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  1. Beautiful!
  2. Im pretty sure he was talking about If there are any mods for simcity based on half life 2
  3. What menu is it under?
  4. Where can I download the Maracana (if its done yet)?
  5. But it is titled "Grand" not "Great".
  6. Sorry to ask another question but where did you get those houses in the Bardai scene , what mod is used for the giant boulders and how did you make the sand dunes in the Grand Erg Occidental scene? Again, sorry to take up your time but I would appreciate if you would write back, thanks. Just sent you a PM of all the stuff I used - feel free to pm me any more questions you might have. -korver
  7. Nice! How did you get the tents attached to the mountain? Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of SC4 you can't actually place a lot on a slope that steep - so to make that pic I made a custom lot with a couple of nbvc's tents and just photoshopped it on to the side of the mountain along with a couple lines I added as well. Here they are if you want them: -korver
  8. Better Gotham here
    Here is a real Gotham City
  9. Here is a Gotham map: As you can tell it looks just like the one he made!
  10. Awesome !