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  1. However likely, or unlikely, I think it is wrong for people to be presuming the identity of anyone who committed this atrocity. Police have confirmed it was a suicide bomber; that's all we know. That's all we should be talking about. That's all we should be commentening on; not speculating on 'facts' which we do not know. I think I'm right in thinking this is the worst attack since 7/7, and it's a true tragedy.
  2. @RandyE, @matias93, @JP Schriefer, @Fantozzi I have edited the file and by removing the formatting it should be fixed. It was indeed caused by formatting being carried over from Wiki, including links and line spacing and so forth.
  3. That's strange. I have PIMX to work just fine on Windows 10. Have you installed the two things listed on the download page? Hope this helps - the buildings look great!
  4. If you hover over the avatar of the message in question with your mouse, it will give you the timestamp there.
  5. @Fantozzi That will be the new chat. Open the social lobby chat window, click the setting gear and disable the notifications.
  6. @APSMS is totally right. SimCity 4 for £4/$5/€5 is available now.
  7. I just tried again, and got the "Create and Account" option, but refreshed the page and the "Pay with Card" option was there. Kinda strange... On being region specific, although possible, the list of nations on the form is certainly extensive (I noticed Brazil was one JP) and couldn't see many noticeable exceptions. There are lots of small territories on there also
  8. You still have to use PayPal - what I was saying is you can do it without an account there.
  9. You can still donate on PayPal without an account and use a credit/debit card. Even if we hosted payments on-site, there would still need to be a payment processor, which would only add cost - along with the HTTPS certificate, which I'm sure would add more cost.
  10. Thanks for this: I've actually been using this for a while, but edited the CSS to get pure square avatars. I wouldn't have know where to start without your work!
  11. ST is a HTTP site, and thus doesn't need a security certificate (which is what the sign is referring to) - that's only HTTPS sites, like your online banking for instance. That's one of the reasons that we use PayPal for payments, since if we used an on-site method, that would require a HTTPS certificate. Basically, what I'm saying is this is normal; there's nothing wrong; but ST is safe
  12. @Cyclone Boom @nos.17 This minor site update yesterday does directly mention profile images and though not directly related, I'd say that this security update, highly likely has changed something in this area.
  13. @nos.17You are correct - this option has now gone for some reason. There isn't even a reposition function when you upload a new image. I'll probe the rest of the Staff team and get back to you.
  14. @matias93 @simlacroix I've gone through my plugins, and I think this is it. http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=393
  15. I can proudly report that my rep has passed 2k mark. Great thanks to everyone here - of whom there are too many to mention!