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  1. thanks david for comment and links!
  2. new pics about commercial center in town : le centre commercial Rue de la République (Republic street) :
  3. thank Arnold do you like football? here stadium of FC Vaastra : but new project will coming soon : new stadium near of highways, station.
  4. New pic about tennis complexe in south of my town : Do you like it????
  5. wooh! very realistic!!
  6. thanks rotype, how long? i don't know! EDIT : with google earth you can calcule : 380 meters
  7. arnold : residential buildings are : baroque style. Seach in Steam. nice bat yes! i don't understand for the bridge sorry! if someone can explain or translate in french, thx!
  8. i will follow this topic! ;-)
  9. i don't understand PS1 and PS2 can you explain please? Thanks!
  10. thanks mister blue star and arnold! arnold, my first name is Arnaud lol thanks for message. i was searching a map and the Prague map was nice : little hill, river and i decided to "work" with this map for my actual city. so, thanks to this coincidence, and with help of google earth i've discover Prague which seems to be a very nice city! Vaastra is a mix between Prague and Lyon in France. in fact these town inspired me.
  11. view of square in old town :
  12. thanks Rotype, yes it's map of Praha! and inspiration of vensceslas square!
  13. Night views from town :
  14. the city is growing... new pic and nice view of town from the old amphitheatre :
  15. HY everybody! after few years without new, and after my SC4 City (Monteraud), i've started a new city on CS : Vaastra. It's european style. Fews pics of start : Somebody is able to recognize the map????