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  1. Great, can't wait to see where this will go!
  2. This is some great stuff man, keep it up!
  3. Damn, I can already imagine uses for those roads!
  4. For anyone who's following, there is supposed to be a post today, but the recent game update means I'll have to sort some things out first before I can take screenshots. I just wish we weren't forced by Steam to update the game...
  5. Expect a lot of text for this update as I want to talk about plans and ideas for the future and what is currently happening for this map. Ignore it if you want. I'm sorry it's been a while since the last entry. I have done a tonne of stuff in game since the last update, got a bit carried away and didn't post anything. But don't worry, here is the next update! So, I only have one new building for the theme, despite the long time, but I'm probably going to have two new buildings for the next update as I'm getting used to making them and I'm learning from my past mistakes. I feel like I need to focus more on the theme and less on the city. I've only got 5 buildings for this theme, and I need way more before I can make a proper city out of them. But here is the building. I had some scaling problems that took a few days to sort out. I should have made an update in the beginning of the month, but I kinda needed to work on the model a bit. Anyway, it's done. Just showing that the LOD has its own illumination map. And there we go. Sorry about my rambling, but I need some excuses, I mean, explanations for my absence. Anywayyyy. So, remember that city I showed briefly last update? (I don't really know if it's actually a city or just a big town near the main city) Well, I've really progressed with it, and I've developed a sort of base for how my main city is going to be designed. This journal will be something new as it isn't going into the rural farming areas, but now into the more built up urban areas. Anyway, for comparison, here was Gabrielle before: And here it is now: Yeah. A lot has been added since I last posted it, so let's just get right into it... We'll start off in the centre. I'm currently using the default European buildings, but I'll replace them with the theme I'm working on when I can. I feel like this terraced housing block is a bit too big. I might need to break it up a bit and shrink it down. Just remember that nothing here is final. Some things will be different in the next update. Also note that I'm not covering the city in great detail in this update and just tour around the general area, as it isn't really finished yet. I'll be covering it bit by bit in the next updates as I detail and finalise different areas more. Here is a top down view of the parking by the station: And here is the bus terminal. I'll cover public transport in a future entry, it's not done yet. This is gonna be the city/town hall. I don't know if I will keep it here though. I'm not all too happy with this area as I made it when I was still experimenting with the buildings and how to use them. I will eventually change it up when I get to it. I forgot to get some pictures of the college I put down, but you can see it in the back there. I'll cover it when I get back to this area again in the future though. I like to split the city by north and south where the railway is. This is the "south" part, and you might remember that there used to be a highway going through here. I made a cool interchange for it with road markings and stuff and ended up not liking where the highway was. I moved the interchange with the magnificent Move-It mod to another area, which took ages but it worked! The highway now goes around the city, which is more realistic (and prettier). I'll cover the interchange when I get to the place it's at in the future. There is the the train station on the top left. There's a train line that goes to the main city. There's also an express line that takes people directly to the city without stopping in the middle. These lines get used a lot and are quite full (especially during rush hour with the amazing Rush Hour mod!) Here's a closer look at the south area: These default European buildings are going to get replaced by my theme when it's ready. I feel like those parked car props are a bit too bright. I'll change that up. I think these buildings look really cool (done with the Move-It mod, by the way!) but I need to move them around a bit because they're taking up a lot of space. I made an industrial area nearby too. I don't really have any district names yet because the district boundaries are changing around. Hopefully by the next update, I can get all the districts sorted out. Some apartments near the warehouses. This area is actually pretty detailed, but it's still unfinished so I'll leave an in-depth look for a future update. And here are some taller appartements. I also put down a high school there on the bottom left. It fits in with the other nearby buildings. Shoutout to the Park People Generators on the workshop! The start of some semi-detached housing: I don't know if I will keep those terraced houses on the left. They just feel misplaced on the bottom of a big hill like that. And this area too. There might just be too much repetition here, and I need to loosen it up a bit. This area is actually quite detailed. And that's it! I just want to to say a thank you to all the modders and asset creators out there that make this game something completely different. I also want to say a thanks to you if you follow this journal, thanks for taking some time off your day to see what I have done in my own city, not yours. If you have any suggestions for improvement, now's a good time to post as this city is still in development. Thanks, and I'll be back next month with hopefully (I can't promise) two new buildings for the theme, and happy Halloween!
  6. Just a note, guys, an update is coming very soon. And on the mansion (and surrounding area) I forgot to take pictures of, I've decided to leave it till I get back to that part of the map again because I forgot to take pictures again (I'm forgetful), and I don't have access to the game right now. I guess it's something to be anticipating in the future...
  7. Thanks a lot Wow, thanks man!
  8. Hi! It's been a while since the last update, and quite a lot has actually happened, so let's get on with it, I guess! As always, this is the latest building in the theme: You can see that I put in a BigBite on the ground floor because I thought it was cool. I added some graffiti to the building. It adds a sense of life and realism to it. All of the buildings have a custom LOD (all under 100 tris) that also have their own illumination map. So, that's it for the building. I have expanded the area quite a lot recently by making a lot of farms. I am trying to keep the detailing consistent so that the farms also are taken care of, not just the towns. So here are the farms: I've started adding these fields with hay bales in them. Golden county has a lot of cows (Dairy products and cars are this region's main exports) and the cows need food to eat over the winter! These are some new fields. I've actually expanded the area quite a bit, but I don't know if I'm going to continue with farms or add an unused gold mine... What would you like? Some guys working on a broken windmill: This is part is still unfinished: I tried to do something new here with foliage. I'm not really a tree person when I play this game, so I wanted to try it out. I probably shouldn't have taken these pictures during sunset (or sunrise?) because the shadows cover everything up. I know this is unrealistic. It will be changed... Moving on near Frankton, I have removed the huge field of trees. I thought it looked a bit misplaced and it didn't fit in very well. I'm replacing it with some smaller fields. I also went went with a small dense forest nearby. Again, trying something new with foliage, but I went a bit overboard here as my frame rate drops quite a bit in this area. I have have also updated the farms around Harrien. I should probably stop going back and updating things and just move onwards. I have also also made the river a bit narrower, so I had to add some farms along it: Right by Harrien, I added an extension to the town. I mostly made it for the marina. Here is the marina. I needed to make one for Frankton and Harrien, because there's a river, so why not? I also made this community garden (or allotment) for the area: Here is is the whole area. Because I'm a forgetful idiot, I don't actually have any pictures of the mansion, or anything to the right. I'll hopefully get them next update or before it if I remember. You might have already seen it, but I've added some road markings to make things more realistic. And that's it. Here is the whole area just so you know where everything is: Oh wait. What's that on the bottom left of the shot? Its actually going to be a sort of sub-city connected to the main one. Kind of like Croydon and London. NONE of it is "final" (nothing is, but the proper thing won't look much like this). This is is probably the only thing that's close to final. It probably won't be finished for a long time, as I need to develop my theme to get all the buildings. It's probably not good to be using the RICO mod with a "test" city like this if I keep bulldozing buildings, but with detail, I like to have a living, breathing city along with it (I also use the Rush Hour mod). Also, that interchange on the bottom right has been remade already. It looks pretty dank now. And that's actually it. Thanks for reading through (if you actually read through the whole thing, congrats!).
  9. Just want to say that there will be a new update within the next couple of days, sorry that there hasn't been one for a long time!
  10. Thanks a lot guys!
  11. So, as I promised, I have some better pictures of the new building now and some demonstration of what I'm planning for this building theme. I have also finished that little exclave of Frankton and I've started on some more farms. I am also away again, but this time for 3 weeks. I'll still have enough time to put out a new entry next month, but it won't be as big. So, here are some better shots of the building. As I said before, it's freely ploppable and it fits on 100 degree corners. The shorter side of it doesnt fit well with the zoning. You might need to plop a building next to it before you can get 3 cell deep zoning, if that makes sense. I really do love how well the normals came out for this building. Put lots more detail and saved lots of triangles. I don't have an LOD shot, but I can assure you that it works. For both day and night. Here's a demonstration on what I've got planned for my building theme: All of the grey buildings are 1x1 freely ploppable buildings which can clip through other buildings. I'm going to make a freely ploppable version of every building. They're useful for curved roads like this or for roads with tight and messy zoning. I might make them RICO compatible, but we'll see. The white buildings are zoned buildings, just to show how to can mix them in with the other buildings. Just imagine there was more variety and you can see how cool it would look ;). Now this his is a demonstration on how tight you can get these buildings together. It was all put roughly but it shows everything. You can see the new 100 degree corner building in action, and you might notice that you have to actually use one of the ploppable buildings there on the top part because the zoning is too small. That's something I will make sure won't happen on the other corner buildings. You can also see a ploppable building clipping through the white building just to show how compact you can make it. Anyway. Moving on to what I've added in game, I have finished the little exclave of Frankton and added more farms. Here is a shot of what's new: Here it is all finished, which means that Frankton is completely done. I used some of these bungalows from the UK bungalows theme for a little change. This house has a very big backyard. I've put in some plants and flowers growing. They're hidden underneath the trees, so it's hard to see, but you can see some tomatoes growing here. Opposite the the house is a small local public pool. This part of the town isn't as wealthy as the main part of Frankton (though still very well off compared to some areas that we'll get into in the future) so a lot of people don't have their own pools. Here are the new farms. Nothing much going on really, except for a warehouse. This is is the warehouse. It's not complete yet, but here it is anyway. Also, here is the fake city I made. It's mostly there as a placeholder to provide jobs, make some traffic and test things out. The real thing will be nothing like this. And that's it. A small update but hopefully it was still worth a read ;). Thank you all, and if anyone has any suggestions as a name for the future city, that would be great. Thanks, and see you next month!
  12. By the way guys, there's a new update on the other journal. If you are following this, I suggest you follow the new one.
  13. Alright, time for a new update. I'm sorry it's been a while since the last update. I haven't had too much time until recently, and now I'm away on holiday, but I've still got stuff to show! As usual, I'll start with the new building in the theme. This is a freely ploppable building that fits on 100 degree corners. I'm sorry I don't have any good pictures of it, but I can assure you that the corner is 100 degrees, it just looks different with the angle of the picture. When I get back in about a weeks time, I'll post some better pictures of it in the asset editor and in game. I've also made freely ploppable versions of the other buildings so you can place them nicely on curved roads or places with strange zoning. I might make them RICO compatible, but that's something completely new for me. But yeah, the building came out better than expected actually. The normals worked well, saving me hundreds of triangles. The only issue I've got is that it admittedly doesn't fit on the corner perfectly. There might be some small patches of grass which can be covered up with some concrete brushes or surface painter. And it doesn't perfectly fit with the zoning but that can be fixed with a ploppable building. I'll try to get some nicer pictures when I'm back demonstrating everything so far. So, enough of that. I'm sorry I said so much about one building. Let's get to the fun stuff! I've managed to detail the whole town except for some of a little exclave which I will easily finish up. A birds-eye view of most of the town. So this is an overview of the town with all the important parts. Just so you don't get lost, you can see what part of the town you're looking at with the little picture on a corner of the screenshot. I've been trying to get some detail and life into the game by using some cim props. Here we've got some football practice going on. And, well, I don't know exactly what this is, but maybe some friends visiting each other. If if you haven't noticed already, I've put some prop cars parking on the small streets. I think it adds some nice realism and detail. Here we've got the public pool getting a new set of tiles. This is downtown. It hasn't changed much since the last post, but why not show it again, right? But the roundabout did get upgraded to two lanes, because it was clogging a lot. This is Frankton's church with the cemetery and crematorium. Like most towns, the church is the oldest building in Frankton. This areas has tennis courts, the police station, an office and a playground. You can also see some roadwork on the bottom left of the picture. A closeup of of the playground. And here is closeup of the roadworks. You might remember this area from the last (and first) entry. There used to be houses where the empty field is but I removed them. I just felt like it made the town look a bit weird and unbalanced... I don't know how to put it exactly, but I didn't like the shape of the town because of that area. It was a really tough and painful decision because that part of town was already detailed with the backyards and things, but now I feel better. I think the town looks much more realistic. On the other side of the main road, are Frankton's tenement buildings. Frankton and Harrien are pretty wealthy towns, but the tenement buildings house most of the workers for the factories. This is Frankton's high school/secondary school or whatever you want to call it. Here you can see some students taking their P.E lessons in the field. These are the houses on the other side of the school. The rough patch to the left above the map is a playground. Here's a closeup of the playground: This is Frankton's newer area that was made when the town was bigger so it sits on the edge. There are offices, some shops and a supermarket. Just behind the scenes. This is an exclave of Frankton. A lot of people living here actually work in the fields. Only half of this section is finished. When I post the pictures of the new buildings, I might get a small update for this area too. Now here are the new farms. The new Prop Line Tool is just so useful. Saves lots of time, and makes the farms look more realistic. I hope that sometime in the future we can draw multiple rows at the same time. This place, I'm not sure what to do with. I can either put more houses as an expansion of Frankton, leave it like this and detail it or just make a field. Maybe you guys can suggest something. Some storage and transport buildings for the fields. You can just make out some people hanging out in the shade of the orange warehouse. Don't exactly know what's happening here, but it adds some life. Last but not least, I've kind of updated the details and added a new station in part of the industrial district. I don't have a map on these shots, but you probably know where the industrial area is. And some life. You can see a guy hanging around by his truck here. Here's the new train station. There are also shuttle busses from each town that go to this station. The train line connects the two towns to the city. The "city" currently is just a placeholder as a "pretend" city just to get things moving. It's all gonna get removed once I move on to that part. In fact, the line also connects to the outside world to simulate that there is stuff past the fog. Fun Fact, there is actually an invisible train station when a track goes to the edge of the world, which is where trains drop and pick up tourists or people moving in/out of the city. You can actually connect a train line to these stations which can give you more control as to where tourists go. And that's it. If you read everything up to here, thank you. It means a lot, even though I will never know if you did read everything. I'm sorry I was late with this one, but as I said, I did t have much time until recently. Luckily I managed to get time to do this even though I'm away. Also, what do you people think of the map thing to show where the screenshot is? I just figured that people might get a bit lost if there are just pictures, especially closeup ones. Thank you, goodbye, and see you later!
  14. Yeah, I had an issue where some of my plants were replaced by other plants when I subscribed to a new tree asset on the workshop. I think it was a bug with the unlimited trees mod, but it got fixed. There might be a fix to put them back on the workshop page.
  15. Thank you man. Really appreciate your comments, you have nothing bad to say! Thanks man!