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  1. It's unfinished and not updated for the latest version of the game. I know that @AJ3D did some experiments a few months ago, adding larger assets and a very basic spawning algorithm, but it was not ready for release.
  2. Are there any specific topics that you are interested in? Below are some of the topics I would like to cover with tutorials (with embedded extra documentation): Setting up a Mod project in Visual Studio, creating a very basic Hello World Mod using only the official modding API A mod that modifies prefabs, for example building props or networks (the typical "Replacer" mod) A mod that lets you adjust the colour of street lights A mod that displays the number of buildings/vehicles/trees in your city in a floating window No Seagulls mod (using detours) A mod that adds a new (simple) network type, like a new type of power line These are things I would like to explain in my tutorials: Debugging and Viewing the Scene Graph with Mod Tools Hooks provided by the game and the UnityEngine (loading, threading, economy, demand, chirper) Structure of the game: Managers, Collections, Prefabs, Instances and ties with the unity engine. Overview of the prefab types and their properties (Buildings, Props, Vehicles...) Reverse Engineering and Detours: How to replace algorithms and functions C#: Difference between classes, objects, structs, singletons and static members and when to use what C#: Arrays, Lists, Dictionaries explained Adding mod settings, saving and loading .xml files Advanced User Interfaces (like Building Themes or Network Skins) Saving Custom Data in Savegames Asset Editor Modding Manually Loading textures and meshes Adding custom networks Advanced Loading hooks Modifying AI behavior
  3. One thing that would be quite interesting is how to find the currently selected building (BuildingTool) or network (NetTool), and how to find the asset opened in asset editor. The copy/paste feature is also quite important, and an explanation what "null" means. The difference between a building/tree/prop instance and prefab Modifying arrays with scripts (like light effect arrays)
  4. That's possible, it just requires a mod that manipulates the BuildingTool (that's the tool that plops the buildings and the sub-buildings). You would also need a mechanism that determines which sub-buildings are visible. A very easy implementation: Give your sub-buildings a name that follows a certain format, like BuildingName__mod0__var0.crp (Module 0, Variation 0). In the building tool, look for this pattern and select one variation for every module.
  5. That's a quite advanced topic, but I will try to cover it.
  6. Right now I only have little time, and I'm not able to write new mods. But I want to share my knowlege about Cities: Skylines mod development with you! I'm just not sure about the format. What would you prefer?
  7. The mesh should not be bigger than the maximum footprint. Split your mesh into 2 parts and put one part into a sub-building.
  8. I updated NetworkSkins for Mass Transit
  9. Right, but there are still thousands of subscribers who are only playing the game occasionally. It is a bad idea to leave behind the old workshop item in a broken state.
  10. Why don't you update the original workshop item?
  11. The answer is always yes.
  12. Not possible. You could add semi-transparent sub-meshes.