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  1. poll

    Yeah, no options for Xeons either.
  2. Pff, what a project! A lot of work! What will you do with "het stadskantoor' and the now being built WTC and noord en zuidgebouw? First building I did for SC4 was het stadskantoor and someone asked me about Utrecht CS, but it's very hard to split, because everything is so connected.
  3. Could be very usefull for these large officeboxes! Creating the glass panels with one subbuilding than the structure underneath with another subbuilding.
  4. That's in relation to Paradox. However, when they want to redistribute custom content, they still do ask permission. Other users are excluded from this excerpt.
  5. These look very colorfull! Some pretty flowers. Scale looks a bit off though.
  6. Thx! Hmm weird stuff on the LoD, could you show me?
  7. Alpha map the front (and back if necessary), reduce vertex points for the sides I guess. Not a big fan of making everything in props tbh.
  8. This is how mine looks. Granted it doesnt look supersharp, but transition should be hardly noticeable. I think the game downsizes my texture aswell, since this is how a render looks: Anyone know something about this? LoD texture is 512x256
  9. Sure, mass transit includes a lot of requested features and will mark a definite improvement on the base game. However, they really should rebalance some of the game mechanics: deathcare, the building level up system, citizen wealth, tourists, criminality and how it all interacts. I also don't see a problem in unlocking bigger growables and they should really consider buying boformers code for their theme system. On top of that, the building editor, which is the corner of their succes is still a wonky piece of crap and how the game interacts with normal maps is a real shame. The new transit types will be a great improvement on traffic and that's all great, but these are not features which will make the game stand the test of time. Although it takes time, a lot of things are still being worked on by our community and were definately getting at that sc4 level at some point.
  10. LOD should have projected shadows, but they shouldn't look that dark, Ill have a look tonight.
  11. And released: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884334593
  12. Great job on this. Really well worked out first asset! Also love the logo.