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  1. I can neither confirm nor deny that all of my nominations are now submitted.
  2. Those beaches look great, and the buildings fit really really well!
  3. @Haljackey I think you should be submitting your idea to your local council! A much better plan!
  4. So I've reworked that park. If only there were some picknick blanet MMPs to fill the open spaces... Old version: New version:
  5. Loved those UK suburbs - just like home!
  6. Looking really great @Simmer2 . Can't wait to get hold of it and once I do I'll have to de-Americafy it ready for my cities - now I have to find some good German/Swiss train props.
  7. The very sad and upsetting events of today in my home city. Mumbai, India
  8. Another reference to by Geography lessons- sustainable cities including recycling in the 80s and a sustainable transportation system. (Nice bit of revision for me ) Havana, Cuba
  9. Very generous pro-natal policies that we learned about in out Geography class. Melbourne
  10. This looks like a really good nation and a great CJ. Looking forward to seeing more!
  11. PM May has said Article 50 will be triggered on the 29th. I wonder what the next two years will bring...
  12. A great list - it will certianly help with my choices.
  13. There's so much great stuff here - @Thin White Duke, @MissVanleider, @kingofsimcity, @kschmidt & @Simmer2 - all looking amazing. I've been working on this urban park using just MMPs. Not too sure though - might redevelop it all.
  14. You simply could not be more wrong. I can't think of a single SC4 mod which is incompatible.