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  1. NAM modding raynev1
  2. ^ can tell when you need to repave the road
  3. Suburban
  4. The high school 80's night party had a great turnout
  5. Banned for race trackism
  6. Mercury poisoning
  7. he's next
  8. Woof Woof .. Roman "Rally" Samudra
  9. Thank you @SimCoug
  10. Here I am, false prophet that is the tree prophet?
  11. @Talla 2XLC I use the below mod. and I picked the no $$$ palms.dat to randomize but you can pick specific non palm trees dats to grow, it also covers roads and lots that use the maxis palms, not custom palms thou so I skip some lots in this region because of it. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=620
  12. I'm really liking the textures, the grey stone/brick work and the white panel system, I drive past a building with similar exterior finishes every day on my way to work. Maybe I'll get a chance at a picture one of these days. Glad that I could've helped with the roof.
  13. @Arn71 The stairs to bridge over the small canal is a nice touch
  14. not me I guess them wrong roman_samudra (I misspelled samurda..see I mean samudra like five times)
  15. 5864 Wow, does the force exist? No post in a month then four more in the next couple of days. lol even astronelson showed up I forgot the numbers?? duh phil Yep it's a Star Wars thing, I guess it started up a handful of years ago. You'd be surprised at how many holidays each day has, it's always something somewhere to somebody so everyday there is a handful.