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  1. Area view of the downtown core. A lot to alter. Not happy with the angle of the rail lines at the bottom but altering them might be too much effort for me
  2. Serves the north part of the city centre and part of the university. Next process now I've finished redesigning the city centre (parts of the left on this image are pre-redevelopment, I've since changed them) would be to neaten the edges up with walls and foliage. That is alongside traffic controls for the ped streets cos cars are using them for some reason. ATM gonna just let the game simulate zoning. At a later date I'll be replacing those buildings with ones I plop in and then filling with ground clutter. Be nice if I could have just steep grassy banks rather than cliffs like that. I have one more interchange to redesign but I need to terraform the land for that and work out how I'm gonna do it. Not the best image for this but I plan to turn that, into something resembling the bottom three in principle:
  3. Brilliant work there, even if some of the limitations of Skylines are unfortunately showing.
  4. Mass redesign of the city's retail district and other parts of the downtown area. Might need to rework some road infrastructure for the buses and maybe space out the tram corridor down the middle of the the one way streets so I can have more effective traffic crossing otherwise it'll just cause jams and blockages really easily. Might look to condense some of the other parts into a tighter packed core. The city centre itself actually spreads out quite a bit. That's alongside some wider terraforming and housing redevelopments too. The port of the city will be moved. Depends on what I feel works. I have tram routes to replan alongside redoing all my bus routes.
  5. Excellent work there as always
  6. From one of the more recent suburb renewal projects I'm working on. The actual city centre itself is quite big though. The skyscrapers in the middle is the bayside business district. The tower on the right is where the cities entertainment district is. Behind that a bit further is the main retail district. Annoyingly though these bungalows don't look very well on hills thanks to it enforcing ground flattening instead of a sloping back yard.
  7. Looks like a typically island paradise getting spoilt by the need for big development, typically some Mediterranean cities that desire towering hotels that the charm away.
  8. This insane looking thing, I guess I tried to take inspiration from this. Needs neatening, having smooth curves is a weakness of mine and I kinda boxed myself in space wise, as is merging two two-lanes into a four lane and vice-versa. Transitions so to speak. Never look natural when I try to do them yet when I get some that look fine don't seem to function properly. Had the same issue with space with the rail lines there. I hate how even though it doesn't look steep enough it still forms cliffs. Honestly would be fine with grass there if I could also get the terrain even more smoother... or atleast vegetation. I might alter one or two of the slip roads around to make it better looking. Given how I'm currently redoing the entirity of the suburbs though might free up some more room to move some things around.
  9. Follow this as yet unnamed road and you will reach the main retail district.
  10. Quiet night in Sheffield Park.
  11. Well last night I played the game fine. Saved fine. Today some workshop content had updates: And now I'm getting stuck at this bloody screen with the blue wheel of infinite loading. ¬.¬ EDIT: Right, well it took 15 minutes to get past that at which point I checked my mods and found Less Steam was turned off so I wonder if that was the reason.
  12. Changes to the city layout. Redesigning the centre of the city around a large public square with centralised tram stops. Alongside this, also readjusting the entire layout of the suburbs from this mishmash of force zone sizes and using them to plop 2x4 bungalows using FindIt, MoveIt and No abandonment mods and some others to prevent the game getting rid of them. Not quite the style of bungalows I had in mind but alas I'm not a content creator and don't know how to make them... That's alongside updating the roads to the default ones in Mass Transit update where possible. The sunken four lanes are now gonna use the sound barrier versions, gonna get rid of the seawalls used and vegetate the gradient. Might look at a terrain theme to get rid of the some of the force cliffs that appear. Some are unnecessary though it's cosmetic. You can see on the second satellite view, the houses closest to the motorway is basically what I'm looking to do, the ones towards the bottom half are old and soon to go. Then I'll look at filling in the gaps. Some highway neatening to do with MoveIt too, so some of the ramps don't look too steep and the turns are smooth. Downside? Some areas will need terraforming too, I'll notice heavily fluctuating populations. Upside? Hopefully more realistic and nicer sprawl
  13. Ah right. I'll disable it then, though mightve thought with this DLC being oriented on transport and mass transit, something like that would be integrated.
  14. I've not bought the DLC but since last night the game has updated. I've noticed all of a sudden all of my roads have names with a checkbox that says "Priority Road" I'm now confused because I can't recall any of my mods having that. Nice feature though. I've not noticed any issues with mods pop up yet but building a road gives this error: " Method not found: 'TransportLine.CalculatePathSegmentCount'. [System.MissingMethodException] Details: No details"
  15. Hoping those adjustments work. That grid and sprawl! Hope the plop placing works. I've used piers but they can be a bit inflexible to use. Those walls look good if not a bit jagged though.