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  1. so I've been waiting for sub buildings to become native so I could finally finish off Flinders Street Station (from Melbourne) here's a quick WIP look - probably will release sometime soonish - maybe next week. Let me know what you guys think!
  2. just copy the template across with modtools
  3. Next up: Sports Precinct - stage 1: the soccer stadium! it all works exactly the same as the normal match day stadium EXCEPT there is no animated soccer game on the field. It can't be copied across due to the same limitations of the cargo hubs (not being able to copy the animated cranes). Everything else. the stands, the crowd (1375 capacity!), the match and the colours all still work! as you can see the stadium will be slightly bigger than the vanilla one the overall sports precinct will be probably take up double the size above. This is just an early stage with a small amount of proof of concept to it. however my concept is much larger than what is currently in game so hopefully it all fits together nicely!
  4. try removing the mod though because the Vanilla definitely works in the vanilla game
  5. hahahaha omg I hadn't considered that! ah well
  6. MOM didn't actually break, i think the person above just disabled it in case (which caused it's own problems)
  7. the building assets at least don't actually break the game. they will just receive a "network prefab missing" error and not load in game. I think the vehicles might cause trouble though
  8. sometimes if you disable a mod it doesn't stop it from causing problems. the only sure safe way of completely stopping a mod from interfering is to unsub from it. Yeah I've had other people have the same problem now. and funnily enough I said other transport networks in general but it was only the ferry line that i had placed when i noticed it. MOM has it built in to not be able to select a metro station. It must have a depot. MOM would have had to be unsubbed for this to not take affect.
  9. yeah they're all in modtools under the expansion 4 tab
  10. Network Skins is broken for me AFTER i start placing new public transport types (like ferries). Removed it and it works properly. nets and props no longer disappear
  11. here's my output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zuywylh4ll61e1h/(networkextensions MT)output_log.txt?dl=0 I ended up getting much bigger problems once I started laying down new public transport types. I started getting prefabs and props disappearing as i zoomed in. But #disclaimer I don't understand output logs so I can't be sure if it's NExt or something else causing havoc with them., EDIT: It's got to be something else. I still get it without NExt. if someone can look at my output log that would be great otherwise I'll just go through one at a time UPDATE: the other problems were due to network skins
  12. yes i knew what you were referring. were you reporting the bug? because i was. the texture above has the node texture flipped incorrectly (it isn't like that in the vanilla game) the double solid line is supposed to flow smoothly from one segment to the next
  13. @andreharv BUG: the node textures are flipped for the M.T. assymetrical roads. I'm assuming that it's this mod doing that (I haven't got crosswalks mod so this is the only one i can think of that affects nodes like this)
  14. all very good ideas however I won't implement them for one simple reason: I don't want mods (like RICO or the Nursing Home Mod) to be a requirement for people to get it (it often scares away subscribers) BUT in saying that I wasn't going to have all the buildings education, some will be an unique building office template (like CO offices or transport tower) which will fulfill job requirements and the hospital will certainly be the right template and maybe a crematorium as well because uni's often dispose of cadavers after using them by incineration towers. I won't use the Sauna template as not a lot of people like/have snowfall and thus won't subscribe (look at that big station on the workshop by Jerenable i think who requires it for the trams. subscriber ratio is low and i think that's one of the contributing factors) Also if you're asking modders to mod in that sauna system without the need for snowfall DLC i think that's a little unethical. it's one thing for CO to implement mod inspired functions into the free game but to mod paid expansion feature just sounds practically illegal. But I'm not sure that's what you said so maybe I misunderstand. rereading now maybe you mean to add the sauna functions onto buildings like parks but it will only work if you own snowfall? that would be ok. thanks for the feedback and input! I've started on something else for now anyway
  15. @boformer any ideas? I think you were looking at the capabilities of submeshes once upon a time
  16. "Only hope is that the asset editor actually saves the submeshes. " - how did you end up getting the new submesh to save? I'm trying to override a submesh but it just doesn't work - gives me an error. Did you do anything else aside from what's mentioned above? I copied the mesh and textures across but they just wouldn't save
  17. I don't think changing those values will do anything, obviously i have custom maintenance and costs and if you have any buildings that when you remove the road don't have road access you'll want fire risk at 0, garbage at 0 and all workers set to 0 to avoid any "too many problems" pop ups sounds like you've given it a good go anyway! good luck with the rest of modules!
  18. no i don't change any code at all and anything visual (like shaders and clipping ground) doesn't affect your ped paths, only other networks and the height settings do
  19. I'm not totally sure how you're achieving your modularity (haven't kept up on your thread) but it doesn't look like you're using the same method as me - which i think i can get working as a modular undergound station. i think maybe with a bit more trial and error you may still get there with your way. it often is just a fluke if you can get the ped paths to stay exactly where you want them so keep that in mind.
  20. regardless of snapping on or off all embedded ped paths snap to any other ped paths (either road path, or train platforms etc)
  21. I could include a hospital building in the campus?
  22. It sure would! But it would take the same amount of effort to do as the university. As a hobby i don't want this to become a chore and taking on such time demanding and design intensive work is not what I'm going to do unless someone were to pay me for it but i doubt anyone would be willing to play minimum wage in Australia haha (hint it's around for $30/hr for a 3D visualiser with bare minimum experiences) I'm happy to do the uni but it's with the understanding that i did it whenever i feel like it. It may take a few months or even a year or maybe I'll get a burst of productivity and do it in a couple of weeks. That's the beauty of being a hobby
  23. I'd rather do it with sub buildings. If people want to arrange random buildings together to look like a uni they can already do that. And the headache is more making each individual asset not the actual idea that they're sub buildings *also, the layout of the buildings is integral to the design of the campus as the buildings will form a CO from above. So i don't want to change that
  24. Work In Concept: Full Scale University It will be called something along the lines of Colossal Order University. #disclaimer: this is not me starting work on it - not properly. I will be working on it on and off as i work on other projects, purely because this is such a large project and i don't want to put other things off just because this will take a while. This is also just a general layout plan/concept shapes of buildings. there will be more details added and several park/beautification sub-buildings as well to give it a more finished look. I will however be trying to be as flexible as i can whilst still controlling the overall layout of the campus as above. This means that the road access to each building will be a small little culdesac thing that you can then link together to create a larger/arterial road (represented by the faded medium road above) that would attach to the road you place the Uni on. This means people will be able to fully control their busier roads. If anyone believes this to be too small in size for a full scale university (which it is in comparison with some real world ones) Please, please bare in mind just how many hours of work this will take for modelling, texturing and finalising each and every sub building and make sure they all work together. It's already going to be above 17 sub buildings so I won't be adding any more buildings to the mix! Suspend the old disbelief for me for the sake of my sanity! Hope you generally get/like the idea