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  1. 5881 I recently did the rewatch of the various Star Treks series...still not sure of my favorite or least..I think I know but I think I mix them up a bit
  2. *receives masonry supplies delivery receipt* *inserts selfie stick, string, paperclip, and a can of sardines*
  3. 5875 but it chugs along
  4. nope tonyr?
    I think this is the first time I have seen a building in this game that I would really like to actually build in real life. I'm a Project Engineer in the construction industry and this type of building is my bread & butter and this is a beautiful design I would like see built in real life. Thank you
    Just the History my towns need. Brilliant work from both of you. Thank you
  5. The little effects on the roof are perfect, yes it looks like some real roofing material now instead of like a kids playground rubber or something. I really like this model. It changes things up a bit in our games with the roof color but it's still minimal enough to work. Would you consider improvising another model that could be like a long overhanging lean to style garage that matches this building. That could run along the back of the Lot(a different larger Lot that also contains this main building) to create a larger main equipment/truck yard that can be placed near a highway, and this one stays small to be placed in the inner city.
    Thank you this will be really useful
  6. I can't decide if the roof is EPDM sheets over an insulated frame or if we are looking at metal like the garage area
  7. NAM modding raynev1
  8. ^ can tell when you need to repave the road
  9. Suburban
  10. The high school 80's night party had a great turnout
  11. Banned for race trackism
  12. Mercury poisoning