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  1. Hmmm... My XP system never defrags itself, and if there's a simple switch to make it do so, I haven't noticed. It certainly wouldn't do so by default (or I would have noticed). Maybe default auto-defrag came with a later Windoze version? Actually, Windows Vista was the first version of Windows to defrag the hard drive automatically.
  2. Good start so far!! Make sure to disable the UDI icons, though.
  3. So...it's been three months and I still haven't posted an update. I haven't even played SC4 since December, when I made the cloverleaf that's in this update. I really have suffered a lot from a lack of motivation to play SC4. Part of it is that I've been too busy, but really I've just occupied my time with other things. I bet I'll be more interested in SC4 when the next NAM update comes out... Anyway, I did a video of me making my first cloverleaf interchange. I filmed it in December, but it wasn't till now that I finally edited it and uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy! And here's a couple of pictures of what it looks like: 13.1 13.2 I honestly don't know when I'll get back to SC4. Hopefully sooner rather than later...
  4. Wow!! What an amazing interchange. Certainly far more compact than the one I made!
  5. Oh, wow, welcome back! Nice to meet you!
  6. Another thing that helps is to have another tile at either edge of the RHW that is the same level as the RHW.
  7. Strange that you never heard that song. For me, it played all the time.
  8. I like the new underbridge lots you're making, @rsc204! It's nice that they'll actually have the proper sidewalk textures too!
  9. Probably not.
  10. I just sent Kazuki an email about the issue with the Under Bridge Lot. Hopefully, he'll get it. I'll keep my fingers crossed...
  11. I know that it will happen with the Ennedi Slope Mod, because I remember reading the Readme and it says that the slope settings are such that you can create bridges without having to use the rain tool.
  12. It's because the slopes were too steep and there was a big valley to cross between where you started dragging and where you finished dragging. If you want the roads to go underneath the bridge, just download the Under Bridge Lots from that Japanese website. It's well worth having.
  13. Shift is the key you hold down to prevent streets from showing up. The Control key takes multiple lots and combines them into one, and the Alt key rotates a zone.
  14. Looks like you need to fix the link to your video in the above post. It says "this video has been removed by the user." EDIT: Seems like your YouTube channel got deleted too. What happened?
  15. Looking good so far! In the last picture, though, those interchanges are too close to each other and are bound to cause some serious weaving issues. To increase realism, I'd suggest adding some collector-distributor lanes.