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  1. Welcome back to part 2! I've dediated several hours of this day to finish the plant by today,and i manged to do it!So let's see it! 1.Overview of the power plant.Approved by the government in 2015,constructions started in early 2016 and now it's finished.It produces more than half of the energy of the city. 2.Currently this railyard doesn't have much of an use,theese leftover trains are vacant 3.One of the two main parking lots 4.Nature 5. 6. 7.The main building 8. 9. 10. This is for today's update,i hope you enjoyed it!This project was a tremendous undertaking,and it's also my first ever nuclear power plant! Until next time,see you later!
  2. Welcome back!It's been long since last update,but i guess you already know that was due to an issue with a mod. I managed to recover from it,so we can continue!Today's entry will be about the countryside,and the brand new nuclear power plant! I'm gonna be using Ronyx's new amazingly noice Doel Nuclear Power Plant for it,it's high quality.It can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=903812356&searchtext= Let's start,shall we? A small creek running through the countryside,flowing into a large river Simply just nature,loads of grasses and trees Even closer look at the creek Another look at this creek.I guess the photographer really liked it that he's taking this many pictures of it A smaller field And now for the nuclear power plant,it's not done yet,so i'm gonna show WIP pictures here. First phase of development,main car park done Closeup of the parking lot Phase 2:A bit of details,cranes,decals added,plus a substation which connects to a regional Hydro Corridor Currently this is how many pictures i took of the power plant.More to come,definitely! This place was actually one of the first chunks of land i terraformed back in November Added some decals to make sure the road looks worn and a bit undermaintained Grasses and trees are quite common on this peninsula This does it for today's update,i hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to tune in for the next entry,and until then,see you next time!
  3. Tekindus T-1 Michael-0 That picture is amazing,Tekindus
  4. Inspired by this place in Canada:https://www.google.hu/maps/@46.3001056,-60.5434065,1037m/data=!3m1!1e3
  5. This time i detailed a bit of the small creek
  6. Once again,Wow!theese fields and bushes remind me of the recent great additions to Cities Skylines.Well done!
  7. I like building every types of cities,but i've been mostly focusing on american ones
  8. It would be pointless,since they are in separate threads,but share the same goal
  9. Something Very unusual from me!Since mods did not work with the map editor,i had to make a requested map vanilla. Album here:
  10. Wow,this is amazing,glad to see you playing for a final time!
  11. I strongly agree with Michael,as a CJ author and regular poster,it would be simply pointless for me to move to another site.I've already got my CJ set up here and my MD set up on SC4D.Setting up a third one and managing it with all the 3 others would be simply too nonsense and too time consuming.Besides,ST exchange already has a PLEX section,no?
  12. I can't continue the CJ,atleast the skylines section until an issue is resolved for prop unlimiter.Please hold
  13. Welcome!Have my warmest thanks for the great assets!
  14. @JudazzzHaha,i guess we dont always care about efficiency? In the meanwhile,this is a very tiny intersection,yet still took a lot of effort