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  1. This was just a little place I made a few months ago. I thought I could maybe upload a few photos.
  2. True, I never had played those. My brothers have. But not me. I'm a graphic maniac.
  3. Okkie, I got SC4 and I like it. Gosh, all of the things SC4 has that SC2013 doesn't! Ouch.
  4. Hmm.. I have six dollars left on my steam account, and I'd like to try SC4. I mean the graphics aren't my cup of tea(And honestly, I don't really like tea. Just using it as a metaphor!), but that's not really what bothers me. I like how there are bigger maps because when I play SC2013 I get bored quickly because there's not a lot to do and not a lot of mods to play with. But I really want SC4....
  5. Well, thanks. I'd like to try SC4, but I asked for SC2013 for Christmas this year. Oops! Lol. But, thanks. I'll defiantly consider trying SC4.
  6. Glad to hear you're enjoying SimCity! But brothers had SimCity 4, I believe, but I've never actually played it. I have SC2013, which I am perfectly okay with. I'd probably like SC2013 more than SC4, but I don't know. What's SC4 like?
  7. Lol. I agree. Poor guy in the wheel chair. xD   But nice entry.
  8. Happy New Year! Yeah, I'm late......... Anyway, the city looks great! So does that little picture. Creative! ;3
  9. Happy New Year

  10. Awesome! I'm excited for the next entry. ;3
  11. Yas! SimCity doesn't crash anymore when I try to play it. c:

  12. Woot! I got SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow... but SimCity crashes when I try to play it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iRowzie


      Hopefully my dad can fix it. C:

    3. Huston


      Is it worth purchasing SimCity these days btw? Haven't really given it much thought considering that I'm still consumed by SC4's alluring details :P

    4. iRowzie


      Personally, I think SC2013 is better than SC4. The graphics are my favorite. But the fact that the buildings look like windows were just slapped onto them I don't really appreciate. :O

  13. Merry Christmas! Yet when I look outside and see no snow, I start singing "Let It Snow" And then I realize it's not working.

    1. Tonraq


      Please let it not snow. We already have a myriad of problems this week :|

  14. Merry Christmas! Yet when I look outside and see no snow, I start singing "Let It Snow"