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  1. I see JEEPs
  2. nope tonyr?
  3. Nice construction site (I would know it's my job), I like the truck with the cooling unit on it, and the dump truck, we need a dump truck mmp (waving hand for Jedi mind trick)
  4. ?.,.? julio?
  5. I didn't know Simmer2 was going into military manufacturing
  6. It would be ok if the next u-turn wasn't 25 miles down You mean that's not the new eco-friendly concrete that sucks up leaked oil?
  7. achoo sorry dust in the air seems some old models are being dusted off Hey sometimes an idea you started working on back then might just be a prototype and a new model may be designed based off what you did before but now with the knowledge you've gained some mistakes/difficulties can be corrected. All I know is they will look really good.
  8. The sign is the right touch needed on that building. Have you considered adding advertisements on the sides of some of the buildings, something that looks nice when the lot next to it is empty or has a small urban park?
    Quality Simplicity, really like the graffiti details
  9. That's a really cool picture
  10. Tension