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  1. Many thanks to @Dirktator and @Cyclone Boom and all other admins for their hard work today to restore not only the Template issue but also Login Session bug. 

    Many rounds of applause and gratitude to you all!

  2. All working for me I can confirm!
  3. @Prophet42These ones?: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3051 Thanks for the comment!
  4. @simmytu Looks amazing!
  5. I'm not sure about releasing it. I didn't really make that easy when I was making the sidewalk! Thanks @ulisse !
  6. My suggestion would be this: Turn the left side into a parclo - might need a little more space then, I've drawn it as. Why? Cause I think it would look cool And as for the other side, I'd use a RHW2 E split, then use the 45 flexcurve, rather than the D split and the 90 - it would just look a little moire compact. Another small thing to consider would be any acceleration/deceleration lanes. As for the Avenue connection - I love the idea!
  7. Wow wow wow. This is what I call realism... I can't really tell the difference!
  8. It's not in anyone's culture, at least not in te UK, to be a terrorist.
  9. Have we tried it? No. We haven't heard any of that here. And in fact, reports are now saying at least one was from the ROI and so could not have been investigated by MI5. She also played a vital role in cutting the deficit by 2/3. But the success of the past Tory governments is a total other debate. And there was no evidence for this or Manchester than more manpower would have helped. The opposite: officials said the police cuts had no impact in the latter attack. Oh and here comes the scaremongering. Completely lacking basis or truth and only insighting 'fear' in people like me... Considering the extremists are using safe spaces online, such as Whatsapp, what exactly do you propose to combat it, if you can't identify what's going on there?
  10. I actually live just a few tens of miles from the site of Saturday's tragedy - I'm still not only shocked and shaken but a little taken aback at what ahppened on my near-doorstep, I personally would feel safer had the security services had the power to look at services such as Whatsapp and Messenger. Would it have stopped it? I don't know - hindsight is a wonderful thing. But if it can, could, maybe, possibly, a small chance, a minute chance of stopping another 7 lives, and 22 in Manchester a fortnight ago, being ripped innocently from this world then I'm up for it. I'm writing this while I'm watching the One Love Manchester support concert - I'm not sure whether it's being broadcast internationally or not - but what it really shows is how terror does not, and should not shake us. That shouldn't distract us from the fact that if we do nothing more lives will be lost. Not just in the UK but around the world. I am not prepared to let that go. I am not prepared to sit here and watch tens of lives be ruined or ripped away, in my city or in others around the world. I will not; I can not let that happen. We haven't tried this. You may seriously doubt, but you don't know. It must be worth a go. If it saves just one life it is worth it. It has to be worth it. And if it doesn't work, well we tried. We can move onto a new strategy. What is it? I don't know - but we'll know the outcome of this solution and whether it works or not. I might save just one life. We should; we have to try.
  11. Would you rather have slightly less online privacy, or over 30 people killed in terror attacks in the UK in 3 months? While I won't like less online privacy, I know certainly which one I'd prefer...
  12. MMP overload! Really amazing work - I love how you've integrated such variety in your use of MMPs, layering them all up. That second picture is truly stunning. Anyway, always eager for more from you Akallan!
  13. What an amazing reaction. One of my favourite buildings in architectural terms from one of my favourite parts of London.
  14. I remember I was speaking to Cyclone a while back about the signature rules since I was wanting to do something which isn't currently possible, and yes, the criteria set out by Chief ZDN are correct and must be followed by all users - the signature won't save otherwise. (Trust me I know - I tried! ) As for external links, the rules certainly don't prohibit them - I have them in mine. As for animated, while I don't think they're banned per say, I certainly wouldn't recommend them. I know I'd personally find them very distracting.
  15. Considering St Pancreas (Right next to this site) is the station I use when I go to London, I know the area well. Not only do I think the building would suit the area quite well, but like Tekindus said, the fact it's not just another "let's build it higher' is a good thing. It also looks like a typical Google office - a working space with great liveability also. I'm looking forward to seeing it being built each time I go past!