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  1. Having studied a good deal of philosophy, I am a firm believer in "logic" -- first, last, and always. Consequently, I have NEVER understood why working class people seem to love to champion rich guys that obviously can't stand the sight of working class people!!! Someone explain that one to me !!
  2. Yo -- Just for the record -- I voted Clinton. She was not my first choice -- I figured she was too close to Wall Street for my taste. But when she eliminated Bernie, there was only one other choice -- and if I live to be a thousand, I'll never be feeble-minded enough to vote for Donald. Bernie had his faults, but he made a lot of sense -- and he spoke to the working man rather than the college elite or the rich and greedy. The Middle Class incomes and taxes make this country tick -- the rich people only make more money for themselves. But I realized Hilary, with all her baggage, had the smartest political mind in the country for a husband -- and he left office with a fat surplus in the Treasury. Even if she didn't do much good, she would never be able to cause the damage Donald is throwing around with such wild abandon. Unfortunately, Hilary was the worst campaigner since Al Gore! Donald is nothing more than a "phoney" -- a con-man -- a "snake oil salesman". He will never deliver on his promise of jobs and prosperity because he is too busy giving away the house to his rich friends. And his family and political cronies will steal the country blind. Bannon is his political guru -- and he stole most of his ideas from "Mien Kampf". A lot of Donald's campaign tactics were straight out of Adolf's playbook -- and Bannon is just a closet-Nazi. They laughed at Adolf, much like I laughed at Trump when he announced his candidacy. I should have remembered that Adolf talked a lot of trash and the people lapped it up. Some of these clods will tell you unabashedly that they knew he would never deliver half of what he promised but -- they "liked the way he talked" !!!! The mass of voters are no more than ignorant, uneducated, lambs being led to the slaughter by Donald. Wait till they see what he does with his new budget. Their "social safety net" is going to evaporate right before their eyes -- and they voted for him!!!
  3. Indeed -- I am continually amazed at how bad he is at covering himself -- and yet -- a clumsy bit of "slight of hand" convinces 39% of the electorate that he's a genius !! Some months ago I came to the sad and frightening conclusion that the vast majority of voters are far more ignorant than I thought. Hilary managed to lose an election -- but look what they got instead!
  4. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Been busy "roughing-in" the basic pan for Wilhelmshaven South -- a sister city, but I've a few more pics from Wilhelmshaven WEST for you. This is a large mixed-wealth residential area south and east of the central train station and Cathedral Square. Again, this neighborhood was never in the original plan, but the population demands of the game forced me to create more housing. This eventually grew into the largest neighborhood in the city and holds approximately 80,000 Sims -- about 25% of the total population. A closer shot of the first area that was developed. Little did I know what would come later. The units are packed rather tightly, but there are trees and park paths to open it up to air and sunlight -- and all well lighted for evening strolls. Over on the west end, I threw in a business park for high tech offices to help cut down on the commute times. This is a view of a "central park" feature that runs down the center of the main neighborhood. Even heavily built-up areas can benefit from parks large enough to provide a bit of nature -- and possibly a little peace. Finally -- this is a small experiment with some different uses for ground cover. I was looking for something besides plain old grass, and thought this might be OK. I'm going to try it on a larger scale in my next city.
  5. Don't hold your breath -- Erdogan is another one of those "strongman types" (we call them dictators) -- Trump likes him. Right about now, my guess is that Trump wishes he was a dictator.
  6. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Following up on the "culture" theme -- just across the avenue from Cathedral Square, we have the "Campanile Square". The area has a mix of medium wealth residential to the north and west, with the train station to the south, and a large low wealth residential on the extreme south end of town. Here and there you will see some business offices sandwiched amongst the locals. This is Rhinelander Circle and the South Central train station, with the "Super Chief" just pulling in with a load of evening commuters -- and a suspicious Police chopper hanging about. (Sorry about the "toolbar" thingie -- missed that.) In this close-up of the square, you will see the Vienna Music Association Hall, where all the best Classical concerts are held -- as well as the City Opera House, and the Main Library. If you take a few moments to stroll along the finely landscaped paths, you can stop at the Campanile Cafe, or view the many monuments and statues. But -- I see a crowd gathering outside the Opera House -- you might want to join them. I understand "Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg" is tonight's offering.
  7. @korver You are a scholar and a gentleman -- thank you, Sir. Now I must go and optimize my HD --
  8. Yo, guy -- Where do I find the round Pink and tan residential towers ?? Been seeing a lot of them -- thought I might give 'em a try.
  9. @Simmer2 Yo, guy -- I like your CEBX 800 idea -- and that would look great in a small vignette -- perhaps a small rail siding lot with cranes and an unloading scene that could be designed to tie into a large factory . Your masterful handling of the roundhouse set says you have the skills to pull that off. And several of the tank car suggestions look very interesting, indeed. But -- wait for it -- I would like to put forth a possible project that would undoubtedly allow your skills and energy to be utilized. I would have done this long ago, but my one attempt at "batting" was a laughable failure and nearly drove me round the bend. How about a "coaling dock" ? If you need inspiration, there are tons and tons of pictures on Google that show some of the most elaborate track and trestle arrangements you could imagine. I'm sure it would challenge your planning and ingenuity skills. And there is a crying need for realistic coaling facilities that (1) load for truck distribution at the end of the "pipeline", so to speak -- (2) load those vast coal trains from the mines, and (3) a large facility for loading bulk cargo vessels. Here we have an entire "product flow-through system" that has remained virtually untouched for the long life of this game. I have made several feeble attempts at small aspects of coal as an industry, but I don't have the skills to construct proper "bats", and must resort to improvisational re-lots that just don't turn out that well. Perhaps, in "the wee dark hours of the night -- when the ghosties lurk about" -- you could put some thought to bending your railroad skills to coal. Just a thought --
  10. Very interesting -- Trump sacked the FBI Director this afternoon. "The Night Of The Long Knives" has begun ! Smells like a "Watergate-style" coverup is coming.
  11. I know, guy . I'm a bit of a RR buff, myself. But don't forget about the overhead clearance on the RR bridges themselves -- not to mention tunnel entrances.
  12. It's worth giving it a try -- though some of the dependency packs may have gone AWOL. Thanx --
  13. @Simmer2 I'm familiar with the style -- but it usually involves some sort of large German railway cannon.
  14. Yo, guys -- I'm fooling around with the idea of trying an amusement park. So I immediately thought of the old custom lot for "The Cyclone". I could already picture how good that roller coaster was gonna' look. Then I read the fine print -- NO LIGHTS !!!! ANYBODY have any genius ideas on how to get night lighting onto this lot ?? (NO LIGHTS -- you might as well have sex without the "afters" cigarette!)
  15. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Since it's Sunday -- I thought a little culture and education might be in order. This is a small neighborhood that was actually an afterthought. I had no particular plans for this land sandwiched between the business districts on the west and south and the Dao Chemical complex to the north. But as happens, the situation develops, and I suddenly needed a big influx of workers. I proceeded to grow a bunch of high density / low wealth buildings to solve the problem. Then -- it occurred to me that I now had in excess of 13,000 people OUTSIDE the planned education zones!! "Necessity", yet again, becomes the "Mother Of Invention". Here, you see the Kurlander Palace library, the St. Johannes School, the Vienna Wasserturm Museum, and the City Art Museum. The whole complex is tied together by landscaped park paths that eventually link them to Potsdamer Circle and the business district to the lower left of the picture. The City Art Museum is normally a fairly dull little 3x3 lot -- but plopping a variety of custom, filler, and park path lots can make it quite impressive. And lastly, a close-up of the Wasserturm and its' little sidewalk cafe.