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  1. Whaaaaaaaaaat??!?!?!!!!??? How the heck did you get those roads on picture 1 to work?! More importantly, WHERE did you get them?
  2. In simcity 4, i've always had the common bug of the city region tile showing as a blank tile however still being functional in the region when clicking out of the window while saving, however now it's just in general. I plan on having region shots for my city journal however this is making it very hard. Is there any discovered fix or workaround? I want to avoid removing mods as much as possible. Mod folder size: 7.80 gigabytes (and, a side note, 2/3 times when i open a city tile the game stops responding, and i normally restart. is this fixable or just completely harmless? tis been happening for a while unlike this bug so i'm just wondering)
  3. 6/10, I imagine being toothless would manage stitch speaking his language a lot harder, but who could understand 'im anyways?
  4. Do you mind linking the buildings featured in 39, 40, 43, 45, and 48? They look stunning!!!
  5. I really love this series, especially the aesthetic you're going for. It even looks beautiful from above!
  6. Best fictional country in a CJ Best story in a CJ Best fictional map (custom content map for clarification same with next one) Best hand-made recreation map
  7. I'm over the moon at ho you actually managed to get the Simcity Creator (DS) Soundtrack. It's easily my favorite soundtrack from the Simcity series, and finding here has made my day thank you!!
  8. Yet again, simply no words! Where did you get those apartments in picture 14? Stunning!
  9. I notice that while the roads seem unaffected, the trees just eat them up like a lot of bad storms hit and they all fell onto the road Also, it looks like land slopes up for water too, hmm.
  10. It's weird because sometimes i find they look inside-out, but that's the weirdness of the isometric view i guess. I guess this thread is being revived? I'll post something.
  11. Ding ding, I find philforhockey's next post to be not of this next post.
  12. Happy birthday to a game I've been playing for as long as I can pretty much remember! I fondly remember improperly playing with the game and winding up going bankrupt ver yfast because i just took out a bunch of loans. But here I am now, tolling in hours of dedication into this game with it's wonderful, wonderful modding community! This is a game i'll remember until the day I die, as it's definitely the most impactful game on my life than any other. Thank you to Will Wright and Maxis for making such a beautifully crafted city-builder, and may SImcity 4 live on for more years to come!
  13. Monster trucks! Those look absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you!