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  1. Tour of Africa: Johannesburg

    Eager to see. Only a few LHD countries, and all of them I'd love to see And no worries - I just noticed it randomly.
  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Today's progress: An industrial area, with commuter carpark & GLR stop (courtesy of @rsc204's great work), and a tennis club - cause why not. I also squeezed that junction in, without disruption the rail line and only removing a handful of houses. And rediscovering @nos.17's parking fillers, and using them not only around one of the stations, but also excessively around the rest of the city I might need to add some variety in those bus-stops though...
  3. SNT (Swiss Network Textures)

    That is one cracking set of textures! All the little details are great - I especially like the island zebra-crossing on the left.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    After a long hiatus in SC4, I'm back working on Neiderbauen. First entry link in my signature.
  5. Tour of Africa: Johannesburg

    I always love your city scenes and these are no exception. I love the textures on those power station towers and the bridge is so cool. However, I'd recommend flipping the images, since RSA drive on the left! Us annoying Brits still have our influences!
  6. British Airways | A380-800 | LHR

    Another trivia point which I forgot to mention, as you can see from the front, the aircraft is G-XLEA, the first A380 delivered to BA back in 2013.
  7. From the album Up in the Air

    Having left Copenhagen, heading back to London in 2017.
  8. From the album Up in the Air

    Departing London City with a view down to the City, including the Shard and the Gherkin.
  9. From the album Up in the Air

    Arriving in Zurich, looking out to the then brand new B777 with its special paint job. On the return leg to London, I flew back on the B777 as part of its European testing routes.
  10. From the album Up in the Air

    Back in 2015, leaving from Terminal 5B.
  11. Flown this route several times since '05, first on 747s and then later on the A380s.
  12. New: Discord Chat for Simtropolis

    You need to verify your email with Discord. You should have an email to do so from them. Try again after verifying your email.
  13. Welcome to the Alliance on Simtropolis!
  14. Welcome!

    It's always my aim to use thoroughly the public transit system of every city I go to, though I have yet to visit all 270-odd stations of my home underground network, in London. Perhaps I should do that