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  1. Been lately getting interested in Always sunny in Philadelphia...
  2. I don't have any pictures for this, but, is there anymore Japanese BATS out there? Especially with Japanese skyscrapers to diversify my skylines...
  3. This is my hometown of Detroit, well, although I wasn't born IN Detroit, I was born in a part outside the city, that was close enough to be considered to be technically Detroit. Also lived outside Houston for 4-5 years, a town called Dickinson... Am now residing in a city called Jackson, Michigan, a town of 30,000...
  4. besides from these beautiful trams, I would love to see several stadiums, such as Madison Square Garden, and Wrigley Field!
  5. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    An emergence of the enormous Chicago-like skyline of Teufort from the Barnabus Freeway... Original: http://i.imgur.com/zNb70xs.jpg
  6. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    The Higgins Expressway, going right through Teufort... Original: http://i.imgur.com/Gqvq4oq.jpg
  7. From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    A rainy day in the city of Teufort... Original: http://i.imgur.com/EMYLJKy.jpg
  8. I cannot wait to see CN tower on the workshop!
  9. Surely, I can see you are an asset creator as well, I have seen your Toronto Union station, which I myself use in my city!
  10. The stadiums are real life football arenas, which is already a popularized asset on the workshop...
  11. I give you a glimpse of Donwtown Teufort, AKA, "Chicago Clone"
  12. On the workshop, I have subscribed to a couple of stadiums to have add flair to my city. But, I especially have a dissapointment in the lack of baseball stadiums in the workshop as well, as the only largest stadium I could find was a minor league stadium, and was too small for my likings. So far as of January 27th, there is no major MLB stadium on the workshop or any type of fictional MLB stadium on the workshop. I ask of you modders, is there demand for such larger ballpark? I especially want to see Wrigley Field of Chicago on the workshop, an old but nice and still modern looking stadium that might look good in all cities in CS!
  13. If anyone here is a CS asset creator, why not create Wrigley Field in Chicago, there is a lack of Baseball stadiums on the workshop!