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  1. However likely, or unlikely, I think it is wrong for people to be presuming the identity of anyone who committed this atrocity. Police have confirmed it was a suicide bomber; that's all we know. That's all we should be talking about. That's all we should be commentening on; not speculating on 'facts' which we do not know. I think I'm right in thinking this is the worst attack since 7/7, and it's a true tragedy.
  2. As part of the upcoming Trixie Season, the Staff team have been interviewing various prominent members of the community and asking them about their favorite STEX files and City Journals over the past two years, inspriation and creative workflow, along with life outside of Simtropolis. So without further ado, please welcome our third guest: An Interview with Korver Thank you very much for taking part in this interview korver. Sure We all have our own unique Simtropolis story. How did you first discover this community? I first found out about ST actually back in late 2009. I finally got a computer that could play SC4 (I was playing SC3KU before then), so one of the first things I did was buy it and see what it was all about. I wasn't too impressed with the graphics at first.. well, until I discovered ST and started seeing all of the stuff people were making. Once I downloaded skyscraper's Burj Dubai.. I was instantly hooked. For a while, at least. I was off and on with the game over the next couple years, slowly improving my skills, but never really accomplishing a whole lot. Finally, towards the beginning of 2016 I rediscovered ST/SC4 and started to take it seriously for once. I finally built up enough courage to start a CJ, something I always thought about, but never thought I would be able to do. What areas of the site do you tend to visit most frequently? Currently, I tend to visit the CJ section the most, constantly seeing what everyone's up to and on the lookout for inspiration. I still browse the forums regularly - I used to participate more actively, but then RL and my CJ started eating up more time so I slowly became more of a lurker. I hope to become more active in 2017. You usually create amazing realistic CJ entries. Outside of this genre, what is a work you have been very impressed with which is thematically at opposite ends to your style? One very unique CJ which I have been very impressed with has been Utopolist's CJ "Utopolis". It's one of a kind, creating truly unique surrealistic scenes through SC4 and PS. Sometimes you don't really know what's going on, but that's the fun of it. You really have to think about each picture he makes and what it might possibly represent. What are the steps in your creative process? The first step for me is to pick out a scene that I think is going to be visually interesting. Usually, I want to pick out something that hasn't been done before, or will make the viewer say "wow!". So I'll do some research, digging through atlases, online lists, and then try to pick out the best scenes possible. From there, it's a matter of trying to recapture that feeling in the game, which can be difficult. Nature scenes are generally easier, as it's usually a bunch of MMPing. City scenes are much more of a time sink, as everything I do is custom lotted to ensure the highest level of realism possible in SC4. Some things like people and cars occasionally are MMPed after the fact, but generally the rest is lotted. After that, I'll make some adjustments in PS to make it seem more authentic and to bring it to life even more. Your work is a source of inspiration for many. Who’s work inspires you? I take my inspiration from many. It's something that I do in all phases of my life - I start off by doing some serious research, seeing who's the best in each aspect of whatever, and then putting my own spin on it in the end. So for SC4, that means my lotting is being inspired by the likes of Badsim, elavery, & Bastet. My MMPing is inspired by Yan077, Benoit, and Ln X. My photoshop is inspired by Huston, MilitantRadical, and marsh. So on and so forth. But.. If I had to choose one name, i'd have to go with SimHoTToDDy. His SBU is still one of my favorite CJs ever - everything in that CJ simply seemed to come together perfectly. What advice would you give to a CJ newcomer, who was planning on creating their CJ? I can think of two pieces of advice that really stand out to me above the rest. The first being, don't get too ahead of yourself. I actually struggled with this concept for many years. I'd always download entire region maps and try to complete it all, or make a recreation of an entire country, etc or something similarly overwhelming. As a result, I got very little done and it really slowed down my progression. Now, I just make recreations of smaller scenes (Well, except for Sydney, but I only did it once I knew I was capable of something like that), and it works out great for me. My second piece of advice would be to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Do something really unique and interesting, I think this is one of the best ways for people to really notice your work. So overall, it's all about finding that fine line between constantly pushing yourself, and not overdoing it. Tell us one of your favourite pieces from the STEX in 2015 and 2016 and explain what it is about and why this is your favourite piece? Favorite from 2016: Heblem made a surprise appearance in 2016, and this building was well worth the wait. It's truly one of the most detailed, beautiful, and majestic looking buildings I've ever seen before on the STEX. Few buildings take your breath away when you first see them, but this is certainly one of them. Favorite from 2015: To me, this building was certainly the best of 2015. First off, it was in production for over 2 years and went through a number of revisions to make it absolutely perfect. But that final rendering time though, 332 hours! Now that's some real dedication. Not to mention some of the best nightlights I've ever seen before on a BAT. I just hope one day I'll be able to put it to good use in an update! What's a quality piece of work on the STEX from the last two years which you think has been overlooked? I'd have to go with Flunight Props Vol 01 MMP. For the longest time, Girafe has supplied us with great deciduous MMPs, but there hasn't been the same level of quality and variety when it comes to tropical MMPs. This pack changed all of that, and I've been using it extensively since it was released back in late May. Has anyone's content surprised you from the last two years? In what way was this a surprise? I think the biggest surprise to me was seeing the progression of Akallan's work in his CJ, "Phoenix Project". From the summer until the end of the year, it was truly amazing to watch how fast he progressed and how realistic his scenes got. It takes most people many years to become that talented with MMPs, and he got there in a couple of months. He sorta came out of nowhere and now has one of the best CJs on ST, in my opinion. Who is an up-and-coming member that we should look out for next year? I'd probably go with Krisman here. I'm a obviously big fan of custom lotted cities, and I think he produces some of the best ones here on ST. He produced a string of very detailed updates towards the end of 2016 in his CJ "Principauté de Caravella-Guatalaga", and if he keeps it up in 2017 he could have a big year. What are your favourite Simtropolis moments? For me, my favorite moments are always seeing the comments and support I get after working really hard putting together an entry for my CJ. It really motivates me and makes the whole process worth it. Thank you again for taking part in this Korver! I wish you the best! Same to you, and thanks for letting me take part in this interview! I hope you enjoyed reading this interview - We can assure you there will be more to come during the build-up! - _Michael, Staff and Trixie Team
  3. @RandyE, @matias93, @JP Schriefer, @Fantozzi I have edited the file and by removing the formatting it should be fixed. It was indeed caused by formatting being carried over from Wiki, including links and line spacing and so forth.
  4. That's strange. I have PIMX to work just fine on Windows 10. Have you installed the two things listed on the download page? Hope this helps - the buildings look great!
  5. If you hover over the avatar of the message in question with your mouse, it will give you the timestamp there.
  6. @Fantozzi That will be the new chat. Open the social lobby chat window, click the setting gear and disable the notifications.
  7. @APSMS is totally right. SimCity 4 for £4/$5/€5 is available now.
  8. I just tried again, and got the "Create and Account" option, but refreshed the page and the "Pay with Card" option was there. Kinda strange... On being region specific, although possible, the list of nations on the form is certainly extensive (I noticed Brazil was one JP) and couldn't see many noticeable exceptions. There are lots of small territories on there also
  9. You still have to use PayPal - what I was saying is you can do it without an account there.
  10. You can still donate on PayPal without an account and use a credit/debit card. Even if we hosted payments on-site, there would still need to be a payment processor, which would only add cost - along with the HTTPS certificate, which I'm sure would add more cost.
  11. Thanks for this: I've actually been using this for a while, but edited the CSS to get pure square avatars. I wouldn't have know where to start without your work!
  12. ST is a HTTP site, and thus doesn't need a security certificate (which is what the sign is referring to) - that's only HTTPS sites, like your online banking for instance. That's one of the reasons that we use PayPal for payments, since if we used an on-site method, that would require a HTTPS certificate. Basically, what I'm saying is this is normal; there's nothing wrong; but ST is safe
  13. @Cyclone Boom @nos.17 This minor site update yesterday does directly mention profile images and though not directly related, I'd say that this security update, highly likely has changed something in this area.
  14. @nos.17You are correct - this option has now gone for some reason. There isn't even a reposition function when you upload a new image. I'll probe the rest of the Staff team and get back to you.
  15. @matias93 @simlacroix I've gone through my plugins, and I think this is it. http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=393
  16. I can proudly report that my rep has passed 2k mark. Great thanks to everyone here - of whom there are too many to mention!
  17. Really 'enjoyed', for lack of a better word, seeing that develop. As @korver said, a very powerful message encapsulated in a beautiful video.
  18. I can now confirm, on behalf of the staff team, that the chat is now closed, and an appropriate message comes up when the button is clicked. As the message says, the replacement is due very soon, so I hope you're all looking forward to exploring it!
  19. @korver - you continue to amaze us!
  20. It is indeed the end of the era... I'm sure the admins and other staff team members are pushing hard for the new chat replacement, which, from what I've seen, will be a great improvement on the current system with some really cool features. Here's to better times!
  21. Man this is good! Get this featured ASAP! I love your lots and general BAT choice- it's truly great. In the first picture, those 1-side GLR stops look really cool. Do you have a link? And the 3rd picture, is that a custom T21 mod with the bollards along the road? That also looks great. Keep it up - eager to see where you go next!
  22. Mod Edit: Moved to Cities:Skylines Modding Open Discussion
  23. Missed it by 10 days, but it's been a year (or just over :P) since @korver has been stunning us all with his truly global scenes.


    On behalf of the entire community - thank you for your awe-inspiring contributions to this site!

    1. korver


      Thanks for the kind words and for the continued support of my work @_Michael *:)

      Hope to get a couple of big updates out here soon *;)

  24. Looking great @kschmidt Just noticed, in the third picture, over on the left, on that GLR line, you appear to have used the 'on-street' T-Junction piece rather than just the GLR T-Junction puzzle piece.You also have the glitch with the roundabout in the right, which would be solved by moving the left hand road down one tile, and the right hand road up one tile.
  25. @MissVanleider Looking lovely - love all the train infrastructure and pylons