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  1. North Haverbrook: It isn't much yet, but it's been growing steadily. I've dedicated much more time to detailing this city than expanding, though a bunch of new developments are in the planning stages now.
  2. Built a couple bridges last night for my current city, North Haverbrook: I haven't had a chance to detail them yet, but I will get to it eventually, probably when I fill out the rest of this area.
  3. Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places:
  4. I'm always stunned by the amazing shots everyone posts here! Coming here is very helpful when I need some inspiration. Here are a few shots from my new, very WIP city of North Haverbrook:
  5. Just reworked this bad boy last night to try to relieve congestion on a major bridge. Full access wasn't required since the eastbound highway didn't need an exit here:
  6. A few more interchanges from my current city:
  7. Here are a few shots of my MOM test city. I've been struggling for a couple months now trying to come up with a name for this project. Current population is 180,000 cims:
  8. I started a bit of detailing on a grocery store today:
  9. My test city for the Metro Overhaul mod has grown quite a bit...
  10. A few shots of some interchanges in my Metro Overhaul test city: 
  11. @TransitAuthority The first is Rosedale Station by JSF-1. The second is the Feindbild Street NYC Elevated Station by MrMaison, using BloodyPenguin's Train & Train Stations Converter. @JSF-1 Your stations and buildings are great! I think they fit well with the city as a whole. Thanks for your kind words, folks
  12. I hit 100k population in my MOM test city today, so I thought I'd share a couple shots.
  13. Thanks for your feedback, everyone! Bumping up the budget to 150% didn't change anything, and I spent quite some time rebuilding the entire network only to face the same issue. I finally got things back to normal by both disabling the IPT vehicle unbunching (forgot to mention I've been using IPT) for each line and moving the depot to the opposite side of town. I'm not quite sure which of those actions actually fixed the problem so I'll do a bit more testing to try and isolate the solution.
  14. I've had the most peculiar issue for the last week or two. The Metro Depot will only spawn 10 trains, so I end up with 2 lines with 4 trains and 1 line with 2 train (I have about 14 lines in total). I've watched the depot as the simulation runs, and it seems to spawn trains which immediately disappear. This issue persists after relocating the depot or deleting the depot and building a new one. I was able to temporarily fix this before by setting the depot for each line as a metro station, but that option is no longer available for some reason (possibly related to the Train Converter Mod?). I'm going to try deleting and rebuilding the entire metro network (!) when I get off work tonight. In the meantime, has anyone else experienced this?