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  1. @Haljackey I think you should be submitting your idea to your local council! A much better plan!
  2. So I've reworked that park. If only there were some picknick blanet MMPs to fill the open spaces... Old version: New version:
  3. Loved those UK suburbs - just like home!
  4. Looking really great @Simmer2 . Can't wait to get hold of it and once I do I'll have to de-Americafy it ready for my cities - now I have to find some good German/Swiss train props.
  5. The very sad and upsetting events of today in my home city. Mumbai, India
  6. Another reference to by Geography lessons- sustainable cities including recycling in the 80s and a sustainable transportation system. (Nice bit of revision for me ) Havana, Cuba
  7. Very generous pro-natal policies that we learned about in out Geography class. Melbourne
  8. This looks like a really good nation and a great CJ. Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. PM May has said Article 50 will be triggered on the 29th. I wonder what the next two years will bring...
  10. A great list - it will certianly help with my choices.
  11. There's so much great stuff here - @Thin White Duke, @MissVanleider, @kingofsimcity, @kschmidt & @Simmer2 - all looking amazing. I've been working on this urban park using just MMPs. Not too sure though - might redevelop it all.
  12. You simply could not be more wrong. I can't think of a single SC4 mod which is incompatible.
  13. Completely disagree. Most 'complex' mods come in easy installers which you just run. Most others are drag and drop. Very few require anymore.
  14. If that's the case then I'm afraid SC4 simply won't remain appealing to you. Mods have kept the game's momentum going for 14 years. My plugin folder has thousands and thousands of files in it. That takes perseverance and patience and my game is better because of that.