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  1. They have functions. And you won't get as much errors trying to take over an abandoned city as before.
  2. French should be no problem Hinata SC is multilingual Glad to hear you have a copy of the game soon
  3. The game is meant to be played ONLINE. It is in fact a multiplayer game. The devs only added the option to play it in singeplayer mode (offline). The whole thing is hard coded, and works like the devs intended it to work. But yea guys...ask for whatever you want to ask without thinking!
  4. I do not believe this, i think it is hard coded PS: buy the game and play online
  5. You can reduce traffic by having less population! You could raise the factor the game takes to fake your pop numbers. Currently it is 8...change it to maybe 100...but it's only a display option and has no effect on anything else. No i won't and i doubt it is possible
  6. Ok...but there is no need for trade if you play online
  7. No cheat? You modded all files to cheat btw. i am not impressed
  8. At the time i posted the proposal, there wasn't any change. Sure now it seems to be a bad proposal The benefit in having online section would be: I could find the mods i want to have - because i only play online! Never i will play offline.
  9. negative - impossible atm
  10. My request now and here. Buy the game
  11. I think you are right.