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  1. From the album Random Pictures

    A 24 hour timelapse i guess....
  2. From the album Timelapses

    Sorry this got deleted. Video: Thank you Steven (TheLynx99) for naming this city!
  3. I'm stuck on version 1.1.610.0 :/

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    2. TacticalTails
    3. Tarkus


      I'm sorry to hear that.  As someone researching the re-emergence of the Origin issues, and trying to force them to (again) fix it, do you know by chance when you bought the game from them, and whether or not it had previously been 1.1.641?

    4. TacticalTails


      didn't heard of 1.1.641, but the game did update to 1.1.638.0 then it just randomly updated again. I was thinking they added a new patch but i was wrong


  4. From the album Random Pictures

    For some reason this image makes me feel cozy or is it just the color?
  5. Hi lynx i recorded myself terraforming:


    I think i did badly so can you give me some tips?


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    2. TacticalTails


      you sure you added the right person? i don't see you, or maybe i don't know your name

    3. UrbanFoxx


      I'm sure.... my profile name is the same as my ST, so if you're not seeing it... go ahead and add that


      Origin Name: TheLynx99


    4. UrbanFoxx


      I resent the request.... hopefully you see it this time

  6. My Internet Connection is apparently soo slow i can't access anything in the Internet.

    This actually works!
  7. Good to know.
  8. I don't think cars should drive like this on the highway. Is there anyway to fix this or am i doing/installed something wrong? This is also the problem for some NWM roads
  9. Rest in peace man, it's great having you here.

  10. Apparently my account is still safe so i decided to change everything.

  11. So i bought SimCity 4:Deluxe Edition on origin and the cars are driving on the left side,i tried finding solutions on the internet but somehow there's no results about simcity 4 on origin anyone help?
  12. wait where do you find these 2 lane highways?
  13. Combining NAM And traffic generators in SimCity 4 is awesome!!