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  1. Interesting, though I agree with Matias that it's harder to extrapolate for parts of the world that are not the US-UK-Western Europe. I entered the values for my own (somewhat) independent life, taking into account the aide I recieve from my family (income below 10k, no property and no savings): I got emergent service worker. It parallels somewhat accurately, though l suspect teachers in the UK are waaay better off than teachers here in Mexico. With a career in the humanities and most of my social and cultural capital being located here in the city, where housing prices are unaffordable for more than half of the country, I don't think I'll be owning property and moving up the ladder anytime soon...
    Yay! more brazilian buildings! 5/5 for each of the three uploads. Obrigado!
  2. My Historic buildings pack got featured in the STEX! Does that count as a milestone? I don't recall any of my other uploads being featured, also, how do the STEX features work? I think you said it correctly, since the intention is to thank @Fantozzi for remarking your milestone in the thread, not merely noticing it. But I'm just nitpicking over the vagaries of language... Congratulations!
    Nice! thank you very much for giving us more street level detail for a beautiful building model.
    Interesting concept, and beautiful model! I can picture it rising over Paseo de la Reforma. Man, you are sponsoring a whole renovation on my downtowns (and my Plugins folder)
    ¡Impresionante! Otro más de mi querida Ciudad de México When I started looking for skyscrapers from Mexico I found many good ones that were built before the 2009 crisis. IIRC it's around this time that we started getting 3dsmax models for SC4, and it's also the time when the LBT stopped making content. As a result, there was no one left to BAT all the new projects that have been sprouting all over Paseo de la Reforma after the crisis. Torre Reforma is one of such buildings, and you, amigo, are the first one to fill that void. Thank you!
  3. Nice! as @T Wrecks says, the props you are using go really well with the building model (Oh, BTW the pool and the fence props are LBT, I'd recognize them everywhere) If you're planning to release it, maybe you could do a version with tropical flora? Since the original building is from a city with a tropical climate, I think it would fit. Yep, that's also a thing here, especially with these super luxury resorts. And it's just as paranoid. Some complexes control the access at the building's entrance itself (I guess), but I'm thinking IRL the people inhabiting the condos wouldn't feel 'safe' without completely isolating their pool and their nice cars.
    ¡Fantástico! Otro de la Ciudad de México ¡y la Torre Mayor, nada menos! I love that you modeled the whole base so the tower doesn't just stand weirdly by itself, it completes the complex with parking and all the other stuff that normally goes with such buildings. The reflections also give it a ton of detailing. Oh, and you really outdid yourself with the nightlights! I have seen this building countless times and I've always thought it was deserving of a new version, this is a perfect heir to Heblem's old one. Thank you for recreating such an iconic landmark from Mexico City with the highest quality possible. This model, along with Harishna's UNAM buildings are the best representatives of the city in the SC4 world. Dude, I can only imagine what a Diego Del Llano version of Torre Latinoamericana would look like...
    Another masterpiece! And also with lotting flexibility! Thanks!
  4. Wow thanks! I had no idea I was nearing 500 rep points! That means I got 100 rep points in one month, which is also a milestone (for me at least)
  5. As it's often the case, it's hard to make clear-cut judgements about the situation in Venezuela, that's not to say we can't condemn what's happening however. Seems to me that the reason why the takeover of the congress was reversed was not only international pressure, but rifts between 'chavismo' itself. The saddest part about it all is that whatever social gains were made under Chávez (there were reductions in poverty and inequalty, more so than under right-wing capitalist governments like we have here in Mexico) they are now being reversed by the Maduro government's sheer ineptitude and corruption. And don't get me wrong, ineptitude and corruption are bad enough by themselves, and they have brought Venezuela dangerously close to becoming an actual dictatorship. But, if I'm assesing the situation correctly, there is still a national and international counterbalance to prevent that from happening. The thing is, you don't need to have a dictatorship to have absolute control of a country. Democracies can be corrupted, you can have one party ruling a country for 75 uninterrupted years if it manages to play it's cards well. Let me use my own country as an example, during the 75 years of the PRI regime (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, or Institutional Revolutionary Party) we have had many forms of party control ove political life, they range from use of social programs and welfare for electoral control, union corruption and corporativism, strategic alliances for media control (the Televisa network), satellite parties (the Mexican Green Party, which is only nominally green) to the most extreme measures: forced dissapearances (the 'dirty war' of the 60's and 70's) massacres (Tlatelolco '68 and the '71 'Halconazo') and outright electoral fraud (the 1988 'election' of Carlos Salinas) All of these methods (and many more, I'm sure) were used by the PRI; and yet, during all that time, elections were held every six years, there was a bicameral legislative power, and since the 1917 constitution, we've always had freedom of assembly, even if freedom of speech was only nominal during that time, all of that made us a 'modern democracy' in the eyes of the international community. This is why Mario Vargas Llosa called Mexico 'the perfect dictatorship'. Curiously enough, Mr. Vargas Llosa hasn't been so categorical about the PRI's return in 2012... The thing I want to note here is that there are many aspects of political intervention, and we can have one entity controlling them all if we are not careful, even in a democracy. It's these circles, however, that allow us to fight back against an overbearing power, whatever it's ideology may be. Regimes know this; often, the actions in the highest spheres are the ones that grab all the headlines (and with good reason, since it's where power is most concentrated) but we still can't ignore the many aspects in which these entities can maintain their hold on political life. ..... As a corollary, this is why I concur to a degree with Diego's hopeful vision about the future in Mexico, I feel most hopeful about independent candidacies, especially if they come from young people who are not members of the established parties, case in hand: Pedro Kumamoto. We must take back the political spaces that the parties, especially the PRI, still control. I also trust people in the US will keep doing the same to resist Trump's fascistoid whims, preventing him from overreaching and grabbing their political lives by you know where...
    Awesome modelling: check Awesome nighlights: check Versatility for lotting: check!! Building from Mexico: check Result: instant download! This one can look great as a Residential, or a Hotel, or even in a complex! It's simplicity and beauty make it a must have for any kind of city. Many thanks, carnal!!!
    Diego Del Llano's buildings and KOSC's modding... yes please!