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  1. mssrge Probably impossible. ppumkin The bug Does it occur only when you have put this MOD?
  2. Version 1.0


    Soccer field,Baseball field,Amphitheater Land value increase. 1.Set \OriginGames\SimCity\SimCityUserData\Packages\SimCity-Scripts_287520926.package 2.package in simcitydata folder. ------------ modding info. ------------ LandValue1 0x0e585ae6(float)(0-1000)[limit Low Wealth] LandValueRange1 0x0e585ae7(int32)(1-3) ------------ LandValue2 0x0E585B00(float)(0-1500)[limit Mid Wealth] LandValueRange2 0x0E585B01(int32)(1-3) LandValue3 0x0e585ae0(float)(0-1500)[limit Mid Wealth] LandValueRange3 0x0e585ae1(int32)(1-3) ------------ LandValue4 0x0E585AE4(float)(0-1500)[only High Wealth] LandValueRange4 0x0E585AE5(int32)(1-3) LandValue5 0x0E585B04(float)(0-1500)[only High Wealth] LandValueRange5 0x0E585B05(int32)(1-3)
  3. Hi Yayie   Orion MOD can be built only two directions now?
  4. Hello xoxide.   have some questions.   1. scPathName Localize UDoN path name now.but 4lane round about,4lane freeway tunnel = "0xffffffff","0xffffffff"   MDtunnel,HDtunnel,MDBridge,MDstreet. These road target same text. "0x6c959dee","0x0f9f62a5"   Do these have the plan to change?   2. UDoN Bridge can destroy little by little. Is it implemented in one property?
  5. Hi Yayie ProjectAkar_1.0.5 A global menu is wrong array 4 and 5 same water category sewage can't find
  6. Good job I was also creating a sub-menu style Did you get the information where you need to create it?
  7. Version 1.1


    udon addon(offline only) If does not work, or do not understand how to use. Please stop the use of this MOD. install 1.you need install udon 1.5 http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29585-offline-only-mod-"unidirectional-networks-udon"/ 2.you need install Project Akar. http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar-ui-enhancement/ 3.package in simcitydata folder.(if you installed Udon-addon1.0. Delete it.) add(1.1) 1.All bridge and tunnel(+UDon Tunnel) can break pieces. 2.UDoNHDStreet,HDStreet,HDAvenue can change bridge directly for region road.(upgrade menu) 3.UDoNLDStreet,LDStreet,LDAvenue can change Tunnel directly for region road.(upgrade menu) 4. can change udonMDstreet to normalMDstreet and reverse. note. Arch,Suspention,StreetCarAvenueBridge can not connect road directory. Now investigating.
  8. Version 0.9


    The casino module of the type put on a road the range was extended.(comedy club excluded)   A more unique casino city could be made.   Install the package to SimCItyData folder Please do not use online     -One problem   Comedy club has not changed.   When a Property file is rewritten, it becomes impossible to read.
  9. Version


    Add regional free road to road menu Pedestrian Path, Service Road, and seven kinds road   Install the package to SimCItyData folder Please do not use online I think the highway design was a failure. Capacity of the interchange is too small.       This mod enters the debug mode maybe From the road or buried, can not be raised or lowered, I guess this road tool older than version 7.0