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  1. So we're back to checking the SC4Lot files in question with Reader to verify if the PNG sub-files are intact or not. Since one we know for sure one that is missing is the VDK Swan Mill Tramdepot BSC, that is the most logical one for you to check first. Open the SC4Lot file in Reader, verify that there is a PNG file there, click on the PNG file, and verify it is not blank.
  2. @huzman, the point is that the icons you see (or don't see) in the menu do not exist as separate files. They exist as sub-files (PNG) within the SC4Lot file for each lot. So, yes it is the SC4Lot files themselves that are involved. The problem you appear to be having usually occurs when the PNG sub-files are corrupted, or go missing. Usually the symptoms are that you will still be able to get bubbles with Lot names for the missing icons, but the icons themselves will be missing. The Lots will still plop, but not necessarily the one that the bubble says. Usually, the first empty bubble will be listed as the lot for the last intact icon. Usually the lot with the "missing icon" will be listed in the balloon attached to the lot immediately following each empty space. The only way to verify if this is what is happening, is to look at the SC4Lot files pertaining to the icons that are missing. The only way to do that is to look at files we can identify, hence RandyE's question. I would NOT get that. What? compound to my problems? RandyE wasn't asking you to GET it. You already have it, or the name wouldn't be showing up in your menu. He was asking you to verify if this is what you ALREADY have. So, in your picture of your transportation menu, you appear to have many icons missing. I can't identify what the one icon showing is (it isn't an icon for any of the default Maxis lots)? Is it identified correctly? Do you by chance have NAM installed? From the number of missing icons, it would appear you have a number of transportation related lots or mods installed. Your Parks menu picture presents more questions than any answers. Actually, no. What lot plops when you click the "flower garden" icon (that is listed as "Swan Mill Tram Depot")? How far "below" on the menu is the "Mill icon"? If you are referring to the icon that is immediately below the "flower garden" icon, that is the icon for "ranger station." With the "Swan Mill Tram Depot" installed, it's icon should show up immediately below the "flower garden" icon. You also have 3 more icons for default Maxis lots missing that should exist between the "flower garden" icon and the one that shows immediately below it ( "ranger station") in your picture (unless they've possibly been overwritten by some custom content that changes their menu order). In your Education menu picture, the icon for the Main library is the last icon that is actually showing on that list. This one will require some sleuthing to figure out what is actually missing. Have you by chance been trying to modify things using Reader any time recently? In my experience, that's the most common cause of the type of corruption we appear to be seeing. Tim
  3. To paraphrase Rod Serling: 'There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man... It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.'
  4. @rsc204, you may have hit the nail on the head. If I remember correctly, one of the causes (if not the primary cause) of immortal lot syndrome is overhanging props. I think the problem in this case is caused by Prop IID 0xAAA9BA97 Effect_soccerfield_lighting, used on both lots. It looks like it was designed to provide night lighting for (of all things) a soccer field. If oriented correctly, the lighting effect covers the entire soccer field (as seen on the soccer field in the combo lot). However, when oriented incorrectly, or when used for something other than a soccer field, it may end up "overhanging" the lot. On the baseball field, the lighting effect overhangs the back of the lot by a strip of 1x3 tiles. It also overhangs the left side of the parking lot by the same amount. On the soccer filed only lot, instead of being oriented along the length of the field, this effect prop appears to be oriented across the field (probably to light the stands?), overhanging the lot by about half of a 1x3 tile strip. This is my best guess. Of course, if memory has failed me (not an unusual occurrence these days) about the cause of immortal lot syndrome, then we're back to guessing. But the fact still remains that the lighting effect IS overhanging the lot boundaries as seen in your posted pictures.
  5. One word: Masterful!
  6. For the website search engine, I used (including quotes): "large recreational area" The other syntax "Large Recreational Area site:http://community.simtropolis.com/files" (without quotes) was for using Google (and ostensibly other search engines).
  7. More search fun: Using the website search engine, I found the lot about half way down 2nd page of search results. If I enclose the same search term in parentheses, the lot shows up first in the list. So it very much depends on what you use as a search term, and very much depends on the search engine
  8. Sometimes it is very much luck of the draw. I hardly ever use the website's search engine any more, due to inconsistent results. To find this I used Google (using Firefox): Large Recreational Area site:http://community.simtropolis.com/files; It was first on the list of results. Talk about arbitrary: Using IE and the exact same search, this lot didn't even show up on the list of results. How's that for a conundrum!? Just out of curiosity, I tried searching for "Large Recreational Area" using the website's search engine using the "Files" filter, and the lot showed up 3rd in the list of results. As soon as I saw the name of the ZIP file, I figured that was the case. I would have been in the same boat.
  9. I'm guessing you mean this one:
  10. If there are Asian characters in things like exemplar names, this could very well be the problem. In fact I've even had the game crash when such characters are present. If you can give me some links to a couple of the lots in question, I can take a quick look. There's a possibility that malformed / incorrect exemplars are in play here. What's your current population count? Another possibility is Stage Growth issues.
  11. From a technical standpoint, you are going to have to make some choices, depending maybe on what you are already using elsewhere and/or are willing to do without. Are you going to be willing to exit the game, and switch different content in and out of your Plugins folder (or maybe switch entire Plugins folder) every time you want so switch between playing agricultural regions and your existing cities? First from a Mod standpoint: SPAM and CAM are not compatible. They make changes to many of the same exemplars affecting the simulation as far as Industrial and I-R are concerned. For example, SPAM spreads I-R growth over 5 Growth Stages (leaving other Industrial growth with the default 3 Growth Stages), while CAM spreads all Industrial growth over 10 stages. SPAM and CAM both modify the same Maxis farming and farming-related lots / buildings as far as Growth Stage, as well as numbers of jobs and/or residents (of course, if you're going to exclude/block Maxis I-R stuff any way, this last is irrelevant). SPAM and NAM are not compatible, as SPAM includes its own Traffic Simulator. While you can install SPAM without its traffic simulator, I'm not sure what affect this would have on SPAM-specific network pieces. I've never tried to mix and match before. From a content standpoint: Any SPAM-specific content will be spread over 5 Growth Stages, while all other custom I-R content (other than that developed to specifically work with CAM) will only be spread over 3 Stages. Job numbers per farm lot will be inconsistent between SPAM-specific, and any other custom I-R content. The vast majority of custom content developed for SPAM could probably still be used with CAM. So, for most custom content it won't be a matter of being incompatible, as much as it would being inconsistent. Hope this makes sense! Tim
  12. Just out of curiosity, what are the reasons given for wanting you to upload your Plugins folder someplace? A question that needs to be asked is what would you be providing that isn't currently available here, or at SC4D, or other existing sites? How about, who would be responsible for support of any content you provide? Another question would be what would be the benefits of fifteen or twenty people doing the same thing? If one person does this, others will want to do so as well! A somewhat valid argument might be made for doing this with content that is no longer available anyplace on the Internet, such as content from many Japanese sites that have disappeared. I know the admins both here and over at SC4D have been wrestling with this issue for some time. Otherwise, in the language of international copyright law, this is known as redistribution, which is considered illegal without the express permission of the person that created the work. Many of the downloads here include statements to that very fact, i.e. 'You may not redistribute this work without my express permission.' This is certainly true of 99 % of Pegasus products. Others have made similar statements. I'm afraid that I don't understand how doing something like this would open up SC4 to new users anymore than these same new users coming here or going over to SC4D. Tim
  13. You will need to install from a purchased download, as the disc version will not install / run under Windows 10. It's an issue with the DRM that EA placed on the disc versions of SC4. It's no longer supported in Windows 10. If you have a disk version, some people have reported being able to talk Origin out of a free download, but success has been spotty. If you haven't purchased a digital download version yet, do NOT purchase a copy from Origin. Origin has switched back and forth at random between digital versions of SC4 that can be updated, and versions that can't. The problem seems to be the DRM that Origin places on their downloads. At present they are apparently selling versions that CAN'T be updated. People that have been able to talk Origin out of a free download have reported that they get a version that CAN be updated Purchase your copy from GoG or Amazon, as they offer SC4 downloads without any DRM. Currently SimCity 4 Deluxe is $19.99 at GoG, and on sale for $4.99 at Amazon As far as the Intel HD 4600, most people have been able to make Intel Integrated Graphics work. You may need to experiment with drivers a little. Start with the latest Intel driver. If that doesn't work, you may need to try earlier versions. If I remember correctly what other have posted, the latest driver seems to work well. As @catty-cb mentioned, your specs for CPU and RAM are probably overkill, given the age of the game.
  14. My guess would be that this is a graphics issue. System Requirements for Cities: Skylines specifically state that Intel Integrated Graphics are not supported. Specs for MacBook Air state that graphics support is provided by Intel HD Graphics 6000, which is Intel Integrated Graphics So, unfortunately, the short answer to your question is probably "no, not on your computer." Another guess would be that if you submitted a support ticket to Paradox support, they would send you back to the System Requirements page. This doesn't mean that there isn't some Mac user out there who has maybe found a way around this, but... There is reason why software companies come up with a set of minimum requirements.
  15. Is this a bug? Most likely not. Why is this happening? The best answer is "It depends!" I obviously don't know specifics about the city you are developing so most of this the following is very generic. It depends on whether you are playing plain vanilla, or are using custom content. Some custom content can have stats that are very different to similar Maxis facilities, especially radius being served, and often, amount of EQ boost. Don't forget that there are other buildings that might provide a more hefty EQ boost than schools, over a much wider area, sometimes to a much large segment of the population. Think museums and libraries. Again the stats issue for custom content vs. plain vanilla. Don't forget that unlike public safety facilities, an education facility exerts its full effect to every tile within its radius of effect. It depends on the size of the city square you are trying to develop. A Maxis school (effect radius - 512 m), even if placed in the extreme corner of a small city square (1,000 x 1,000 m) is going to exert its influence over almost a quarter of the city square. Place that same facility in the middle of the same city square and its effect covers almost 80% of the city square. A Maxis Museum (effect radius - 5800m) will exert its effect on every tile of a large city square, no matter where it's placed in that city square.