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  1. In the video, I think the RCI are well thought beacause the player can change the the length and the height when he wants. Keep on your game ,anselm
  2. Just a question: When the game will be available test?? (I'm quite impatient ) Keep on your game anselm
  3. I think a . is in 2D.We can't have only 1D
  4. What is the april fools??
  5. Wow,your game looks like fantastic I want to play it Keep on the game Good week
  6. Yes,Good idea but after a development of the city,when the city will be rich
  7. Hello, What do you think to put connection's system in the game?? For example,by défault,all buidings takes ADLS with 512 Kbit/s. If a building is less than 1 km from a connection node of subscribers(NRA in french),it can take VDSL2+ with 30 Mbits/s. You can put the fibre for take 100 mbit/s. You can also create a connection's system for mobile. Thanks for reading
  8. I like your game.Keep on
  9. Hope it will happen even If I'm not happy of the lay-off.
  10. helpful.Thank you very much :)
  11. Wow!!!! Nice