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  1. You can do it with Modtools. I'm not sure if there are any other tools. Open your asset in asset editor. then open the Mod Tools Console (F6) and paste this script into the command line: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/boformer/cf7a59a71a845079ba40/raw/1b7eba305fe7a727f4c199d6fa98dd1a83d7f74f/extra-script-to-remove-all-pedestrian-connections.cs The script will delete all pink pedestrian paths. Now use a mod like "Advanced Building 0.2" to place new pink pedestrian connections.
  2. That's a common problem, probably caused by another malfunctioning mod.
  3. You could write a simple mod following my tutorials.
  4. I think it still works.
  5. Sub-buildings also increase the building count. Also, you can not add sub-buildings to growable buildings.
  6. Could be that the assigned node IDs are different? Nodes itself are not visible, the segments between them are, so you have to sync CreateSegment as well.
  7. Maybe just log all "CreateNode"/"CreateSegment" calls and play them in the same order?
  8. "Create" roads in what way? There are many ways to approach this. I would recommend you to take a look at the code that places the integrated networks of buildings. That's BuildingDecoration.LoadPaths.
  9. You can use ILSpy to decompile it. Just to give you a hint, what you want to do is not easily possible.
  10. Not that simple, but possible. The mod needs to supply multiple invisble building assets (either as crp files, or programmatically), then add these sub-buildings to the prefab. The sub-buildings need a special building AI that takes the number of jobs/citizens from a configuration.
  11. No. PluginManager.instance.GetPluginsInfo() returns a list of mod metadata objects (PluginInfo), one for every mod you see in content manager. The metadata objects contain the mod name, the workshop id and the mod path. The for loop in my code iterates through all metadata objects to find the one that belongs to Network Skins ("NetworkSkins" is the name of the folder/dll file), then returns the mod path stored in the metadata object.
  12. You can get the path of your mod like this: public static string GetModPath() { foreach (var current in PluginManager.instance.GetPluginsInfo()) { if (current.publishedFileID.AsUInt64 == 543722850UL || current.name.Contains("NetworkSkins")) { return current.modPath; } } return ""; } (543722850 is the ID of the workshop item) The method above works for local mods (AppData) and workshop mods (SteamApps/workshop). Just add the method to your IUserMod implementation, and use it like this: string texturePath = Path.Combine(NetworkSkinsMod.GetModPath(), "texture_d.png"); (Path.Combine for Linux/Mac support)