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  1. Inspiration for my city Wonderful city you have!
  2. From the album Ashmayu Island

  3. From the album Ashmayu Island

  4. Uhm. I'm pretty sure that isn't the game's blur at all but... No, it's in game effect. I zoomed in and then used first person view. The blur effect would be locked and it stayed blur regardless of the zoom length. Thank you! hahaha, it's not the best one lol, but thank you
  5. @Tonraq Thank you for your kindness @Art128 Haha i know that i need to take it with a different angle but i i can't change the tilt shift once i was in FPM mode.
  6. Thanks
  7. hahaha i am a newbie, i don't know the rules yet
  8. Thank you i love taking tilt shift pictures
  9. I enjoy playing Cities Skylines.. The details are just amazing!

  10. From the album Mogisrej From Above