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  1. This is GREAT! Thanks
  2. K, Thanks for the links and info as well Eagerly awaiting subsequent posts! Best. 6SS
  3. I tried, however no luck. The wikilink I found lead back to ST, which led to an onsite error msg. Perhaps the author deleted their account. Best, 6SS
  4. You are on quite a roll Sir,..........................thanks for taking us along! Kudos!
  5. Beautiful as always! Could you possibly provide a link for the houses on stilts! Thanks!
  6. R, It saddens me to hear of your hardships in this regard. Though, you and I have had scant exchanges , I am aware of your passion for this game. which I highly admire. Hopefully the community won't be without you clever, well considered content for an extended duration. Your opinions on modern tech reflect my own. Best, 6SS
  7. Hint, Hint :lol:

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    2. robdragon


      Huuummm, that's odd. I will go over the depends again shortly but as far as I know nothing has changed in that area.

      I'm trying to learn to make overrides so I can have my own specific timed props. That delivery truck in question is one I'm trying to make an override for but so far not having much luck. So as long as you have BNL pack then it should have worked.

      Yea RL tends to get in the way!:rofl:


    3. 6StringShaman


      Hey, as an update,  theBNL FrankU prop family & family names dats are the only issue.

      All else looks great.

      Still trying to deduce the situation.



    4. robdragon



      I'm working with it as I speak. Working out a few things. When I finish up in the next day or so I will email it to you. It should solve the conflict with BNL. I HOPE!!

      It will have a dependency which I will include. It's for the timings on the people and vehicles. Which I think is part of the problem. I reset the TGI's, that may have been the problem. Not sure though as RSC204 said all was fine. Don't understand why he didn't have a problem but you did. But want to make sure I fix everything before I decide to upload it to the stex.




  8. YES!!!!
  9. You've certainly a knack for this. Absolutely beautiful, no one else even comes close. In awe, and totally envious
  10. challenge upload

    Swanky indeed, thank you!
  11. Great pic!. Also, thanks for the links.
  12. Great pic!. Also, thanks for the links.
  13. Man, You knocked it outta the park with this. The balance of natural areas here is superb. Just the right amount of vegetation. The water flora is awesome. Building selection, streets everything, just looks GREAT! Love the marina! Cheers to ya ! Very impressive indeed! Awesome, awesome canal work. Great shot here!