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  1. absolutely stunning. You have done such an amazing job, it is breath taking. I did not have much faith in CS, but you have renewed a little bit my interest! Excellent work.
  2. That wall..omg that wall!!!! with the stairs and trees, light..the works!!! Fabulous. Cannot find words to describe my admiration to this entry.
  3. Nicely done. CSL has really come far in such a short time. I really enjoy the repetition in these images.
  4. I just love your building style...and I always feel like your pictures are actually alive. Great job Schlumy!
  5. Absolutely lovely!
  6. I have been thinking of a few projects for myself, but would love to see how people would approach them with their own style: SC4 Projects: - replica of an actual city (as close as can be with available lots and bats). 4-week challenge, no restrictions. - Alpine winter theme. Not just a slope, but an actual thriving city with hills, lots of ice and snow. 2-week challenge. Must use snow mod or type of winter map, must build roads and buildings on at least 1 mountain. - Sunny destination. Not just sand, but a city that when you look at it, you want to go there for your vacation. 2-week challenge. Cannot use desert mod or palm tree. - Vanilla mode only. Building a city with no mods, only what is available with the original game. 3-week challenge. No mods, custom bats or custom lots. Nada, zip, zippo... - Space - the final frontier. The planet blew up and a few survivors escaped Earth and landed on another planet. Build a new world. 2-week challenge. No restrictions. - Ancient civilizations. Building a city from a different time (i.e. dark age, medieval, renaissance, etc.). 2-week challenge. No limitations.
  7. Always enjoy your entries Militant! Excellent job.
  8. Well, time to begin a new project! I have so missed this game and looking forward to rekindle my relationships with this wonderful community! :)


    1. Cyclone Boom
    2. Mymyjp


      Thank you Oh Great One!!!


    3. _Michael


      Oh I can't wait to see what you have in the pipeline. :D 

  9. Looks like a very promising project and I agree, with a slope mod, it will definitely make it look even better. Looking forward to see more.
  10. really enjoy the mix of urban and agriculture.
  11. Lovely work! Feels very peaceful.
  12. Three years..and you have not wavered on the quality of the work you show us. Excellent as always and happy anniversary!
  13. Looking fabulous as always!!!!!! And welcome back! I will check up on your work once in a while, but I am right now focused on Banished which has greatly improved with time!!!! We all really missed ya!
  14. Your skyline view looks wonderful and I love your layout. Your pictures display very well the feel of peace for some area and how busy it might get once you get to the downtown area. Great job!
  15. Every time I read your journals, I learn something interesting or a new way to approach city planning. Excellent work as always and the city looks wonderful.