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  1. Love 5 & 9. (Quote of the day : "It's... green !")
    I really like the idea, but the water texture is a bit disappointing.
  2. (woah, the mosaic..)
    Trucks ! Trucks !! Trucks !!! (what else to say ? ) Thanks !
  3. (ah those delicious little diagonal houses...) Marvelous little city. I think I'd like to live there.
    That's cute ! The roof texture could use some more work, though.
    Same comment : someone, please, please make this into a MMP !!!
  4. VERY nice countryside ! (could you remind me what is theg rey road with yellow markings, please ?) Looking forward to visiting the rest of the place.
    An interestingly weird one ! ( it looks its best at night, I think.)
    I knew its sibling, when I was a university student... Pitch perfect :-)
  5. ah, pict 6 ! (and some others, but that would be tedious to enumerate (isn't all that about the time when you got the photoshop technique for almost photo-quality right and never looked back ? :-) ) And most excellent Griffith Observatory !
    Another great one. We'll soon be able to build an entire city with your stuff !
    Splendid. Absolutely splendid.
    Very good ! I'm following, hoping for nite lights ("any request" ? :-))
    welcome, new batter ! And it is promising. I like the idea of the little pond, and the sun roof:-) " Perhaps, next bat, please include a night picture ?