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  1. Wowza. I'm not usually all too fond of the vanilla dam (since it's restricted to a convex shape, two-lane road, etc.) but you really just rolled with it here. Nice creative use of that concrete bridge pillar prop, by the way.
  2. I'm in full support of a Discord server. Insanely easy to set up and maintain, features by the truckload, and strong support from the company behind it. I remember when I researching Invision Power stuff a while back I was miffed when I saw that the chat feature had to go through IPS' servers - no exceptions -, which is just poppycock.
  3. When it comes to possible mid-rise office buildings, might I add 5100 West J.B. Hunt Tower to the list? https://www.commercialsearch.com/listings/5100-W-JB-Hunt-Dr_Rogers_AR_72758_b6RW64RTJCGTK8C326RVPATHH75J6CR9NCTJ6ATB2CMTP2D316GT3CDK5CHJ62D9G
  4. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I noticed my Shinkansen trains performing quite the feat today:
  5. There are a few small things in SC3U that have always bugged me just a tiny bit. From left to right: There's another stadium (same functionality and all), but with the only difference that it's... well, just the Foosball Stadium from the Euro tileset. An additional "stadium" (it doesn't function as one in the game) for soccer is also present. There are three 1×1 recreational lots that, as far as I can tell, never grow or become available to place under standard circumstances. There's an unused 1×1 taxiway ("Runway Connector") for airport zones. I've never been able to trigger the 3×3 lumber mill to grow. I know agriculture in SC3U is a mess, but it's honestly the only farming lot I have never had appear. The scrapyard. It has its own animations and unique query sound, but I've never seen it grow (or appear under the utility menu). Is there light to be shed on any of these?
  6. Might be worth mentioning that cgtextures lopped off the first two letters of their name (it's just textures.com now) when they overhauled their site. More pertinent, though, they introduced credit packs; In other words, if you want to make use of them extensively, you don't have to be a corporate entity with cash reserves to burn). This statement is highly accurate. Not that it should discourage you from trying either, but hoooooo boy.
  7. No harm in throwing this out there I suppose... Has anyone considered recreating Walkup Tower from SC4 for C:S? It's a beautiful building through-and-through (and that pergola-esque covered walkway at the bottom left of the following example image is bloody awesome).
  8. I wonder if magma will make its debut, what with C:S already having good fluid physics. Not that I'm asking for Krakatoa or Pompeii, but the ability to create volcanic activity points on maps would be neato, and not just for the purpose of disaster potential: Geothermal energy (no longer limited to just heating), urban planning to compensate for potential magma flow (a number of municipalities in, say, Hawaii are certainly familiar with this), et cetera.
  9. Herein lies the problem: The short section of elevated rail between stations A and B narrows down to a single (bidirectional) path. Is it possible to configure signalling for this section of track so that trains will only enter it if it's clear? Cheers.
  10. I loaded up my current city to discover that one of my piers had been... remodeled for diving lessons?
  11. The death toll has risen to 80. There are still 10+ people in critical condition meaning it could rise further. I know it won't, but I so badly want this to stop.
  12. I think almost everyone who's played SimCity 2000 will recognize this one, since it played pretty much every time a disaster occurred.
  13. "Hello, fire department? My precious patrol unit is caught up in a tree, and I can't get her down!"