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  1. Fantozzi, Good news! The MN and DN versions of the model use the same TGI. Tim
  2. I only ever download DN versions when I have an option, so couldn't help immediately. Had some time so I downloaded the MN versions of a half dozen of the buildings included in your package.. I didn't actually try to plop in game, but merely scanned with DataNode, which showed missing models when only the MN models were present. I'm guessing that your suspicions are that the DN and MN models have different TGIs. I can confirm this is the case on all the MN models I downloaded. Example: Your Building exemplar for Commerzbank Tower shows RKT1 value of 5AD0E817-28654DD6-00030000 TGI for DN model: 5AD0E817-28654DD6-00030000 TGI for MN model: 5AD0E817-D60100C4-00650000 Hope this helps, Tim
  3. From what you described, my guess is you downloaded this:
  4. Remembering that your councilor's guidance/warnings are pretty much directed at the current city, my guess (without knowing what your region or transportation system looks like) would be that maybe you have s network designed primarily to transport Sims to another city (passenger rail or HSR?), where you only have a single station in the city where this popup occurs.
  5. I guess there are both pros and cons for presenting the entire lot as a model. Pros: This is certainly a way to alleviate the need for any dependencies. This is certainly your choice as a creator. Personally, the presence of, or lack of dependencies has never been a factor on whether to add something to my collection. At this point in time, I just consider dependencies as a fact of life if one wants anything more than what is often just another boring box. Cons: I think this possibly limits the longevity of your work by preventing others from using your building model and lotting (relotting?) it into a different setting. I would guess this is the basis of T Wrecks pet peeve. This, of course, might also be considered a pro if you don't want anyone else futzing with what you probably consider perfection already. There will always be those that don't agree with the props and/or the ground textures you use, and/or the setting you chose. Limiting their ability to "futz" with your creation could be the difference between whether your creation gets used or discarded. BTW, well done building!
  6. If you followed that tutorial without any problems finding things, you're probably using an older version since the tutorial was based off version 0.9.3 I'm using v1.5.4. I don't think it's changed much from the past few versions (v1.4 or above). If your version is fairly close (maybe all versions have this), on the main screen, there is a blue circle with a question mark in the upper right hand corner (this is the About button). Click this and it should give you your version number. Another way involves finding the Reader executable file in the C: \Program Files (x86) folder ( by default - C:\Program Files (x86)\ILives\ILives Reader\Reader.exe) and looking at properties for the file. If you want to upgrade to the latest version, now would be the perfect time (I've run into issues helping a couple of other people with older versions of Reader not showing all the properties for a given exemplar). The latest version (v1.5.4) is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7g06tdc313xmkxx/Ilives Reader_v154_Release.zip?dl=0. There might be a couple of hoops to jump through to get it working (unlike earlier versions of Reader, versions newer than 1.4 require a couple of Microsoft "dependencies" to work properly If you would rather avoid the hoops, and keep what you have, I think we can work with that. Tim
  7. MissVanleider, Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but somehow I missed your post. There are a number of tutorials about modifying things using Reader, I'm not aware of one that specifically addresses your issue. Be that as it may, this is actually one of the "easier" things to mod if you are comfortable with Reader. There is only one Exemplar involved (the Building exemplar). Note that for any given lot, it is the Building exemplar that provides all the stats for the building (jobs, pollution, costs, flammability, costs, menu the lot shows in, etc.). If you give me an idea of how comfortable you are with Reader / knowledgeable you are with the structure of a building exemplar, I can tailor a set of instructions on how to do this (FYI, all we are doing is removing two properties from the Building exemplar to remove jobs from a LM with jobs, and possibly modifying one or two more depending on what else you want). Also, if you do want instructions, what version of Reader you you have? Reader can look very different from version to version, so it might help (depending on the level of detail in the instructions) if we're using the same version.. Tim
    Truly epic! The amount of thought that went into this is amazing
  8. Good guess anyway! No Job Zot
  9. Very interesting. Something similar does often occur here in the States. But usually its a function of developers overestimating the market, rather than building a "shell" as an investment. Couple of possibilities off the top of my head since we are talking about a building with no occupants: 1) Use LM version of buildings if they exist. If only LM with jobs versions exist, remove the jobs. If only RCI versions exist, convert to LM. 2) I'm not sure if the following would work; it might require some experimentation. If you would prefer "empty" buildings to grow in an appropriate zone, use an existing growable R or C building and remove the occupants. My thought here is that if a building has no occupants to begin with, there are no occupants to move out and trigger either dilapidation/downgrading or abandonment. I'm not really sure how the game would handle this. 3) As an alternative to 2), change the jobs/residents numbers to a very low number to maybe represent an small on-site leasing office/maintenance team. 4) As an alternative to 2) and/or 3), have multiple versions of a particular lot with differing building exemplars (NOTE: the IIDs of both the Lot and Building exemplars would need to be different to work): one representing a "full" building, and one representing a "shell." This way both versions of the building might grow.
  10. So I'm not the only one that did this. I will have to look through the list as there are a couple of buildings for which I didn't want to even try to estimate a level of fill. Plus it will be useful to bounce the stats you've come up with against what I came up with for those buildings I did convert, to see if I'm in the same ballpark.
  11. Markshot, Not sure why you would consider any of these items as being "unreal." Every city around the world has its quirks. I don't think any of these "issues" are unique to Taipei. There isn't one item you have listed that I haven't experienced (or at least seen pictures of) elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately there are many situations that happen in the real world, that the game just can't replicate. 1) Such an offset intersection can't be created with plain vanilla Maxis streets/roads. It might be able to be done with the NAM equivalent, but usually there are a number of hoops to jump through trying to create intersections where streets cross at other than 90 degree angles. Even if possible, I'm not sure how "realistic" it would look once the area is zoned, or once buildings are plopped. 2) The NAM team might be able to replicate something similar. Whether they would decide to do so would depend on the "payback" for the work necessary to do so. 3a) While there are many downloads that replicate the look of such buildings, actual multi-use buildings just can't be created in-game. The existence of at least one particular exemplar property suggests this is something the SC4 design team at least considered, but it was never implemented. 3b) This is the one thing on the list that might be replicated in-game at least visually, with some planning. You couldn't successfully mix agricultural zones in with other zones because of desirability and pollution factors (although I've seen indications that there is at least one mod available that allows agriculture zones to be placed anywhere). But you could visually replicate this somewhat, by using some of the Maxis park/garden lots, or some of the other downloads available that replicate neighborhood vegetable gardens. You might also want to check out the latest version of CAM, or SPAM (by Pegasus) as these mods change how agricultural zones interact with other zones. 3c) Trying to create something that can't be seen would add nothing to the game. Jobs for a particular lot can only be created through building exemplars. As far as I know, you can only have one building exemplar per lot, so stacking buildings/structures with jobs isn't possible. For a particular lot, you could just simulate underground space providing jobs, by adding those additional jobs to what would be appropriate for the aboveground space, and telling a story about what notionally exists underground. Another way to do it would be to create say a subway station lot (or taking any existing such lot), and then create a building exemplar with jobs that represents whatever commercial space you envision being underground, and again telling a story about what notionally exists underground. 4) Limitations of the game are, what they are. Unfortunately, the mere act of trying to lay a road on steep terrain, dramatically changes that terrain. 5) I'm not even sure how someone would go about creating a mod that would replicate this in-game. My guess is that it would have to be purely a visual mod, as the traffic simulator wouldn't be able to handle something like this. 6) While this can probably be replicated visually with one-way streets, the traffic simulator wouldn't work as you would want it to. 7) This would be easiest to replicate (I would think) by just choosing random areas to not zone. Of course, you might want to find some other empty lots you could plop to disguise the grass, as not every undeveloped piece of property looks like a golf green, or is rectangular in shape. Bottom line is you can only do the best you can when trying to capture the look and feel of any particular town/city. Some things just can't be done.
  12. For those who are following this issue, I just popped onto the Screwpile website. As of 26 March, the links are in the process of being updated. All the links in the Dependencies section are good to go.
  13. Mark, I think the game is too dynamic for any rule of thumb to exist. So the answer to both your questions are just like in real life "You can't!" If such a thing were possible, someone would have experienced it by now; that information would be widely available; and no city would ever experience any transportation problems. As for your particular situation: As I understand it, HSR is not much more than a re-skinned Monorail network. I haven't found any data that suggests it has a higher capacity than monorail. What portion of your population is commuting off tile? What other off-tile transportation connections do you have?
  14. Just for those that weren't aware, Prima made two versions of its guide. The original one covered the initial version of SC4, and the second version covered SC4 Deluxe / SC4RH. As Cori mentions, with the exception of a few mentions of changes for RH being discussed in Part 8 of the latter version (which of course leads to the page number mismatch), the first 29 chapters of both versions are almost totally identical, information-wise (to include all the building stats). Chapters 30 (added to Part 6) (for some inexplicable reason Part 7 doesn't exist) through 37 were added for the second version, with Part 8 (Chapters 31-37) handling all the differences (changes to game play, game mechanics, and new buildings) between RH and the original version of SC4. If the two versions of the guide are correct, no building stats for buildings introduced in the original version of SC4 were changed. Moses Zal: thank you, thank you for this find! I have the original version of the guide (purchased long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away), and have been looking a long while for a copy of the Deluxe edition to purchase.