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  1. "Project X"

    Inspiration for my city Wonderful city you have!
  2. Ashmayu Island

    WELCOME TO ASHMAYU ISLAND CITY I'm working on a new city map. It's dramatic yet very very workable as the topography of the land is flat on some areas. I am planning to make it a nice paradise! It's the map of Pacific Island 2 by Maculator (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=425719281) ENJOY Aaron
  3. The Map

    From the album Ashmayu Island

  4. :P

    From the album Ashmayu Island

  5. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam blocks

    Uhm. I'm pretty sure that isn't the game's blur at all but... No, it's in game effect. I zoomed in and then used first person view. The blur effect would be locked and it stayed blur regardless of the zoom length. Thank you! hahaha, it's not the best one lol, but thank you
  6. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam blocks

    @Tonraq Thank you for your kindness @Art128 Haha i know that i need to take it with a different angle but i i can't change the tilt shift once i was in FPM mode.
  7. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam blocks

  8. Fort Nieuw Amsterdam blocks

    hahaha i am a newbie, i don't know the rules yet
  9. Little Plaza

    Thank you i love taking tilt shift pictures
  10. I enjoy playing Cities Skylines.. The details are just amazing!

  11. Mogisrej From Above

    -=Mogisrej From Above=- This is my third city of Cities: Skylines... The Mogisrej Island is a hidden tropical paradise that was first settled by European adventurers. The first district is the Fort Nieuw Amsterdam ditrict, where the European themed buildings are located. As this is the first district, currently it's the biggest and the most dense district housing high density buildings and important government buildings as well as landmarks. As the city grows exponentially with the commercials and forestry industries, more people come and they settle more inward into the island, so that they can produce timbers more easily. They were the second wave of cims migration and settled at the area that's now called Beatrixweg with its forestry industry Klappercompagnie. These districts act as an suburban area, with its strong community feel where everyone goes to the same place and work at the same place. The third migration wave is the cims from surrounding islands. As the city of Mogisrej thriving, it attracts more and more people to work at the forestry industries. These new migrants settle up in the mountain area and they bring their housing style with them making it a non-European district. These people are uneducated and they work long hours at the forestry industries... -I will keep updating my city and hopefully it'll be a nice one Aaron