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  1. Prisoners escaping by swimming across a river.
  2. I have the same problem as you do. Just let the game run idle for a while and it should run fine.
  3. You can download any map you want and change the environment (eg. european, tropical etc) with bloody penguins Environment changer.
  4. You can also try to draw the road with collisions off with the NoPillars Mod you seem to have installed and see what happens.
  5. A pedestrian Street
  6. Democratic socialism is the model of Germany, Sweden, Denmark etc, not the model of the soviet union. There were also multiple polls with Bernie Sanders up over 10 points against Trump proceeding the election. And are your speculations by any means better than a poll? I think this is could of the best times for someone like Bernie in the history of the us.
  7. The SJW won't leave the democratic party as they don't care about policy substance the only thing they seem to be interested in is political correctness. The liberals on the other hand might, but the system is so rigged against 3rd parties that i don't think it's a possibility. Here are some Gallup polls about free child care and free college tuition at public colleges and here is an other Gallup poll about healthcare and also Bernie Sanders - a socialist? Internationally he would be considered to be a centrist.
  8. Please make this into a park or something
  9. A planned 60's / 70's neighborhood.
  10. I have the same problem also, even though i have enabled the European Style mod.
  11. World One, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India