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  1. Thanks @APSMS ... here are some obvious candidates from my set: Paeng's Sandstone Mod(no obvious GLR components, haven't dug into dats) Sandstone Texture Mod for NAM by atmoguy (includes GLR components) Modular RR Props by jondor As usual, removing 50% of plugins at a time should quickly isolate which one is doing it. I'll report back.
  2. Draggable Rural GLR curves are being weird.
  3. That last one you posted in SP livery - build date 1965 with wooden sides, I've never seen any on the lines. Very nice for a historical set but not "modern". The oldest ones I still see are of the next generation from that - the ones featured in most of the other pictures just above.
  4. This seems as good a place as any to post this IRM W2W Catalog I've compiled. Italics = base pack. Others are all separate downloads. Version A, Version B, Left Corner, Right Corner, Left Cap, Right Cap noted.
  5. Hey, they look great. The rust inside looks perfect and the colors are also good. Just a few minor details: The Southern Pacific ones probably wouldn't have ridges inside or bars on the top - they are an older design but the extra ridges on the outside support the sides. We have lots of those particular cars around here. The newest designs from Gunderson with ribs inside seem to have some diagonal bars outside. The ribs inside these cars do look good, just might not be a perfect match to the outsides. Here is another reference for an older style (FMC Welded Side) with smooth insides and no bars on top, including SP livery. I see some of the collegiate sports ones around sometimes:
  6. Oh my gosh, I read it backwards then! So those are vertical hydro gardens. I like it, maybe just a bit more variation in the rows, like blank spots?
  7. From here it looks like a perfect palette, the models that were too bright on my screen are now very easy on the eyes. We gotta figure out how to do automata, I need double stacks running through my cities pronto!
  8. Looking great! The Gorgonzola lot might be a little crowded on the anchor, but the blend of elements seems good. Crops do look very nice on my screen, not too glaring at all. I am curious about the molecular hydrogen production facility - is there a particular prototype you are following? I did a little bit of searching and found this neat little setup - it may simply be powering the genset, however.
  9. @T Wrecks Yes please. The boy's insane, he's insane!
  10. I'm going to try to track down some rogue buses with this, cheers!
  11. We have plenty of the woodchip gondolas around here, that floor looks great. Their inside walls are smooth steel with no ridges. I can try to get you some pics.
  12. I couldn't find a rail-served version of Schwartz Chemical Company in my plugins... The Timber Lumber Company has a slight glitch at the upper siding, where the track goes from DTR to STR.
  13. Sorry to go off topic but this is actually a thing @madhatter106!
  14. That's a neat trick, @MissVanleider. I use dirt or gravel SAM for industrial areas where I don't want a sidewalk. @rsc204 has put up some teasers of an industrial SAM street with wide lanes... that's what I'm waiting for.
  15. I model as close to real scale as possible then scale up at the end. In addition to what has been said above, you'll need to move the model vertically a little bit after scaling, to sit just above 0 on the Z axis again. I like to use the Left ortho view in Gmax to do this. If you have custom LODs make sure they are visible/grouped with the model before the 133% scaling/repositioning, or they won't match up anymore. If the LODs are just a box, remake them after.