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  1. I think so: https://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/bake-normal-maps.php It's also the best way to create a good looking normal map for the detailed model.
  2. A note on normal maps: Depending on the building, I would let Blender generate those as well, especially if you have complex roof shapes. The generated normal map is based on the angle difference of the LOD and detail mesh, so that the shadows of the 2 models are matching.
  3. Internally there is one large canvas for all trees (like a texture atlas).
  4. Good idea. I hope that paradox is ok with it. A lot of guides/tutorials could be moved to that wiki.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=911295408 Road modding was announced a while ago by co_emmi
  6. Be patient. The next update will make things like that very easy.
  7. When I made the Random Tree Rotation mod, I also investigated if there was a way to rotate the LODs. Trees have no real LOD. Instead the game renders a tree once per frame on a separate canvas (which can be seen in Modtools), then cardboards with this canvas are drawn on the terrain. That's the reason why LODs can not be rotated. After thinking about it, I think I found a way to add rotated tree LODs. Instead of having one canvas, a mod could add 16/8/4/2 canvases to render the tree with different rotation parameters. Then the mod selects one of the canvases depending on the position of the tree on the map. In the same go, the mod could enhance the LOD quality by increasing the size of the canvases, enabling AA etc.
  8. I think you are talking about SimCity. This forum is for "Cities: Skylines"
  9. Probably related to NExt, can be ignored (that's not the one causing the popups) Ploppable RICO
  10. I'm not sure how the global replacement feature works, but it is a likely cause.
  11. Is it a regular prop or a decal? What you have to do: Extract mesh and textures with ModTools (there are tutorials/guides) Modify the files: If it is a decal, just flip the texture in GIMP/Photoshop. If there is a mesh, flip the mesh in Blender and apply the transformation (CTRL+A), then save the mesh as fbx. Import the modified files in the asset editor.
  12. I'm glad that it helped you! Building[] buildingInstances = BuildingManager.instance.m_buildings.m_buffer; // itertate through all building instances, filter active for(ushort buildingId = 0; buildingId < buildingInstances.Length; buildingId++) { Building building = buildingInstances[buildingId]; if (building.m_flags != Building.Flags.None) // check if building instance is in use { // read values from building instance // you can get the prefab used by the instance with "building.Info" } } Please keep in mind that iterating through 64000 building instances is a heavy task which should only be executed when necessary (not every tick). The mods shipped with the game, 25 Tiles, Catenary Replacer, Automatic Emptying, Control Building Level Up, sub-buildings enabler, Softer Shadows, No Seagulls by thale5, AVO (complex, but code is well done). Check the mod descriptions. In some cases, source code with comments is on GitHub.
  13. Outsource modding? I've never seen a game that can be modded like C:SL. There are almost no limits. Do you really care about achievements? It's kind of understandable, isn't it? Some mods are like cheats. That's a serious issue, although a mod could remove it. I would call it "gameplay" instead of "strategy", and the gameplay is not challenging in C:SL. No depth. Even with the "hardcore" mod, it is still too easy. On the other hand, SC4 lacked an ingame help. I played it for years without knowing that there is a strategy guide. Getting high tech industry and skyscrapers was always a mystery to me. I think C:SL is a good base. With modding, we can introduce challenging gameplay and stunning visuals. Basically we could reimplement everything described in the Prima Strategy Guide! One thing that really bothers me is the visual style of the game. Many assets look like a 5-year old child coloured them. SC4 looked great, even without mods.