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  1. You can place simple train tracks (no station, just going through) in the asset editor.
  2. You can find all available effects (also sound effects) in the EffectCollection in the ModTools scene explorer.
  3. It's possible, but I think it should be automatic. Maybe BP is willing to add it to his mod.
  4. NetworkSkins loads the data correctly. There are a 2 errors in the log: PloppableRICO: Error while enabling the RICO tool NetworkSkins: Error while loading sprites for the customizer window It's unlikely that these errors cause the failure. What happens when you use NetworkSkins now? Does it save correctly?
  5. It stores the data in the savegame. The data is probably still there, but the data loading fails (the data will be lost when you overwrite the savegame). Why does the loading fail? This could be caused by a newly installed or recently updated mod or asset. Check your output_log.txt for errors.
  6. The position of meshes? Can you clarify? Are you planning to apply the better shader to the station you just released? It would improve the usability.
  7. It's like the normal building shader, but with underground textures. You can use this script to apply the shader in asset editor: var noBaseShader = Shader.Find("Custom/Buildings/Building/NoBase"); var asset = ToolsModifierControl.toolController.m_editPrefabInfo as BuildingInfo; if(asset == null) { Debug.Log("Error: Not a building!"); return; } asset.m_requireHeightMap = false; asset.m_material.shader = noBaseShader; asset.m_lodMaterial.shader = noBaseShader;
  8. Actually Ronyx found a better shader called "NoBase"
  9. But it's exactly what Ronyx wants.
  10. The model looks great. The colors are too bright for my taste, especially the color of the sphere and the gold accents. I would like to see a grey/beige version of your building.
  11. The behaviour could be changed with a simple mod: // SaveAssetPanel private GameObject InstantiateSubBuilding(GameObject template, string saveName) { ... component.m_placementStyle = ItemClass.Placement.Procedural; ... } This single line of code in SaveAssetPanel must be changed to spawn menu entries for the sub-buildings. You can either remove the line to keep the original placement style of the assets, or use Manual to spawn menu entries for all sub-buildings.