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  1. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN SOUTH: TEST (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- I have been strongly urged -- even badgered -- to begin using the NBVC Corals. I'm not at all sure it's a good idea, but -- the rocky coastline thing turned out pretty good -- so I have made one test are for the corals. This is just a wild a** guess as to how to actually use the corals. I need some opinions. Tell me if you like it -- tell me what you DON'T like -- and feel free to offer guidance if you have a suggestion as to how I should proceed. 01 02 03 04 05
  2. Yo, SneakyDeaky -- There was a bit of re-lotting done. The park paths I used as a base set are Paeng's WSP set. I simply removed the formal hedges because their prop "footprint" was so pervasive that I was unable to use landscape MMP's on them. I added a few people to each tile -- several of them were the "NAM Sims" -- and I added a BSC high orange cone light. I rather like the orange lighting effect. The large wildflower tiles were also custom lotted from the standard prop mix -- but other than that, everything is pretty much "off the rack". I like to try to make innovative arrangements using what more talented members have provided. Glad you liked it --
  3. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Been tied up for the last five days doing a bit of housekeeping on the computer -- had to sort through about 12,000 files and try to get them where they belonged. God-awful mess when you don't preform your "due diligence" every couple of days. (lol-lol) In keeping with my neighborhood theme -- this is Van Renzalier Park. Once just a small park on the west edge of town, the developers smelled money in those forests and they renovated the old park on the north end, ringed it with high density buildings, and eventually extended it south along the Hochestrasse -- keeping a wooded area and adding more buildings on the west side. The park was originally named after a Prussian -- General August Van Renzalier -- who famously led a furious cavalry charge against Napoleon's Old Guard -- winning him undying fame. Unfortunately, it did not bestow immortality -- the old General did not return from the encounter. But the city fathers made sure of his fame by dedicating a beautiful mounted statue with attendant fountains at the main entrance. And this is the old park after a tidy-up and make-over.
  4. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Got a little quick stuff for you (busy working on modifications to some seaplane lots). This is the West Side neighborhood, centered on the train station and filled up with a hodge-podge of structures -- single family, condos, tenements, mid-rise apartments, and all levels of wealth. The stand-out feature is the city's CID building, built to relieve the regular police patrols of the investigative duties and keep them on the street. Located right next door is the Broken Plate Cafe -- open 24 hours -- rather convenient for pie and doughnuts. Across the street from the C&A Department store is the local farmer's market. Some folks have suggested I get busy and do a re-lot, but I prefer to stick with the Maxis lot and simply dress it up with park paths, parking, MMP's, and the odd medieval tower left over from a demolished baronial mansion. Just between the farmer's market and the train station is the parish church. A typical little Anglican affair -- unassuming, but most reassuring to the community. I used the modular pieces from Paeng's cemetery set to create the church grave yard, ringed it with park paths, and gave it the MMP treatment. And yes -- the "ghosties" come out at night !! (Or whenever the automata moves them sufficiently - lol)
  5. OK -- Let me re-phrase the question -- Looking at the descriptor file for a new lot, the reward for commercial would be handled by the "monument effect", residential reward would be handled by the "park effect", and the Cap-buster would be handled by the "Capacity satisfied". Yes -- ?
  6. YO, guys -- JUST A QUICK QUESTION -- Maxis Resort Hotel REWARD -- Can anyone tell me exactly what the reward effects are? The Maxis lot is not to scale (too small) and I was thinking about doing a re-lot -- but -- I'll have to add in the correct reward effects on the new lot. And how would the lot act as a "cap-buster" ? (I know how to use them, but don't know how to make a "reward" lot, or what makes them tick! -- lol, lol)
  7. STR -- ??
  8. BRAVO !! Shopping in London ALWAYS included stops at Harrods and Selfridges. I'm going to enjoy this lot !!
  9. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- A few more shots -- nothing flashy. The heat is becoming oppressive, here, and my productivity suffers. Just across the avenue from the High Tech Business Park, we find the Kong Financial Group perched along the southern arm of the BodenSee. This is an improvised office park using a lot of "off the shelf" lots -- Paeng's pocket plazas, BSC park paths, parking fillers, and an MMP marshy pond to kind of link with the one over in the HT zone. Just a few yards south, the Bismarckstrasse and the western rail line cross the South BodenSee. Some Mas71 retaining walls for the avenue, and lots of MMP work for the rail trestle -- and some shoreline landscaping. Just a couple of minutes drive to the northeast, we have a nice little business district serving some rather high density neighborhoods nearby. This is the first city tile where I got serious about experimenting with pedmalls. Here you see some street-side diagonal parking with a row of pedmalls in front of the buildings. And I used pedmalls to make "cut-throughs" between the building blocks. To my surprise -- they actually use them! I had an odd shape left over, so I made a small plaza with fountains composed of fillers and MMP work. And -- let's not forget the ubiquitous "Mickey D's" on the corner -- conveniently right behind a school!
  10. @MissVanleider I like your tile -- looks like there will be plenty of green spaces left over !!
  11. Would those be the "vines" ?
  12. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN SOUTH: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- You remember a few days ago -- I asked you guys what you thought about my experiment with an MMP version of a rocky shoreline --? Well, here's the result -- I call it "The Three Sister's Rocks".
  13. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Just a few pictures, today (worn out from plopping all those rocks!). Over in the southwest quarter of the city, I decided I needed a High Tech Industrial Park. Nothing really fancy, but enough to encourage the "McMansions" to grow in the desired neighborhoods and to boost the income level of the working class. Everything is kind of scattered about rather than in the traditional row configuration -- plenty of green spaces and MMP work between lots -- and all the lots are trimmed out with various filler lots for realism. In an effort to cut down on the possibility of clogging my roads with freight trucks, I decided on a nice little rail yard. Made sure I made plenty of space to park switch engines, empty cars, and room for freighted cars waiting for an east bound engine. Note the large sandy area south of the sidings. Yet another effort to avoid plopping trees -- they become quite boring after a while. Unfortunately, the freight depot is not functioning at full capacity -- but only stops about half the outbound freight!! Sooooo -- I have a string of heavy freight trucks headed across the city and clogging Lakeshore Drive to get to a northern exit. Go figure -- ! Just across the street I've got a small, improvised container freight yard to assist with distribution. This is largely composed of modular lots from NBVC's container port kit along with several of my own filler lots. On the east end of the zone is a small wetland wedged between a road and the tracks. Due to the poor location, it has pretty much been left to it's own devices.
  14. @Tyberius06 Yo, Tyberius -- Thanx VERY much for the feedback on the shoreline. This is my first attempt at simulating a really rocky beach and, frankly, I'm struggling with it. Being in uncertain territory, and keeping in mind that this is MASSIVELY labor intensive -- the positive comment encourages me to carry on and work a bit harder to get better at it. Thanx, again ! Yes -- those are "SimCoug's" transit enabled stairs -- for which I am indebted to him, since I have no skills at TE work. They work very well with the TE pedmalls. Besides which, they are nice stairs. The walls are my custom "fiddling". The base set is from "Mas71" and I simply went into Lot Editor and substituted a stock sandstone base texture with a fence prop from one of the "Debussyman" lots. I think it was one of his palatial mansion types -- the prop says something like "FraContra" -- ?? Check in your LOT EDITOR for fences and it will likely come up if you have a bunch of Debussyman's stuff. The buildings are a multiple arrangement of the "MS Jubiler" lots -- they seemed to be perfect as a shopping venue in a marina area.
  15. Yo, Guys and Gals -- I AM IN NEED OF OPINIONS AND SUGGESTIONS -- Here are three pictures of a small stretch of shoreline landscaping. I'm trying out a new style -- going for that "rocky" look on this part. Let me know what you think -- PLEASE! # 01 # 02 # 03