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  1. Meadowshire Terrain Mod I believe.
  2. I must say I was stunned by the first post! Because that's where I was born and currently live in! (And didn't know there were people out there that considered our cityscape a gem! Wait until you drive in the city )
  3. From the album Sain - The Natural Growth Region

    The natural growth region 'Sain' now has 50k population Milestone
  4. 2nd place

    Absolutely breath-taking!
  5. Omg can I kiss you haha, thank you so much. It's not exactly what I trying to find but it'll do!
  6. Thank you soooooooo much rsc204. I'll try that!
  7. My new "natural growth" region Loka This is 1/5 of the whole region Satellite view Transportation map
  8. I have no problem at all. I use Quick Laucher to dive in. AMD card with anisotropic 16x and it looks darn good!
  9. I found SAM 1 override is great too, but is there a ploppable version like this? or maybe this?
  10. Absolutely wonderful for another natural growth region of mine, thank you so so much!
  11. I think Dr. Wilson's GRUNEN http://www.grunen.de is the best. Followed by Shilka's Quynneth http://shilkasc4.blogspot.com and Dr. Phillip's Oak River http://synoecism.blogspot.com/
  12. I tried to find this proppable parking spaces/lot for a long time. Help would be a lot appriciated. Or this... Thanks in advanced!