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  1. Has anyone ever have this happen? Even though the grid is off there was a small area that the grid did not turn off, similar to when hovering a lot over the tiles appear but the mouse was no where near and I even used the in game camera See the circle and water near the circle and waterfall, notice on the rock cliff no grid
  2. @rsc204 Thank you for the under bridge lots, I was able to finally do something I wanted to in this area for a while
  3. Getting back on track....well the word play would be better if it was a rail bridge From an unfinished city, still a work in progress, and yes I am using an underbridge overhanging retaining wall lot but for some reason it does not appear properly, possibly due to slope being too short
  4. I see you are running into the Dropbox Privacy problem, Dropbox changed some things that affected public folders. The castle set should be the original Maxis files Castle Set. The recent main location to retrieve these files was screwpile but craig needs to update his dropbox. This has already become a thread as others are looking for the Maxis files. Seems as of the latest posts Catty has been nice enough to share and we will probably have the Maxis files here on this site very soon. But if I read it right you can find them on her site. Screwpile site: https://screwpiledevelopments.com/screw-pile-exchange-spex/maxis-files/ Catty's site City Builders: https://city-builders.info/cbex @Silur I'm sure we will get back to pictures real soon, but since this is not a request for a specific file that should be in the Can't Find It Thread, rather a request for ideas or "building concepts" there is nothing wrong with helping fellow members even if it takes up half a page. I'll post a picture next to get back on track. @f3cs If you have anymore questions on the suggestions provided feel free to pm myself or the others that have made suggestions in my experience they are all helpful.
  5. the trebuchet's accuracy ...
  6. My first thought is: or you could do something like this or use these to make your own
  7. wait what ... how many mmps?
  8. I came back to look at this picture at least 6 times already, I really like this little bay area
  9. Good Catch, no some of the recent pics I've posted in the Concepts threads are from River's End the major city in my Region that I am finishing up, the area with the seasonal trees visible in the following pic. It is the core city of the region and since I am growing about 98% of it having only plopped 3 "landmark" skyscrapers (without jobs) a major part of this region is my testing of a technique to avoid the commuter bug. 8 city tiles are directly connected to the main River's End tile, with an additional 12 tiles that are connected offset by 1 from the main tile using the 8 main connection city tiles. I actually have every city tile with a road network in my region connected so it is possible to drive through the entire region, one day I will learn how to record gameplay to show it. *Only 4 of the 20ish city tiles visible in the above pic have a CJ entry
  10. I love when a beautiful building grows in just the right spot
  11. A plane decided to photobomb my industry picture
  12. the hands of..