twalsh102 I think you guys are right - I'll prepare a version without modeled ground and try to have it up soon!
  12. Version 1.1.0


    Another Minnesota building! It's almost as if I have a preference for that sort of thing. This particular building is located by the Mississippi River's western bank, right at the heart of the western portion of the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. Dating to 1963, it was among the first buildings to be completed as part of the university's expansion across the river. Over 50 years later, it remains the tallest university building on the western side of the river and is home to, unsurprisingly, a number of social science departmental offices. I've modded it as a ploppable college building as well as a growable CO$$ building. As usual, both darknite and maxisnite versions are included. The darknite scene requires this lovely mod from Simfox. Otherwise, this baby is dependency free. Note that two versions of this model are included - one with modeled ground and one with an editable lot. I kept the editable version simple so you can play around with it freely - I'm curious to see what you all come up with! Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have or bugs you find. You can also check out my current projects here.