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  1. Thank you! Glad you're back, I've been following your journal! Now we are looking at South Old Rodenburgh. We looked at North Old Rodenburgh in the last entry. The two districts are the oldest parts of town and were contained within a wall centuries ago that has now been long torn down. Even though it's old there are a few more modern buildings that have managed to get constructed here somehow. This is gonna be a relatively small entry, but there are still some exiting things to show! A closer look at the area: This is the first half of the district. Here you can see the church on the right and you can just see some plazas on the left. This is the church. It's currently being renovated, like old buildings always have to be. You can also see some construction workers on the roof. I try to add as much life as I can; I don't like seeing barren and lifeless parts of the city (unless that's the actual purpose of the area). You have probably realised I have many walkways and plazas around the city. It makes people happier (if it were a real place) and traffic would also be decreased. (Remember, IRL, traffic decreases when driving is less desirable and harder, not when roads are wider). Here's the second half. You can see there are a few modern buildings mixed in. This is one of the most controversial buildings in the city, owned by a large insurance company.. It's huge and modern, completely out of place and I like to think that protests have happened in Rodenburgh against this building. Anyways, here we have another modern building on the right. This one was built to replace an older building that burned down. Many people are also unhappy with it, as it also looks too out of place. That's the second Starbucks in this entry! (See if you can find the other one) Man, they really are everywhere! Don't ask me how people use these parking spaces. Anyway, that's it for now. Quite a lot of pictures for a pretty small part of the city, but I wanted to show everything. Hope you guys enjoyed it! I'll leave you with this:
  2. Thank you! Thanks, I'm doing it like this because I just have so much to show and it also gives you a feel of where everything is, which can be quite difficult sometimes. Glad you like it
  3. Thank you ! I love your city too by the way!
  4. I think I owe an apology to anyone who was following. I just did a Freshpopcorn and disappeared randomly, so sorry about that anyone. It didn't seem like many people were interested in this journal compared to my last one, so I decided to not bother with it. I then got bored of this city so I decided to stop and start over. After a while I have decided to post a journal again, so here's my new city; Rodenburgh, which I think is a much better European city! You can come check it out in my new journal.
  5. Hey guys. Welcome to my city of Rodenburgh. I've already made quite a lot of the city, mostly just the downtown, but there is still a long way to go, so I'm gonna share it here. This is the map. I'm planing to work on the whole map, not just the city and not leave any areas unfinished and bare with at least some forests. Hopefully I won't end up reaching any limits! The map is called Lönnebay Universal on the Workshop. This is the main part of the city with the downtown and the port. Rodenburgh is a big port city, which explains the large plan for a port on the right. Idea is that big ships send in freight to the port which is then transferred to smaller ships and sent up the nearby rivers to other cities. For this entry, we are looking at this part of Rodenburgh's old town: This half has the historic cathedral in the center. The city museum is in the bottom left corner. Some guy doing a performance in the plaza: Opposite the cathedral is a little restaurant area: Some maintenance: This is the other half of the area we are covering today. This is the shopping and restaurant district, and you can see the big pedestrian street in the bottom middle of the screen, as well as a plaza to the right of it. Some restaurants and a tiny market in the plaza. You can just see some people queuing for the food carts in the bottom right. I might revamp this area to become a huge farmer's market, but we'll see. This is the pedestrian shopping street. It's hard to see but I put some shop signs and logos on the buildings to give it that shopping feel. Anyway that's it for now. I'll be showing off other parts of the city over the next few weeks. Hope you guys like it!
  6. Bloody amazing. Keep coming with those screens!
  7. This is great Bad Peanut! I can't wait! I've been looking for a decent stadium to put into my city, and I think this will do great.
  8. Hi I've been trying to use the extractor but it comes up with an error saying it "could not load file or assembly". Is there any fix to this? I notice that Judazzz has had a similar issue and something got fixed, but I still have it. EDIT: Forgot to mention, I tried a reinstall, and the error isn't related to ImageMagick
  9. Clever! If there's some mod coming to enhance these features I would also like to add that it would be nice if we could change the opacity of the names. I would like them to be semi visible so they don't stand out so much. And the same for district names too would be nice and to hide the policies because they're annoying. Anyway, those are my suggestions.
  10. I would like to see custom animation support. It could really help with making areas seem more lively. Right now, all the custom props and stuff we put down are just static, but imagine being able to place moving forklifts or cranes in ports and construction sites. What about just a looping animation of a car trying to park? A loop of containers moving from a train onto a truck and then back on to the train again after a while for example to make industry seem more alive. We can have people props where we can just plop animated cims that are talking to each other. Put that next to a parked truck or in front of a shop and it already looks like some kind of business is going on. Someone performing some cool stunts with a crowd watching to make our plazas more alive. Even just a looping animation of a cim walking from one area to another. It's not a very popular opinion but I just think custom animated props that we can put down is the next step into making our cities really detailed. Right now all this detail that people are putting into their cities looks very nice, but it just looks a bit dead. Being able to have these animations playing throughout the city can really liven everything up.
  11. SO MUCH DETAIL! love it mate, real inspiration here for my city!
  12. Good find! There was this thing going on earlier in the game's life where people were finding the real-life counterparts for a lot of the unique buildings. I found this which is the real life version of the transport tower. It's in Astana, Kazakhstan The aquarium is based off one in Osaka, Japan (sorry, forgot who found this, can't give credit!): There were some other buildings found but I don't remember them
  13. Thanks Frankfurt is one of the cities I have been inspired by.
  14. Downtown is all my city is right now Just an overview of what I've been doing: