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  1. It's a known bug. Those zig-zag routes (you can see it drawn using the 'drawpaths' cheat with the DLL extra cheats) allow the biggest RHW overrides to get their increased capacities. Remember that the RHW works overriding much smaller networks, so the NAM team had to develop a way to force the game to give more capacity to the same small networks, but only when overriden by the user.
  2. He did it, check the dev thread at SC4devotion. It's pretty amazing, even the sheer amount of work! Oh, and by the way, remember not to quote images unless strictly neccesary; I'll fix it now
  3. I like your approach a lot, but some issues arise, that could complicate you when advancing: * Try sinking or raising the faster networks instead of the slower ones, thus preserving the most surface area for zoning. In this case, you could get better results by sinking the rails by 7,5 metres and the maxis highway by 15 metres (or changing it for a 7,5 metres sunk real highway). * On the same vein, keep always in mind the slope tolerances: those avenue overpasses at +15 metres are a bit hard to use, even for rubber tyred vehicles, and that's why they are being phased out in favour of more realistic +7,5 ones. * Play with wide radius curves and fractionally angled networks. You'll need some practice to learn how to drag them, but is all on the NAM documentation and it becomes second nature easily. Reserve hard corners for narrow and slow streets on old neighbourhoods. *Consider adequate distances for stations: even if the game falls a little short on realistic distances, there are some useful criteria to optimise the traffic simulation: urban mass transit works best with stops at 3 to 5 blocks away (18 to 30 tiles), while suburban rail, monorail and highway exits need at least 10 blocks (60 tiles) between stations or entrances\exits.
  4. Bump, just because this took me a little (of procrastination while trying not to work for the thesis) Windows 7 with several touches of debian distros
  5. Is not like there isn't a precedent on the community...
  6. No, you are cheating! 49 is an aerial photography that just happens to look like having parts of known SC4 plugins. I know you took that with a drone or something, everything is so perfectly matching it ought to be real!
  7. Hi! Have you checked the maps' section on the STEX? It is pretty big and variated, going from real life recreations to completely fictional places. Also, if you don't find what you are looking for, it is worth to take a look on the LEX at SC4Devotion (where you need to create an account), some things could be duplicated but there is a lot of unique maps there too. Anyway, there are 2 things to consider: (1) that three are no built cities to download, as per community rules (too much bandwidth spent and really too many technical issues), and (2) you need to know how to import maps into the game (there are several options, my favourite is with SC4 Mapper because is a middle point between control and simplicity).
  8. IIRC, @simmaster07 found some way to access the key strokes with the DLL, I think on the same way as cheats. Maybe 'rewiring' some of them to point to note useful tools wild be possible?
  9. Both phases look great and I'm really impatient to see what will come from the farms themselves!
  10. That sounds great! Also, congratulations on your 1,100 posts!!!
  11. It felt a bit like Simgoober releasing something new
  12. I'm not sure if I'm interpretating this rightly, but I guess that what is searched is a port defense fortress, something very typical on former iberic dominions as a countermeasure to piracy: Fortaleza del Real Felipe on El Callao, the main port of Perú. Or even closer to what F3cs is trying to recreate, the forts that protect(ed) Río de Janeiro: the Copacabana and the Santa Cruz da Barra (now on Niterói)
  13. Also, I understand that the seaport itself is no modded as a freight rail station, so it cannot unload train cars directly. You can put a freight station at a side to resolve this easily.
  14. The only thing I can say on our defense is that we did the list on very inconvenient hours (p.e. 3 to 5 AM); indeed, I feel sleep more than once over the keyboard, to only wake back knowing nothing about where in the list I was. To have missed the big paeng theory is certainly a big omission, but at least this comments will make it even more visible than a place on the list.
  15. Seems the embeeding issue is related to the syntaxis of the links. This doesn't work: http://imageshack.us/a/img924/5277/DOnpPY.jpg But this works: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/5277/DOnpPY.jpg I tested sucessfully for the first two photos, getting the second format from opening the image and copying its URL from the content menu option (i.e. not from the direction bar). I would fix the 84 remaining images, but I'm a bit short on time now...