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  1. upon further investigation it's not really possible as any of the 32 slots that aren't used by the current vanilla/dlc stadiums are empty so the matches are scheduled for a past date and never change, nor can you control the team colours so I'm going to leave it for now
  2. well it would be so that different types of stadiums could be used simultaneously - so if you placed more than one of my stadiums they would still have matches fall on the same day but they would be different to other stadiums. I think there is a cap of 32 different stadium types you can place in game before they start syncing again - I'll have to test it out though
  3. hey @Avanya further to our comments on steam, after paying for the other stadium packs i think i figured out how to have the stadiums play matches at different times - do you reckon it's worth it to change it??
  4. I think there's templates that CO released with the last update? They'll be in a folder directory but not sure if it's what you need - try reading up okn the official wiki what CO say
  5. Hey guys! Obviously i released this yesterday but simtropolis was down at the time so here's a link for anyone who doesn't know yet: Colossal Park Sports Precinct I hope it gets more than the current 900 subscribers to make it worth the time as effort of 17 sub buildings haha. Thanks for all your support <3
  6. I just get sassy depending on the level of their passive aggression. What people expect when they "complain" is something reminiscent of a customer sales person with the attitude the customer is always right whereas i opt for the direct approach of shutting down bs. I help those who bother giving detailed accounts of what's wrong
  7. Nah i figured metro stations are only 2x2 so you can easily place one adjacent Also MOM adds complications to any asset that combines metro into it, especially with it's hazy future. 80% "complaints" on my other assets are related to MoM not working as it should. People don't understand that if they subscribe to a mod they can't expect it to work with everything else
  8. Yes it is sunken and some parts you can place trees in game if you have anarchy on. Some places it floats because of the clipping
  9. Very close to releasing this: just got to tweak some textures - thinking of making the plaza texture just a tad darker to reduce its glare. The red coloured bit are the colours of your team! so that means you have a matching stadium and train station colours. It's called Colossal Park Sports Precinct and features a built in train station and expo centre. The Stadium has a larger capacity than the free Match Day Stadium. comes in with ~1300 seats
  10. literally the worse thing about vehicles. gave me such a headache
  11. I'm loving all this on water assets! please keep them coming! you can be the new marina guru!
  12. You'll need 2 different files to be separately imported as passenger/engine vehicles then you'll need to find the mod that allows you to import 2 separate types of passenger car files as the Vanilla editor doesn't let you do this. I haven't done a train asset since before 1.7 so I'm not sure if there is a compatible mod anymore. It could be done before so maybe someone still knows the mod and knows if it's updated. It worked for me when I was making my Train vehicle assets
  13. Do you mean the areas that the game uses for people waiting on a platform, then boarding and exiting vehicles? Those parts are built into the netsegments of the tracks. So as long as you have built station tracks, those spots will exist in the area that is +4, +1, from the track pivot (and run the length of the segment) - that means the area is floating 1m above ground and is running 4m away from 0 parallel to the track. It will also have a width of 4m. With the tracks placed, just make sure you have pedestrian paths that connect to the tracks so people can get from the tracks to the street. With no mods, you can't place the invisible paths so you'll need to place either the gravel path or concrete. (i'd suggest gravel because it won't create a bridge that snaps to the platfrom 1m above the ground) If you're looking to do anything fancier you're going to need a couple of mods to do it. They're required for more advanced editing in the asset editor but once the asset is saved you don't need them to place it in game.
  14. not really no, as the mesh wouldn't change with the station, plus you wouldn't be able to share it with the workshop without the permission of the original creator whose mesh you want to use. If you're not using mods why don't you just hover over the markers and see what the game tells you about them. if you're still not sure then just place them and load it in game to see what happens. trial and error is good for the vanilla stuff as nothing you can do will break the game
  15. What are you trying to do? Are you using a mod to help you? are you in the asset editor or in game? maybe give us some screenshots for reference