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  1. Or Pedmalls, even if they require certain terraforming to not look weird
    Genial idea and fantastic execution! This will bring tonnes of realism to small towns that haven't moved yet to renewable sources
  2. We are talking about Electronic Arts, a company long known for eating and killing smaller game studios, this comes as no surprise...
  3. And also it would enter the twilight zone of non-clearly-legal software, as it would require to reverse-engeenering the executable. A comparable case is (obviously) OpenTTD, and it has confronted its fair share of heavy discussions about the legality of its distributions, for example this one on the game's Wikipedia talk page. As EA (and not Will Wright) is the copyright owner and the company is still getting revenue from the game, I find really difficult to reach a basis to argue that a port is legal according to an abandonware situation. EDIT: oh, and this: no original graphics (or models) can be legally redistributed, and no patents can be infringed. So if some patent on some concept or characteristic of the game exists, the clone would need to find a different way to do so, even if that means to change the playability. And all the original graphics and their derivatives would need to be changed, something that would render a huge part of the already existing custom content legally incompatible with the clone, even if technically perfectly compatible.
  4. You can always use the Lot Editor or the PIM-X to create a new lot from the model, modding it as a police station. The PIM-X will even automatically calculate its stats, costs and coverage radius. Nevertheless, I tend to feel that an appelations court isn't as closely related to law enforcement to conflate both things, but that's just me being absurdly nitpicky En español:
  5. I've noted that the NAM 35 installer defaults to not install the Real Railway, so maybe that's the problem...
  6. LET THE DOWNLOADING RAMPAGE BEGIN! This one is so great! And on the perfect size for normal cities, where a supertall +300 metres skyscraper is simply injustificable. Oh, and BTW, do not ever let @Andrey km know that such a thread as Show us the view from your house/apartment exists on SC4Devotion...
  7. What I really like about the design so far is how flexible is, both to modularisation (think on keeping the office building and the warehouse as separated props) and to different materials (those trusses, for example, could well be steel frames or concrete, either painted or brute). So small changes can deliver such a variety of great buildings from here!
  8. Ok, I used some moderator magic to find the files, and effectively, that discards a lot of possible issues. What I think is your problem is that the game version you installed isn't properly patched and/or you don't have some old but key dependencies. Starting with the dependencies, you need the Maxis' Buildings as Props to see the game buildings on custom lots. Download both packs (the 2nd and 3rd rows on the table) here --> http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=9 I'm really unsure about the possibility to patch digital versions of the game (@rsc204 might know better), but anyway, this ones are the normally required packs: 1.1.638 --> http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=7 (on the last row) 1.1.640 --> http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?page=14 (the one under the title of Recommended Downloads) Install them both sequentially, first 638, then 640. If the installation fails, return here and wait for some answer by RSC, as I have no experience with digital versions as the one you have.
  9. Precisely what I was thinking about. As one is continously learning new and better ways to build cities, it is almost unavoidable to demolish and redevelop consolidated parts to make them better, with new tools and methods.
  10. Can you point us to the specific files you are getting trouble with? Or maybe to take an screenshot from the game to see what you are seeing? Both things would help a lot to diagnose what's happening
  11. Finish something? On SC4? Is that even possible!?
  12. Just a tip: labels are super easy to erase accidentally, and there is no undo button in game.
  13. Can you verify the myth that European Fanta is yellow and has some orange juice on it? Because here in Latin America it's full of tartrazine, glows on radiactive orange like an 80's refrigerator and tastes like anything but orange.
  14. Only one thing I could add: we need much more William Pereira on our lifes. Maybe I'll pay another visit to the BAT request thread... @portlandexpos04 you made me check the salesforce tower, and I can only say: really Pelli? You just added 16 metres to the Costanera Center and sold that to the US!? Well, that's having a great salesforce...