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  1. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver It's so lifelike, I keep looking behind buildings expecting to find the mercenary troops that control the region !
  2. World Affairs

    Trump just wanted the job to show Obama he could get it -- and to show Hilary that he could beat her. Now he's finding that the job comes complete with a built-in "hot seat" ! BEING President is much harder than hosting a second-rate reality TV show !! As Michael Douglas once said ..."It's ALL about character" -- and Donnie's 15 minutes ARE up!
  3. World Affairs

    Just a note of interest -- Yesterday, four top business leaders serving on a Presidential Commission decided to quit over the Charlottesville affair. Two others had previously quit. Trump then dissolved the commissions to spare himself further embarrassment. Bad publicity generated by Trump could have lateral effects -- so they simply jumped ship. It seems Wall Street is suddenly willing to admit that Trump has absolutely no positive effects on their ability to do business in this country. Tough "truth" for a man claiming credit every month for the good performance of the Stock Market -- The Wizard of Wall Street -- !!
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Yo, guys -- Can anybody upload a few detail shots -- closer shots -- that will show the detailing of terminals and the stripes on the tarmac at their airports? I have no idea how to mark runways or even a basic placement for buildings -- other than what can be determined from Google satellite images. I tried saving @kschmidt images (they are very good) on my HD for future reference, but for some reason -- I am unable to open them in any of my apps -- pic viewers -- paint, etc. I need something I can download and look at while building my first real airport.
  5. Show Us What You're Working On

    @korver This is absolutely stupendous stuff, my friend !
  6. World Affairs

    @Odainsaker Nice to hear from you, Odainsaker -- !! "The Fall Of Eagles" was, indeed, very good and quite in line with the history books. Another BBC epic, "Edward The King", fairly well portrayed Wilhelm's dysfunctional relationship with his uncle. Though not earth shaking, it doubtless made it more difficult to resolve diplomatic arguments. But the world has taken another turn, and the adults have changed the rules, fortunately. And, I must admit, it's quite a clever move on their part. The Chinese and Russians announced today that they will remain neutral in the event that the N. Koreans strike first. In one stroke they have warned Kim that he will have to fight his battle alone if he starts a war -- while informing Trump that a preemptive strike by the US will bring them into the war on Kim's side. Very smooth -- AND -- I was thinking the very same thing about Trump about a week ago. Trump and Wilhelm II could have been intellectual and emotional twins!! Maybe Wilhelm read "The Art Of The Deal" ! (Ha - Ha - Ha - Ha!!). Neither one of them succeeded (so far) in closing a deal ! Wilhelm II may well have held the title as "The Most Ineffectual World Leader" -- until now. And there will always be that 36% base that thinks Donald is a God -- but he will certainly rank among the worst Presidents -- if not THE worst President -- we've ever had. God help us when the REAL crisis is at hand.
  7. World Affairs

    @Fantozzi Yo, guy -- I sincerely hope Ms. Merkel wins the election -- she seems to be the best suited to keep the European balance in line at the moment. Trump's own worst enemy is his anti-social emotional behavior, his big mouth, and his twitter finger. If someone examined the first, and broke the other two -- the world would have one less "Drama Queen". And I think it went something like this -- "The Chalice from the Palace, Has the pellet with the poison -- And the flagon with the dragon, Has the brew that is true." Amazing what bits of doggerel one remembers !
  8. World Affairs

    @krbe Short note -- previous engagement requires my presence -- I'm not really sure what you mean with this, as I can't really remember any other nuclear state behaving in such an overtly hostile way; You are correct -- there has been no comparable degree of hostility in the "Nuclear Age" (though Castro did attempt to get nuclear missiles fired on the US back in '62). My reference is of a historical nature and much less modern. This theory was employed by Admiral Von Tirpitz when he convinced Willhelm II to build a High Seas battle fleet. A modern battle fleet on England's doorstep was supposed to make them more amenable to a friendship treaty with Germany. History tells us that it had the opposite effect -- bringing on what was at that time the most expensive arms race in history and increasing England's anti-German sentiment one hundred fold -- ultimately leading to The Great War. I see Kim's missiles much like Wilhelm's dreadnoughts. Instead of producing cooperation, they have provoked much alarm and hostility. The US has never responded well to threats and bellicose rhetoric -- and even less well when confronted with armed belligerence. There is already some talk in the Senate of Congressional approval for a preemptive strike. I, personally, think they are getting a bit ahead of themselves and hope for a more calculated response. Our "Thad" anti-missile systems have enjoyed a 100% success rate during target testing so I see no need for hasty action. Guam should remain unscathed and the exercise would provide an excellent object lesson for Kim. However, he might give the impression that "fire and fury" will bring a bloody end to the North Korean regime, but I doubt he'd be willing to commit a large number of dead American soldiers to make up for his Obamacare replace and repeal failures. This brings to mind a movie titled "Wag The Dog" -- in which, Presidential staffers dealing with political troubles at home hire a Hollywood producer to stage fake news and film clips depicting a foreign war. This takes the mind of the masses off the troubles in the White House. It is, of course, a comedy -- a bit "noir" -- but a satire, nonetheless. Whenever "Donald" suffers political setbacks that are a bit close to home -- he suddenly seems to develop foreign policy problems. (Usually brought on by his tweets.) Coincidence -- ? Maybe -- or it could be rule #3 from the Dictator's Handbook. The Romans perfected the concept of "bread and circuses". If you study history, you will come to believe that there is really very little under the sun that is new, or original. Donald has not yet given serious consideration to dead soldiers. His thoughts are dedicated to appearing "strong" -- and a "winner". "Winning" is far more important to Trump than logical people understand. It is an obsession -- a psychological aberration. We see him tell lies on a daily basis that a 6 year old could easily refute -- all in an effort to be "right" and a "winner". Psychotic -- ! BUT -- I am told by knowledgeable friends of long standing that General Matiss is an excellent man to have at the helm at this particular moment. Intelligent, knowledgeable, and steady as a rock. However, before we start counting body bags, it is worth taking note of the rather low casualty rates from the Second Gulf War. Technology and advanced weaponry have changed the face of the modern battlefield. There are many modern conventional means and strategies available to neutralize Kim's 1.2m man army and his 11,000 artillery tubes. Blood there will be -- but much less than some think. I know it sounds quite callous to quote statistics, but the kill rate in Iraq was eventually determined to be 12 to 1. I do, however, fear there will be horrendous losses among the S. Korean civilian populace. I believe Seoul will be the first target of the next war there. As for my experience in S. Korea -- I could write you a book, and have often thought of doing so -- but I write other things, of a less personal nature. Besides -- whatever I have to say on the subject is truly past history and long out of date. The S. Korea of today is a modern and prosperous country. When I was there "M*A*S*H" was the #1 rated TV show in the US !! That tells you how long ago that was. The one thing, however, that sticks in my mind was the so-called "peasant farmer". They were nice enough people if you treated them with respect and dignity -- but they still feared anyone in authority -- even after 20 years of "peace". It didn't matter what uniform you wore -- authority meant trouble for them.
  9. World Affairs

    @krbe I suppose the definition of the term "threat" all depends upon which side of the Korean DMZ you sympathize with -- and, whether or not you use the term as a noun or a verb. My "cursory" knowledge of the post-1953 relationship tells me that there will never be a "peace treaty" with N. Korea because they will never give up the single-minded goal of absorbing S. Korea. And, the constant "state of emergency" invented by the Kim Dynasty is their means of staying in power. The manufactured "external threat" is an old trick -- chapter two in "The Big Book Of Dictators". "Peace" would be his undoing. Any friendly discourse with the South would expose his regime as the ideologically bankrupt gulag the country has become. That's why the place is an "Orwellian" nightmare. If left alone, it would die a long, slow death all by itself. Unfortunately, Kim won't simply drift off into irrelevance peacefully. Like a dog in pain, he bites at anything within reach. The universally accepted theory (historians and defense analysts) is that a nuke allows a small country to "punch above it's weight class". Good theory -- on paper. But in practice, it more often leads to hostility -- an arms race -- open conflict -- and the inevitable defeat of the weaker power. "Chicken Brinkmanship" is another old trick -- and one side or the other usually "blinks". The problem for the moment, is that we have TWO unstable players. Kim can't "blink" if he wants to stay alive -- and Trump refuses to "lose" (even when it comes to petty crowd sizes). The man is so desperate for a "win" -- he may not blink, either. Which leaves the world in an uncomfortable dilemma. As for the US -- we are everybody's "arch enemy". We are hated in countries where they can't even point us out on a map of the world. We are hated if we support the status quo and hated if we don't. We are hated by people that have never even seen an American. We are hated if we meddle in other people's business, while the same ones cry "why didn't the US do more?". I think we would be more than happy to withdraw our "defensively postured" troops any time S. Korea gives us the word. It is an expense the US could do without. And I really don't think they enjoy being stationed there -- I didn't much care for it. The current "dispute" will end in one of many possible resolutions -- probably one we haven't even imagined. But the armed standoff at the DMZ will only end when North and South are able to come to an understanding that will satisfy both parties. Probably not in my lifetime.
  10. World Affairs

    @Fantozzi Read your reply -- very astute -- well considered. But it's 2am, here -- and I need some sleep. I'll talk back tomorrow, after breakfast. BTW -- Heidelberg is a lovely city -- one of my favorites !
  11. World Affairs

    Where have you been -- !! -- ?? Kim issues a new threat against the US every day !! He threatened to launch a missile strike against Guam this afternoon. You need to stop watching that state-owned propaganda channel and check out the BBC. EVERY President asks that question after the little jerk starts stirring up trouble. Don't forget -- Kim is the guy that drops a few rounds on S. Korean fishing villages just to celebrate his birthday ! As for Clinton, the question was purely academic -- he wouldn't even commit troops to Bosnia. Trump won't bother to crunch numbers -- he's as big an idiot as Kim -- and just as impulsive. If Kim actually fires a missile at US territory -- Trump will just push the red button. The mass casualties will be in N. Korea and -- unfortunately -- S. Korea. But Trump does not share your tender sensibilities. And you don't seem to understand -- THERE IS NO THREAT TO N. KOREA !!! We don't threaten N. Korea -- unless Kim disturbs the peace. We have allies that are his neighbors, and when he starts up with them, we get involved. That's what allies do. BUT -- why do you seem to think we want to invade N. Korea ? The whole damned country isn't worth a single American life. It's an economic disaster and half the people are brainwashed and the other half want to escape. Why would we care enough to want to hurt them ? Kim is the typical, megalomaniac, tin-pot dictator of a 3d world country with a starving population because he spends all the money he gets from rogue nations on nuclear weapons. He issues these daily threats and talks big because if he ever hesitates, his own generals will do him in. For my part -- I think once he has perfected his nuclear systems -- he will feel protected. And the lunatic will attack S. Korea !!
  12. World Affairs

    @Fantozzi I, personally, don't see the need for Germany to spend all that money on the military -- Trump just doesn't understand the real concept behind NATO. AND -- NATO is just a convenient target for him to attack. Trump's base support is mostly among the less educated voters (I call them Rednecks) that have never been to Europe and dislike anything "foreign". These Rednecks like the idea that the US does not need allies in Europe....you know....we'll handle everything all by ourselves. (Ha!) They slept through history class and don't understand that what happens in Europe certainly effects the rest of the globe The Russians would be the more logical target -- but he has banking interests in Moscow (we will see the proof of that soon enough), and one shouldn't attack the person he's trying to borrow money from. (American banks won't touch him anymore.) However, Ms. Merkel might be wise to build up her military to some extent. If she can't count on the US for help (Trump's an idiot, remember?) -- then she needs to be strong enough to impress Putin. She's smart enough, and strong enough as a leader -- but Putin only understands military force and would be terrified by an expanded Bundeswehr. He'll be much easier to deal with that way.
  13. World Affairs

    Yes -- I see the perfect sense. He builds nukes and missiles, threatens S. Korea, Japan, and the US with them -- and then wonders why we killed him with the sledge hammer. DUH !! The smart thing would have been to realize we didn't give a rat's patoot about him or his 3d world country until he started making a lot of trouble. We managed to get out of Korea in 1953 and I have never heard a general or politician express the least interest in invading the place. We don't want it. And I sincerely hope he doesn't think we are going to give him anything just to leave us alone. We don't pay tribute or ransom. NOBODY wants to turn N. Korea into a nuclear waste dump. But it's clear to me he doesn't understand his options or his capabilities. If he shoots first -- we will shoot last. If we are attacked, we will return fire -- and we will put an end to the careless threat he chooses to represent.
  14. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Yo -- Can anyone suggest a set of VERTICAL embankment walls ?? Something either "Old World" or high wealth -- heavy industry look won't do. Thanx --
  15. Show Us What You're Working On

    Yo, guys -- Just a quick question --- Does "NAM 32" have a roundabout feature for ROADS ?? (If it does -- where do I find it?)