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  1. Funnily enough I've mentioned this to CO so hopefully they will address file sizes and loading issues
  2. So I've decided I need some melbourness added to my cities so I've decided to start making all the currently in use Yarra Trams, I'm going to do A Class, B Class, C Class, C2 Class, D Class, D2 Class, E Class, Z Class and maybe W Class (because really that one's just a touristy gimmick) I know there are currently E and Z class already on the workshop but I've modelled mine from scratch and made the textures from looking very closely at picture (and using the picture as a tracing layer) That way it's still all my own work. Plus I think mine are a bit more detailed and all of them WILL feature lights in the windows when the sun goes down. Here's a nice picture of a B Class outside Flinders: and here's a picture of an E and A Class at night - yes I was inspired by the Siermans Tram for the silhouettes in the windows Still quite a few more to do, but I have finished the basic models, it's just the custom textures that will take time, and I'm starting a new job so i might have less time, but this update is a way of motivating myself to keep finishing them off Ultimately I will release them in a pack with a matching Tram Depot/Yard featuring static parked trams.
  3. I don't really like saving backwards (because it eliminates certain new things sketchup team implements in their builds) and sketchup still doesn't really like being imported into 3ds max for me at least, and I keep updating my 3ds max to the latest versions as soon as they're released, and at one point it just won't support sketchup 8 and I'd rather avoid that wall then set up camp behind it so to speak... - so i like to strip it back to *dae and work with that. But hey it's just my workflow - each to their own Well I used to texture in sketchup but if you're using native texturing it really is ridiculously bad - I've had 10+ years of using sketchup and I still think it's soooo bad unless I've missed something all these years. I think you can save sketchup textures coordinates when you go to export as collada, before saving go to options in the save dialogue and make sure you uncheck everything except for export texture coordinates in theory I think that should save them and load them in 3ds max (as long as you don't break any file links with the model, the export, and the texture map file). BUT and it's a huge BUT: make sure you once you're in 3ds max and you've finished tidying your model. USE THE UNWRAP UVW to view the mapping coordinates like this: all the coordinates MUST be inside this box, if it goes outside you may find it breaks the textures like you first saw. If you need to move coordinates inside the box but want them aligned to the same position then select them, and use the move function and then type in either +1, or -1 in the U: or V: coordinate slots down the bottom left of the edit UVWs dialogue - this will move the selected coordinates 1 whole box worth up or down the associated direction. (test it out and you'll see what i mean)
  4. My general workflow: Model in sketchup, taking care of how you model no intersecting lines that create unwanted vertices - although you can fix it in 3ds Max if there are explode any groups in sketchup again not essential but it will show how your different elements are intersecting and if you need to fix anything you can import unexploded groups into 3ds max but that requires a bit of messing around with all the new pivots that are created in each group export finished model as a collada file (*.dae) this format is read well by 3ds max and the export function for *.dae is in the basic version of sketchup without any plugins needed or extra licenses Import that collada file into 3ds Max environment say OK to any dialogues With everything selected (ctrl+a) go to the Utilities tab on the right panel and hit collapse then hit collapse selected and find the camera that's left in the environment (it's from sketchup's saved view) and delete it. Now you can use the modifiers in 3ds max to properly paint vertex colours, unwrap UVW to export your UV map template and start working on your textures. you can find plenty of tutorials about each of those things and how to do them, specifically try using the education site for autodesk as it is official documentation on how to use 3ds max, but don't be scared to look on youtube as well, it's just best to have a more specific search query to find help rather than "3ds max modelling tutorials" as there are lots that don't necessarily apply to what you want. Better to search for "how to apply vertex colours in 3ds max" or "collapsing my model in 3ds max" Do note that when i exported my model from 3ds max to import into CS i did have to get the rotation right and the scale etc but that's pretty basic and specific to how you've set up your 3ds environment - look up how to do that on youtube or the autodesk site also before you start texturing you may want to convert your model to editable poly (don't just use the modifier) and select all vertices and weld them together - again tutorials online on how to do those specifics - this will get rid of any overlapping vertices and help your model be better for optimising - which is another handy little feature to delve into when you feel confident
  5. one of the vehicle effects mods does allow your to control lights BUT i don't think i managed to reverse them (they always faced the one direction) but I was going to look into Ronyx's new light rotation and prop rotation mods to see if they can change the coordinates properly
  6. Turning lane isn't for traffic to pull into to turn across traffic to get to a business (mid segment) it's to allow traffic to pull into coming up to a junction if they're turning across traffic into another road
  7. I would rather see what you were originally intending on making (your ideas usually turn out pretty good) - better time is spent on that than trying to make someone else's work with yours, the onus should be on that guy to make his mod compatible with yours
  8. i agree with what you say about the mods, but I'm sceptical about your hope with the road editor - I don't think they confirmed they were making it but they were looking into it's feasibility (that's what i remember from that Q&A on reddit) as for its scope, I doubt it would be an ingame editor (although that would be cool!) I guess it would be more an asset editor styled thing where you import a mesh model and textures and be able to work out the lanes'/footpaths positions and then package it into a prefab (that way it's packaged for the workshop) and it could maybe auto generate the bridge/elevated/tunnel/slope meshes (as generic models beneath the custom imported one)
  9. I was thinking about it and I don't actually consider them adding better gameplay tbh - the nice ideas are the roads with bus lanes in the middle, but they don't work perfectly with the way the game calculates lanes and how they turn at junctions, so it would only work if the modder added the bus lanes as a separate sort of lane segment the way tram tracks are separate and monorail tracks are separate (but still in the same prefab) But then i think it's just superfluous because you may as well use trams or monorail for that sort of set up. I think more worthwhile configurations would be 1 way versions with 1 lane car and 1 lane bus, or small two way roads with 2 inner lanes as cars and the two outer lanes as trams. or even better "mapped" asymmetric roads that have their lanes line up properly. or more avenue options with bus lanes and bike lanes incorporated. or tram and bike or whatever. Or tram/bus lanes + bike.
  10. I hope Andreharv incorporates it when he's back
  11. yeah it is, take a look at this: (it seems to be really cool in concept but lacks execution) (1): A new version of NExt 2 with Mass Transit fixes (2): An extension to NExt 2 with Mass Transit fixes Basically my experience is this: (1) is supposed to replace Lazarus*man's NExt with some new fixes for Mass Transit, unfortunately the author has done something to make it break the LOD's from Lazarus's NExt so if you enable just (1) then it breaks a save - so you need to have both versions subbed and somehow it equals out?? If you want the extra roads that come in the extension then you need to have Lazarus's NExt, (1) and (2) installed and even then it is still horribly put together with menu icons missing and not very good concepts going - some of the roads have inner fast lanes that are separated from outside lanes via a median strip BUT the cars can still cross over median (a limitation of the game i think) and the outside lanes have a 80% slower speed limit so any traffic that needs to use those lanes take an age to get to their destinations. And i understand the author making them slower so cars choose to use the faster inside lanes over the outside lanes, but maybe they should have just reduced the speed by 5% so the game still separates traffic but traffic can still drive at a reasonable pace (without needing speed changing mods that take up more memory)
  12. you can always read through previous pages to find out hahahaa but there's a new couple of mods 'trying' to expand on NExt 2, whether it's being done successfully still remains to be seen - and i think the new author has been overwhelmed by the response, they certainly haven't implemented any hotfixes to the various issues it creates
  13. techanically i think if you had all the different roads you needed to allow all the different combination you could, but that's such an astronomical and unfeasible number because for every road combination you need 4x meshes and textures for ground, elevated, bridge and slope segments (possibly tunnel as well) so it would add way too much memory to be even worth it. the game already slows down on the average computer with the NExt roads at a certain population so i can imagine the stuttering it would do with every possible combination.
  14. basically all of them disappear instead of actually being rendered. so the roads turn blue and the buildings disappear so you can only see the colour of the terrain/concrete from the lots
  15. it needs original next and also the Mass Transit "fix" by the author of new roads, otherwise it breaks my LOD rendering of everything - and yes the tabs aren't displayed properly (they're still clickable but there's no actual tab icon. overall it's poorly executed, but still really awesome. I had to unsub though because I wasn't confident in it's ability to maintain integrity. As I said, would be much better if they were unified so the code is compiled once