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  1. The City of Rodenburgh: The Port

    Back at Rodenburgh!, today, and the next couple of updates, I'll just show some more detailed shots of the port. Here we are again in the Miyagi Motors factory: These are some of their finished vehicles ready for export. Miyagi Motors makes everything from simple cars, to vans and trucks. I don't know what a party rentals truck is doing here. Maybe the workers are having a bit of party... Here cars and materials to make them are put into containers and loaded/offloaded on to trucks and trains. Just some nearby warehouses. This is the dry dock. Here, it appears that a ship is being repainted. Here are some workers fixing up the ship. Here is the Colossal Mills cereal factory. ' Here is where a lot of fuel comes in for the city. I know this place should be bigger (maybe I'll expand the port), but I didn't have that much space. Just a general overview of the area we covered. And I guess, just a last shot of the city from this new district I'm working on. And that's it. You might notice I'm trying to keep updates shorter than they used to be. I think long updates can be a bit too overwhelming and sometimes boring.
  2. "Project X"

    Love it, love it, LOVE IT
  3. The City of Rodenburgh: The Port

    Hey guys, as promised, here is Rodenburgh with its (almost) complete port: (You might notice a change in the CBD. I replaced the tallest building with something smaller and I think this fits the city more. Don't get me wrong, I loved the previous building, but it was too tall, and was too prominent in the skyline.) Today I'll just be giving an overview of the port. More detailed images will come soon. I might even expand this area bit farther out into the water in the future. For some reason, the city has a huge demand for jobs... This is the Miyagi Motors factory. Miyagi Motors is a company that makes good high quality and kinda expensive cars, and they have an office based in Rodenburgh too. This is the dry dock with the Colossal Mills Cereal factory on the left. Here is where ships are loaded and offloaded with cargo. On the right is the tanker ships that import oil and gas into Rodenburgh. The containers and other cargo is loaded in on the left of the picture. The port is functional too, because I used Strictoaster's concrete dock assets. Here is also the bulk loading and offloading area. I'll post more detailed shots soon, for now this was an overview of the port.
  4. Woah... this is so useful! Will this also work in fps modes or really close to the ground when the decals disappear?
  5. Wow, this is gonna be an amazing map. And that option for the prop snapping will be really handy now. Thanks (for asking, I guess)
  6. "Project X"

    HNGG! Words can't describe how good this is...
  7. You use them because they look good. Avenues are just there because they are, and it gives you more options when building roads, and it's not entirely unrealistic.
  8. The hangar looks great! I'll definitely use it once I start making my airport!
  9. The City of Rodenburgh: The Port

    Thanks! I'm still working on things. Nothing's complete enough to show off yet, but hopefully within the next few days the port will be finished.
  10. Name my City, please?

    If you want some good European buildings, I use these: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=804313002 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=517812411 They are quite different styles though, so you might have to use them wisely.
  11. Holy moly... More detailed landscaping would be amazing. My computer would probably explode though.
  12. These are some really good suggestions. As you said @tmorgan96, adding more late-game challenges would really enhance the game. Don't make them the same challenges too, different cities with different types of industries or economies would be facing different problems. I think something really good would be a dynamic economy. That means your city can't rely on one industry. Or even taking contracts with companies and setting up factories and a headquarters for them. I like making pretty cities, but I would love it even more if I could make functional and pretty cities. I personally don't think CO has "lost touch" with what players want, they just didn't know. CO saw a starving genre, and took the opportunity by creating this game. I just don't think they realised how popular it would become and I don't think they really knew what people wanted since the last good game came out 10 yrs ago at the time. As far as I know, Colossal have been trying to increase the game's difficulty recently with natural disasters. It's a start, but to really change it up, they might as well make a new game. I really hope CO has learned from this game and if a new city builder is made some years down the line, I hope they can make an even better game than this already is. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying this game for (probably) many years to come.
  13. "Project X"

    Well done, phenomenal stuff! The airport and docs are so realistic!
  14. The City of Rodenburgh: The Port

    Awww, thank you. Are you sure about that though? What I've seen from you is pretty damn good.