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  1. @Diego Del Llano has done some nice residential towers, both replicas from Puerto Vallarta and his own creations. Check them on his profile. For the less glamourous buildings, I think it depends on the city style, but maybe some residentials by @Aaron Graham could be the right option, even if they are New York replicas... Also, thinking mainly in San Francisco as a referent, you can add some townhouses to reflect non-remodelated areas of the city centre. As the style is generally shared all around the ports of the Pacific Ocean, the australian ones by @mattb325 will go nicely, but there are others out there on the STEX.
  2. on the borders, big towers, condo type, getting unobstructed views to the waterfront, plus some hotels; on the centre, old W2W apartment blocks and similar commerce. And to play with the gradient between them both.
  3. Well, if the only access will be from the already built part of the centre, I would expect a less dense development, with more residentials and less offices, maybe capitalising on the waterfront and the closeness to workplaces. For the same reason, maybe the middle blocks would be more depressed, with small business and less luxurious residences. Also, those canals or rivers look navigable by ferry, so maybe you can compensate for the relative disconnection of the south side with a ferry terminal...
  4. Up to what I've learnt, it is completely impossible to create another network. The game exe is closed and only admits the networks that came with the game. The RHW was on the game since the beggining, even if not functioning, but was there, as a hiddden 'dirt road'. Such hidden network was the only one there, and it's now extensively used.
  5. Well, it depends on what infrastructure is on the area, and what that infrastructure serves. Generally speaking, industry follows railways, highways and ports, low income housing follows industry, high income housing escapes from low income housing and industry, and commerce follows the traffic of high income industry.
  6. Sadly there isn't a lot more to find: google query for mall simcity 4. You have to consider that those kind of suburban malls are very specifical to a region of the world at the desired time, and the ones made into BATs by people of that region are the ones you already found on the english-speaking sites. What is not to say that there aren't commercial service big buildings out there, but most of them are asiatic monolithic malls, something definitely different.
  7. In that case, you'll have to wait more, but for the better. On the meantime, you should check his dev thread:
  8. No, they are no replacement for the current textures. You would need to create new agro fields with those textures, or to relot the currently existing ones to use them. I'm no sure how hard is that, but it doesn't sounds terrible. Maybe @Fantozzi, who is working on a beautiful new set of agro fields and lots, can give us a hand here.
  9. Tell me what you think:

    I want to make a CJ to showcase my city as finished as possible, but at the same time, I want to be able to get community feedback for the designing and building process, so I was thinking on doing two successive CJs: the first one as a backstage, development-thread styled, to decide on the definitive works aimed at the next, story-based CJ when the city gets finished.

    Would you like to read and participate on such kind of city journal, or you would prefer to see the development stages on other formatte?

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Sounds like a great idea to me. I must admit I don't actively follow the CJs, but I'm sure that'd be something people would enjoy. An interactive approach can only encourage participation, and I'd have thought that'd help with sustaining an audience. *:)

  10. The Bellevue Palace! Now I really have to find a way to put this beauty on my city centre; Which will be the possible footprint of the lot?
  11. With the likes of Trump, Berlusconi, Thatcher or Menem, it isn't so strange: they are very popular on their manners, and people like to feel reflected on their leaders, to get the sensation that the guy on power is just like us is somehow empowering, and many people can even sustain on the fidelity even after its clear their objective interests won't be held in high ground: they will simply change their political ideas to match the actions of their leaders. In other cases, partisan fidelities (or rejection) can also move votes, as it happened with Menem and Trump. What is really difficult to explain is when totally non charismatic politicians on the right manage to appeal working class voters. On those cases, the most probable cause is that workers don't see themselves as workers first: they can feel that their ethnic, racial, religious or national identity is more relevant, and they will be open to vote for a bad candidate of their own tribe before one of another.
  12. Then they voted for Nixon, and then Reagan, it's not so radically different on that aspect, just as the ones that voted for the Tories and elected Thatcher. At least here in Latin America we can excuse on the fact that neoliberalism was imposed over us.
  13. Wow, that's looking really great! I'm trying to guess what the platform roof is. On the lower photo it just appears as a white thing without any particular depth, but the most probable case is that some slope was included to avoid it to become a pool full of rainwater. About the material, maybe them were changed between both photos, but I think you can take an artistic licence on that; if you like a recommendation, I would back an Art Nouveau styled glass roof over a forged iron structure, even if is not the most authentical style to the overall design.
  14. The other thing is an omnibus tutorial on using the NAM diggers and raisers to make precise slopes, it was published by @nos.17 some months ago
  15. But now applying a much less radical version of rationality, I would bring back the neccesary doubt about what the bomber was thinking about when doing the attack. Honestly, we have no way to know for sure. If the person is got caught alive, police can interrogate them, but what they answer is not neccesarily true, either fo self-delusion or simply to hide the real motive. Information about the event is fractionary, so it is not impossible that the police has caught the wrong person. Also, supossedly, the ISIS also recognised the attack, but for they is easy enough: checking the news, see some crazy person killing people in a western country, send a social media message saying that they sent the bomber to look more powerful and pervasive without any real effort. I would prefer to keep a sensible amount of disbelief over newly known information, and to let the investigation to resolve. Maybe we can be surprised.