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    Diego Del Llano's buildings and KOSC's modding... yes please!
  1. Man! I also made growable versions for several of Diego's buildings... at least I won't have to worry about the ones I hadn't touched. Great job!
    ¡Fantástico! Tons of beautiful details everywhere, superb nighlighting, great as always! Dude, you're like a national BAT hero...
    Finally!!!! a proper Mexico City skyscraper after who knows how many years!!!! And with superior quality, no less.Thank you! I always see this one when I pass trough or near Polanco. Nightlights look great, the DarkNite version really reminds me of the way the real thing looks like. Small nitpicking: Maybe it would be a good idea to integrate a dropoff zone into the modeled ground, or to model your buildings without grounds, so we can use textures to simulate such things. Kind of like your Carlton Centre and Carlton Hotel, and Fiestamericana GDL. It's not a big deal in terms of texture-matching, since your buildings fit perfectly into their lot; but it would be nice for us lotters to have a bit more flexibility when making personalized lots for your awesome models! I'm very excited to see what you will release next, ¡sigue así!
  2. That is some creative lotting, I might steal an idea or two from it... I also like the bikepath and the way you used NRD-4 for overtake lanes. Neatly done!
  3. Nice! 2016 was a very good year for SC4. I noticed a little mistake in the Commercial part, @Urban Constanta is credited for the Avenue Nightclub instead of @Urban Abstraction I feel I should also mention @Manuel-ito's re-lot of the Maxis Grand Rail Station for the transport part.
  4. Oh, it works normally now. I had the problem in the morning... should have double checked before posting, sorry.
  5. I sometimes want to name cities and places using nahuatl Toponyms, but I end up either re-using names of RL places, or just using generic names in Spanish... For example, in the image I posted, Viaducto Central is named that way because it leads directly to the CBD and the Historical Centre, and Vallejo is a name that frequently pops up in industrial areas around here.
  6. By and large, you should learn both the Vanilla mechanics an the NAM at whatever pace brings you the most enjoyment. I always enjoy when discussions about possible playing styles pop up, it's a great chance to see how everyone does things, contrast your own viewpoints and pick up some tips and tricks. That's the beauty of Simtropolis, you can see many possible ways to create and recreate cities, and ultimately, you develop your own playstyle, and your own interests... wall to wall neigborhoods, suburbs, a megalopolis, rural towns, mountain towns, airports, seaports, etcetera... there are examples of them all here in ST, you just take whatever interests you the most for your own unique way of playing this game. I think SC4 would be near perfect if it was possible to make some mod that 'tells' a determined plot of RCI zoning what building to grow, similar to how (to my understanding) the RICO mod for C:S works. Hahah! loved this! I myself owe much of my RHW technique to the Haljackeyian Interchange Epistemology
  7. That has also happened to me a couple if times, I just refresh the page and everything's back to normal. I've been having a weird issue when trying to change the page on threads, it doesn't load, I have to refresh the tab for it to load properly.
  8. So here's an interesting video. The city of Los Angeles hired a guy who worked in videogames as a 'Chief Technology Officer'... he worked for EA and says that "working for the city of LA is kinda like the ultimate version of SimCity", in the video there's even RL data overlays for traffic! :ooh:

    1. matias93


      Sounds a bit terrorific, at least Moses-ianic on the potential implications. In any case, it depends on how much power this guy manages to harness: be could be as much as a modem Hausmann as he can be like our figurehead 'Water Czar' (yes, that was a designated public office in Chile some years ago)

    2. Edvarz


      A Robert Moses with the power of digital technology... that's indeed an unsettling idea. Let's hope this guy is more of a Lewis Mumford type (let's hope...). In any case, i don't think that position holds that much political power. And budgetary constrains surely will limit the scope of any large scale projects for the city, more so now, with the federal government threatening to cut funding.

    Yay! another one from Mexico! The nightlights and reflections are really nice. Also, the shape and type of glass texture makes it stand out from other buildings, even if this one is not a huge highrise. Great addition to any CBD. Keep up the good work!
    Another brilliant set! I am a huge fan of your art deco buildings. You know, with your 8 midrise office packs you have created an expansion in it's own right! The vanilla midrise office buildings are nice (except for one in the Chicago tileset that is badly rendered), but they pale in comparison to the variety you've given us. These buildings sets just fit. Plus, there's the interesting names and backstories, which are a nice detail. And there's also the fact that you do all this models with good 'ol Gmax! Thank you so much for all of your efforts!. Man, what a time to play SC4!!!
  9. @Diego Del Llano Leí lo de tu computadora, es por eso que no te he molestado con Torre Mayor... Tarda lo que tengas que tardar, la vida real (y la novia) siempre van primero, sé que al final el resultado valdrá la espera. Último comentario ya, porque me cansé de estar traduciendo. English: I read about your computer, that's why I didn't bother you with Torre Mayor... You take as long as you need to, RL (and the GF) always come first, I'm certain that in the end the result will be worth the wait. Ok, this will be my last comment, because I'm tired of translating everything.
  10. @Kingdom city Por desgracia no es posible modificar modelos existentes una vez que han sido exportados, por lo que para hacer el Palacio Nacional con luces dark night se necesitarían los archivos originales de Gmax o de plano hacerlo de nuevo. Hay que entender que estos proyectos se hacen como hobby, no es el trabajo de los creadores, es además un proceso laborioso y tardado, por lo que lo único que uno puede hacer es pedirlos y no esperar que por ello el creador vaya a interesarse en hacerlos. Diego es el único BATer mexicano que ha habido en un buen rato, y estoy seguro de que en sus proyectos hay edificios mexicanos, además de los que ya ha hecho. English: Unfortunately, it is not possible to modify existing models once they have been exported, so, to make Palacio Nacional have darknight lights you would either need the original Gmax files or to outright model it all over again. We must understand that these projects are hobbys, it's not the creator's job, it's also a laborious and time intensive process; only thing one can do is to request them without expecting the creator to be interested just because one requests it. Diego is then only mexican BATer that we've had in a while, and I'm sure there are mexican buildings in his projects, besides the ones he's already done.