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  1. @Haljackey I think you should be submitting your idea to your local council! A much better plan!
  2. So I've reworked that park. If only there were some picknick blanet MMPs to fill the open spaces... Old version: New version:
  3. Loved those UK suburbs - just like home!
  4. Looking really great @Simmer2 . Can't wait to get hold of it and once I do I'll have to de-Americafy it ready for my cities - now I have to find some good German/Swiss train props.
  5. A thread for the politics happenings in the UK. (I don't think there is already one.) So David Cameron has just resigned, and Theresa May is currently at the palace. As a fan of Cameron, it's a sad day. 6 years and 62 days in control, both in a coalition and in a majority, but I'm looking forward to seeing what May can bring. What are your opinions? There are also more issues rising in the Labour Party. Will Jeremy Corbyn go? Who knows. I think it is hard for him to stay.
  6. The very sad and upsetting events of today in my home city. Mumbai, India
  7. Another reference to by Geography lessons- sustainable cities including recycling in the 80s and a sustainable transportation system. (Nice bit of revision for me ) Havana, Cuba
  8. Very generous pro-natal policies that we learned about in out Geography class. Melbourne
  9. This looks like a really good nation and a great CJ. Looking forward to seeing more!
  10. PM May has said Article 50 will be triggered on the 29th. I wonder what the next two years will bring...
  11. A great list - it will certianly help with my choices.
  12. There's so much great stuff here - @Thin White Duke, @MissVanleider, @kingofsimcity, @kschmidt & @Simmer2 - all looking amazing. I've been working on this urban park using just MMPs. Not too sure though - might redevelop it all.
  13. You simply could not be more wrong. I can't think of a single SC4 mod which is incompatible.
  14. Completely disagree. Most 'complex' mods come in easy installers which you just run. Most others are drag and drop. Very few require anymore.
  15. If that's the case then I'm afraid SC4 simply won't remain appealing to you. Mods have kept the game's momentum going for 14 years. My plugin folder has thousands and thousands of files in it. That takes perseverance and patience and my game is better because of that.
  16. @Stellaris88 Shamless self promotion, but I don't think my cities look boring: Neither does the work of @Korver, @rsc204, @Feyss, @Akallan and so forth and so forth and so forth.
  17. @Stellaris88 I've always answered your question: And the time it takes to build any city will vary greatly. Some players will spend months building a very small, but detailed city, other will take a long time to cover an entire tile. The time it will take cannot be estimated, the only thing you need is perseverance and patience.
  18. @Stellaris88 Fair enough, but after 14 years, SC4 has a wide-ranging and diverse range of mods and custom content, so should you ever change your mind, you're likely to find what you want. I would personally say, though, I didn't play with mods for over a year with SC4, but once I discovered the custom-content environment, the game was changed completely for me. Mods add such a variety of, in my opinion, very desirable features and I couldn't imagine playing the game without them. Each to their own, however. I wish you well in building your city!
  19. @Stellaris88 It is possible, but would entail a lot of patience, fine control of the game to keep demand high and if you after a metropolis this would make it a lot easier. If you are new the the custom-content world of SC4 (I see you are new to Simtropolis -welcome ), then I really would recommend investigating a few 'must-haves', such as the NAM: Also see this guide to welcome you to Simtropolis.
  20. Within the last few posts I've moved up a rank.
  21. I've never built a city that large 'naturally'. I'm not sure how long it would take, but I'd certainly recommend this mod: This is fully customisable, and will max out demand and allow for building such a large city much easier.
  22. A far out view of the current WIP city. SC4 was crashing a lot today, so I wasn't as productive as I'd liked. I think I'm gonna take a break from city development and work on MMP work in the hills.
  23. I'm not informed enough on Obamacare or the GOP alternative to make a valid point here, but looking in on from the outside the US healthcare system looks like a mess. Coming from Europe, specifically the UK, which as you might know has the fabulous completely free at the point of use healthcare system, the US system looks overly complex and expensive. Obamacare, from what I have read extended coverage and make it less expensive, which should surly be a good thing? We've had Universally free healthcare since the '50s. I think it's about time the US joined the bandwagon.
  24. Great entry jons! Lovely selection of buildings here.