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  1. Ah right. I'll disable it then, though mightve thought with this DLC being oriented on transport and mass transit, something like that would be integrated.
  2. I've not bought the DLC but since last night the game has updated. I've noticed all of a sudden all of my roads have names with a checkbox that says "Priority Road" I'm now confused because I can't recall any of my mods having that. Nice feature though. I've not noticed any issues with mods pop up yet but building a road gives this error: " Method not found: 'TransportLine.CalculatePathSegmentCount'. [System.MissingMethodException] Details: No details"
  3. Hoping those adjustments work. That grid and sprawl! Hope the plop placing works. I've used piers but they can be a bit inflexible to use. Those walls look good if not a bit jagged though.
  4. Looking good. Very nice work. Looks an alright place to live. That four lane road seems a bit overkill given lack of traffic but idk.it works
  5. I may have chopped things up and made it awkward to accommodate a new station. The tunnels on the left crossover to the correct side underground. Unfortunately for the train station, the roads for the bus station are the wrong way around. They're built for right-side driving and not left-side which I use. Further alterations may include a full replanning of the city retail area you see at the bottom half to realign the grid and close off empty space and clearing a bunch of development for the new highway in construction and allowing me to rejoin the station's top half of platforms to the external network and devising how to connect the other side on the right..
  6. So basically there'll just be two roads in like the six lane with bus lanes? I suppose safest bet would be to upgrade to the now default versions afterwards depending on which works better.
  7. If that is the case will we, as a user have to do anything to prepare or will any National Roads/Two and Four Lanes migrate properly? I've used them extensively in my new city and would hate to load it to find them all gone... or has compatibility been assured by CO?
  8. I've seen quite a lot of your work on YouTube. It's excellent. Have you put some up as Workshop assets?
  9. New station square and interchange. Most buses still stop at the bus station down town but all services heading north will stop there. Two Metrolink lines serve the square. I'm gonna look to see what decorations I can get and turn half of it into a public garden or something. The footbridges can be lowered I think. Some of the roads will also need adjusting and eventually decals when I get used to plopping decs.
  10. Layout changes to the rail station and integrating it better in to my city. The highway has been sunk to provide buildable land. In the meantime I have so many passengers coming out and going straight for the bus that services simply cannot cope There is a tram stop in the nearby public square with three trams but no one is using it. I might need to alter the layout further to centralise bus services into an island in the middle.. Not been busy with the detailing and I need to find something to reskin the road. Grey might work in suburban areas but not in the city. I want blacktop.
  11. So guys. I don't know if this is a result of some optimisation work (though I've noticed some other mods like the loading screen mod has updated) but the game loaded within two minutes for me today. Given how it used to take 40+ mins to get into a save, this is an outstanding improvement specially if it is consistent. On a side note, does anyone have any texture replacement or road colour changer mods that work for the entire set of custom roads? One I was using hasn't been updated to cover the newer roads, and apparently the new road color change mod will no longer be updated.
  12. Some really nice roads and interchanges there @jpdepress and @CrumbsMcGee I like the road network you have there JPDepress. Very European like. Would like to see more of your city. Only concern I have (which is more down to the how the game operates junctions) is your tram is prone to getting blocked off on the left approach. Would have to learn how to do the more advanced and neater ones like that
  13. Great work there. Just wondering with MoveIt, when using it to move your zoned buildings to be wall to walls at funny angles, does it affect their function in anyway or risk them being dezoned?
  14. Not as well presented yet. It's all about lane control tbh.
  15. Dropped from about 40mins, to about 20-30 mins (though I've not logged them down properly.) 57/70 mods active, 1192 assets. Phenom II X4 965, 16GB of RAM, game installed on 64Gb SSD. I know my CPU is old now but I'm still stumped as to why my saves take so long to load. Maybe a mod, maybe an asset. Something somewhere certainly slows my load times. EDIT: Under 10 mins. Well pleased. Might be cos I also disabled three mods but it's better.