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  1. I really like it, but I think it can certainly be improve upon, especially thematically.   What do you think of this idea: www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/252vby/mod_idea_request_new_high_lvl_service_buildings
  2. #FacebookNationalism!
  3. I really like the idea of making these things. I just don't like the cheating aspect. Why not make it twice as big, or something like that, as well as making it a new unit (not replacing it). Then it will be similar to the municipal/double-decker buses vs the shuttle buses.
  4.   Sorry, but why do you even need those freeways, especially the two-way ones (you could just as well use high-density one ways)? Even if you want an one-way avenue, can't you just use those normal avenues and use those one-way on-off ramps to connect to the places you want them to connect to That will pretty much force traffic to go one-way any-way. Also... I don't see why you'd need ramps for that. Norma one-way streets seem fine to me. I also don't understand why you'd need special non-zone-able streets/roads. Sure, it would be nice to be able to connect to roads if they are bridged or tunneled, but this mod doesn't finish this. There is just such a surplus of roads, I feel 3 would be enough (zone-able low, med, high density streets), maybe 6 (med, high, high+streetcar avenue) one-way.
  5. It works for me, I can see train coming and going with passengers, I can see a god number of riders per day... I just can't see it they way it looks without the mod. The graphics are just a but off and it's a bit more difficult to connect it with rail, but that works too for me.
  6. I've used this mod in a couple of cities now and it worked perfectly.   worked, because today, this afternoon, I tried to play simcity again and it gave me an error:     I've removed and re-added all mods I had (one-by-one) and this was the only one that caused this error to pop up. It only popped up after I added the "Avenue With Streetcar Tunnel Bulldoze Fix", but added or removing that mod had no effect on the error. Only this mod... could they have interacted someway?
  7. lol, thought it was just me... finally I can get rid of all those things!
  8. But isn't that what you want? Making it plop on road? You just need to make it connect with rail in a similar way how you would've done that with roads - although that way of connecting isn't as clear as it was without the mod.
  9. Just a question... Why not make a mod like Skyestorm did with multiplopper. One mod to plop them all on roads.. RoadPlopper?   That way you won't need all these lose mods. Especially useful, if you can also keep plopping them on their original spots.
  10. Maybe in a mod that would completely redesign the High Desinity Streetcar Avenue but not with the current game. You could try to make a bridge or a tunnel with (only) the streetcar tracks, found in the Streetcar submenu within the Mass-transit menu. Just branch off the road, make the tunnel under the T-junction/bridge over the T-junction and reconnect after the T-junction.
  11. Version 1


    This mod conflicts with "ExtendedWorkerDataInRollover". This causes it to plop on roads with its rail connection part - rendering it useless. However, by simply renaming the mod to "00rotatedtrain", for instance, fixes the issue.     It's plop-able on roads, not the railway. No need for useless double intersections.   Yes, it will connect to road not rail!   No more need to tedious work with dirt roads ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HYxn74Olrc ) to measure where to place it. No more need to draw a railroad between two roads, plop the station, add the corresponding railway on the otherside, delete the station and the in-between rail and plop it again the way you want to...    All that hassle is no more with ProcsKalone's Rotated Trainstation   Although I am the one that's uploaded it here, this is where I got it from: http://www.reddit.com/r/SimCity/comments/23o349/mod_request_regarding_train_stations/   It's not a perfect mod, connecting rail to it is a bit difficult sometimes and it doesn't look the way it's supposed to, but these are minor issues.. it's damn near perfect if you ask me!       German High Speed Rail There also seems to be a mod for the German High Speed Rail: http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1398218610
  12. Yes, please do! xD
  13. Could it be tweaked a bit so that in can include both mods? I love the smooth arch, I have those odd bumps bridges normally have, but being able to make higher bridges and deeper tunnels is also quite appealing.
  14. So... is this for offline only?