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  1. You've hit the nail on the head. Vote Leave never said what type of Brexit they wanted, the Government were pro-remain: the whole order is messed up.
  2. @kschmidtHmmm.... When you say a separate directory, you know NAM has to be in Plugins for it to work? When you re-run the NAM installer, make sure it is writing to the normal plugins folder. Also, check the load order. Any other road/texture mods should ideally load after NAM. Check for any other possibly conflicting mods. The Euro texture set definitely works.
  3. So today Mrs May has realeased her 12 point plan for Brexit. Despite me not wanting Brexit, I am somewhat reassured by this plan and what it promises. Whether it is achievable, however, is another matter... I have put the 12 point plan below.
  4. @kschmidtLooking good! As for the textures, I'm fairly certain you don't need Maarten's texture mod, since all options should be contained in the NAM. When running the installer, the Euro Texture mod should be one of the options - you may need to chose a 'Custom Install'. Try removing any external euro-texture mods, like Maarten's and then re-run the NAM installer.
  5. @Tyberius06 In accordance to the site rules, sharing of files without the authors permission is not permitted. I understand that the file is not available, and I understand the situation, so I will discuss this issue with the other Staff, but until a conclusion can be reached, I will have to advise you on that such action would be in breach of the rules.
  6. Looking good @Dreadnought! That sure is a lot of data @matias93! You really are dedicated!
  7. Great start. With the interchange, I'd recommend only sinking the highway by 7.5m, since that tends to be realistic and reduced the distance you need for the ascent/descent. Pretty much all of RHW that works with 15m also works with 7.5m, and it just looks better in my opinion. I also concur with Compdude; the length is very suitable. Keep it up!
  8. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments towards the 11 newbies. I'm truly honoured to he part of the team and will continue to serve this community with the respect and diligence it so very much deserves.
  9. Can't say I've been. Whitby, UK
  10. @Drack The texture looks to be the standard Euro textures, found in the NAM installer. The arrows should also be an option there, though I couldn't tell you what ones they are.
  11. Lovely work all! Bassenheim is celebrating New Year.
  12. Wolfskreut - Overview

    An overview mosaic from the City of Wolfskreut. This image and many more can also be found here. A Full-resolution version is below.

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