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  1. I'm not going to use any mods to make this asset so it'll be vanilla station tracks
  2. great minds think alike I'd like to make it as flexible as possible so people can add a wall if they want or they can have it open
  3. exactly! trench is always going to be wider but it's only 8 tiles wide anyway so 1 block? if you want skinnier you start getting into the realm of needing a new net type
  4. surely the wrap around rail part is far too wide? we've seen in game they're a lot thinner than that: and i think it's a bit superfluous to bother modding the "hole" of the wrap around, just make it solid because it's not like you're going to see the difference anyway?? it's just useless triangles being loaded and rendered that you won't see. the rail will still pass through the solid block of mesh making it look like it's got the hollow bit
  5. I think this would be better for light rail trams (as in the picture) Would also be cool as a new net type for trams - could be done by a modder who models the net below 0 and sets the net to clip terrain.
  6. @Turjan I'm sorry to ask but I've just updated it (hopefully) one last time - would you mind making sure it's updated and plop it again - and see if you notice anything new I think you'll like it hint* it's on the inside
  7. well i have updated the asset to try and change it could you please make sure steam has updated your workshop and replop the station to see if it's better? the only risk i can see now is getting a "cannot find path" message but fingers crossed
  8. I will see how long i can make the single segment, and I had to use station tracks on either side as they have fixed height and don't affect the terrain (specific to ETST mod) normal tracks would bend the terrain down and actually follow the terrain, so the tracks themselves would bend up to the service from the station track.
  9. What is your maximum length limit? I only avoided making my main segment longer than default because the only other time i did that (modern central) it infrequently caused "cannot find path" issues when trying to place routes. What's your experience?
  10. I doubt it would be able to distinguish those tracks but maybe it can..
  11. It's really for anything that's on steam, however I believe that quite a few of the mods that have been taken over have actually gotten a brief "okay" from the original authors, or they have changed the code enough that it doesn't matter