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  1. The original idea was to use the model file to convert that building to an I-HT lot.
  2. I've already got the BSC CAL Megaprops Pack vol. 01 -- Here's the Million dollar question -- Using the ancient Maxis Lot Editor -- how do I extract the model file ??
  3. Yo, guys -- Can anyone tell me where I can get the actual MODEL file for the Cal St. David's hotel ?? I looked in the BSC Cal MegaPack -- but it doesn't seem to be there.
  4. Are you planning on making a battleship ?
  5. The man is nothing more than a bad Hollywood re-make of yet another Fascist dictator. Looking back through history, the Turks were always tough fighters -- but, more often than not, were poorly led. People like Erdogan lead, and they simply follow. Too bad they don't have a revolutionary streak in them.
  6. YES -- I think Ivanka and Jared have taken him in hand. Bannon has been sidelined, and O'Riley is about to be dropped from Foxx News -- which means Donald will quickly lose interest. Plus -- he might actually have learned not to quote so much of that made-up conservative crap he gets off the radio or TV. I think daughter and son-in-law are a bit smarter than "dad". Recently saw an article in "The Week" (a US weekly news magazine) claiming that Nikolai Gorokhov (a Moscow lawyer probing the "whistleblower" death of Sergei Magnitsky) fell from -- or was pushed out of -- a fourth floor window the day before he was due in court to re-open the Magnitsky case. Magnitsky had claimed he uncovered a massive tax fraud by Russian officials -- for which, he was thrown in prison and died there in 2009. A close associate of Gorokhov's stated that he was thrown off the building. The "official" version said he fell while trying to hoist a piano up to his apartment -- !!! I will say this -- with "Vlad IV" in charge, Moscow seems a right lively little town. NEVER a dull moment. Piano -- RIGHT !
  7. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- This time -- we have what used to be the Coburg Hills. The earth movers got busy -- flattened some stuff here -- pushed some stuff together over there -- and now we have a single hill mass. The Camden Office Group partnered with the city to develop a nice little business district north of the financial center that turned out to be the ideal location for the new major league stadium the team owners wanted. This is a nice little arrangement for the stadium using park paths, filler parking lots, and a food court at the main entrance. If you look closely, you'll see the home team has taken to the field! This is the Camden Office Park. They would have preferred to be in the heart of the financial district, but since space was at a premium, they opted for the Coburg Hill site. Besides, it's just across the road from the ball park -- and it's not too hard to find an excuse to leave the office -- "on business" (lol). Again -- filler parking lots, park paths, and I did a re-lot on the office towers to make them look better. I also changed them to CO $$ to better suit my RCI demands. And last, but not least -- the recently built Capella Tower. I squeezed it in west of the office park to take advantage of a spur in the hill mass, and also changed it to CO $$. I've used up all my CS $$$ and CO $$$ on the RCI graph, so this is a good way to raise the average income of the residents.
  8. @rsc204 Sounds to me like I simply need to learn to love just seeing the choo-choo trains! Thanx much --
  9. Yo, guys -- Not sure this is the right place, but here goes -- Here you have a custom-plop version of The Dao Chemicals Plant. It's got a double placement of the main plant, some filler lots for liquid tanks, parking, etc, etc. I figured it was the perfect place to make a siding and plop the small version of NBVC's Tank Car Filler Lot. And -- I was right -- it looks perfect !! The only real problem I have with the arrangement, is that the tank car siding generates massively long PASSENGER trains --- NO FREIGHT! Which, to say the least, is a bit odd (considering there are no residential areas close by). My question: (1) Is it possible to change the tank car lot to generate FREIGHT -- and ONLY FREIGHT ?? (2) Would the new freight lot generate its' own traffic -- or draw it from other factories linked by road?
  10. @EvansRE4 The only thing I didn't love about "LA" was that it was mostly concrete, steel, and asphalt. It was a soul killer. Looking good !! Green cities are your friend -- they're better for your physical health and the spirit of the mind !!
  11. HEADS-UP !!!!! I got it -- I got it !
  12. WORK IN PROGRESS -- THE JADE BIGHT II WILHELMSHAVEN WEST: (Click to make bigger.) Yo, guys -- Just a few quick pics on EDUCATIONAL needs -- Here we have the grounds of the Frosh Academy. Excellent road frontage to handle the traffic and backed by a small city park that borders a medium wealth area of apartment houses. Complete with teacher parking, visitor parking, and adequate athletic facilities. The John Novac Consolidated school -- with more than enough sports included. (Oops! Should be parent's cars parked on the dirt lots by the soccer field - took the pic at the wrong time of day. ) The Kerrytown community college -- basketball courts for the "jocks' and tennis courts from @rsc204 for the "preppies". Last, but not least -- can't think of a better place for a field trip than the National Observatory.
  13. @EvansRE4 Yo, guy -- Benton huh ? Ever hear of a hole in the wall named Malvern ?"
  14. I regularly thank the Gods for Sid Meier's "Gettysburg" (among his many other "gems").
  15. Yo, guys -- I have been working on altering some of the building lots in the game from CO $$$ into CO $$, CS $$$, and CS $$. Sometimes you need a massive skyscraper in just the right place in your city. Unfortunately, the one you like the best is not suited to the restrictions of the RCI graphs. If you plop that beautiful piece of architecture -- it will put your CO $$$ column of the graph "into the red", so to speak. Or, maybe it is a functional landmark -- which might be OK if it doesn't effect the RCI graph -- but will probably raise your job count without actually providing jobs to your population, thereby throwing your job count and employment levels out of whack. Hence the conversion of lots to more useful employment categories. Below is a custom lot I came across in my custom content "grab-bag" of uninstalled downloads. The building has been lotted as High Tech $$$. My question is -- has anyone used this lot? If you have built it in one of your cities, do you get contradictory information from the building query function (school rating, commute time, etc) and the query cursor that tells you how many drive cars, ride the subway, etc ?? I'm getting readings that say I have a building full of workers, but when I check to see how they get to work, it tells me there are no workers. This is not a function of population -- or distance to work. Surrounding buildings are full, and the population outnumbers the workforce 3-1. This is the only building that has this problem. I'm puzzled as to why ??