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  1. Hi everyone! Only one picture for today! Last two days (after I finished that little interchange project) I remade NoirCity - Counterpoint's central rail system. Now rail tracks everywhere, and a Dockyard El-Rail line. My original idea was not to connect the harbour rail lines to the main railway system, but after a short consideration, I changed my mind, and gave a harbour commuter line. It hasn't got stations yet, but when I fill up this area, it will get the stations. And if @Simmer2 will release his abandoned rail station set at some point, I'm sure, I can find nice place to put some of them on this harbour area... I released a picture about this area a few months ago, you can compare what changed now. Well, I guess, when Simmer will release his Roundhouse it will take place somewhere in the upper left corner on this picture. (Oh yeah, I hope at some point in the future we can get El-Rail-STR crossings, so I could get the rid of those not so nice coloured squers... Huge thanks for @Eggman121 to make these configurations possible with his very nice FLAX-Track RRW creations. - Tyberius
  2. @MissVanleiderNice, very nice. What are these buildings? Not just the diagonals all of them from this picture Thanks
  3. Hi Robin! I would have a quick question. Is the Rivit's TSR street suppurted under/with NGN setup? As always on these very urban and big city city tiles of mine I'm using your wonderful No Grass NAM mod, and now first time I started using the TSR streets, but as You can see, next to the building and that curve haven't been covered by my sidewalk texture as under NGN is supposed to be. Other question, but this one rather NAM support. Why don't have the PEDMalls wealthification effects by the roads/street, and is there any way or future plan to change this by NAM Team? Thanks in advance! - Tyberius
  4. I took a little break with the lotting projects, and extended (almost finished) NoirCity - CounterPoint highway system. This is not that monster than @Takingyouthere's Five Point Interchange, but I tried to do my best. On the first picture is the modified version of my first interchange in this city tile. This is the North-South (right hand side is North) main highway. That was a real monster when I started to build almost 11 months ago. I started the build the smaller exits and inside ramps about a week ago, but I really didn't have any idea, what the hell I want to do with it. 2. We keep going towards South. The odd shape intersection (I really don't know the proper english terms on these things - well not even in hungarian ). Here comes the part what I made during the last 2 days. Huge thanks to the NAM Team, who let this happen, the flex and dragable MRCs, the DRI system (OK, I had to watch again some of @Ganaram Inukshuk's videos on youtube, the NWM-RHW transitions, my new favourites - but they are still Puzzle Pieces - the FAR Intersections. Well, here the main highway's (I haven't given it a name yet) collector lanes make a turn, and we can see the old Main Rail Terminus's surrondings. This will be a huge commercial and office area. 3. Here is the main interchange. The North-South highway is leaving the city, and an other Eas-West highway just starts. Most of the day I build this monster. 4. Bonus: The Main Station (the modified version of the Shinjuku Station East and West). That little elevated field will be a nice park and recreation area. Well, after this little highway project, I'm going back to the lotting! - Tyberius
    Another nice building! Thank you very much! Your buildings will decorate each of mine coastlines (after a little relotting), I'm sure.
  5. These are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them! True art! - Tyberius
    Thank you for sharing this pack! I love your work, I'm using your creations in my cities, so this one will fit perfectly again! Thank you so much! - Tyberius
  6. Well, @Simmer2 also mentioned to me, that these early RRW lotting textures won't be supported with the Reskin mod. I just started to make a huge roundhouse lot (main buildings from Oppie Roundhouse and WMP Railyard) using RRW_Lottex_SW.dat, RRW_Lottex_SM2.dat, RRW_Lottex_SM2R2.dat and SM2_RRW_nsb_Tex.dat (it was confrim by him, this last one won't be affected at all, because it doesn't use any ballasts and sleepers), mainly because I don't really like the RRW version of NCD's textures, and with more or less using these texture packs I could make the track layout (railyard setup) for the Lot, as I wish. So my question is, will we get full new sets of rail textures (base/overlays) which is compatible with the new MOD, and these old ones will be obsolate eventually, and or will we get connector textures between the Reskin textures and these old ones, so the rail yards could be more unique? I like the current design on these lots and I'm curious how they can look like beside the new skins, like on the picture above, where 2 tracks are connecting to the lot (only one can go through functionally), and a third one is a normal RRW track. - Tyberius P.S.: I do understand that's a huge project of yours, and I do appreciate what all of you're doing, amazing possibilities! Thank you very much!
    South America is coming!!!! Oh Dear, it's amazing! Very nice quality and quantity! Thanks for sharing this!
  7. @kingofsimcity Well-well! It's amazing. Those details around the gas station are beautiful!
  8. mipro

    @Jasoncw Oh, thanks for the answere, that was what I thought, altought I don't see the problem modifying the building that way, that put an other one next to it, or creativly designing something onto the gap part. I do understand with this method we don't get the "exact same" building from RL, but (and this is just my opinion) this is a very nice game, and we have very talented creative minds (like You), and sometimes I guess, this unreal world much better and nicer than RL, so I wouldn't mind if we can get these unfitting buildings with a little extra on those "gaps", kind of a mixture of the real building and the BAT artists creative thoughts. Thanks anyway! - Tyberius
  9. mipro

    This building is amazing, like your previous ones as well. Thank you for your work! I don't understand however this issue with the 16x16 meter SC4 grid. I know, that in game that (16x16) is the basic measure, but what's the problem with those buildings? I've never modelled/BATted anything... still... - Tyberius
  10. Hi Everyone! Little progress on the SeaPort Expansion. I decided to put long old styleish factory buildings (thanks for @jestarr master the lovely industrial buildings) some of the lots, mainly I has been inspirated by @T Wrecks and his IRM W2W lots, and huge thanks for @nofunk his recently released Lindsey Bros building, which I found a very nice addition one or few of my lot concepts. The following pictures are still WIP concepts. I don't know when I will release these lots, I'm still working on the basis. According to my plans, the upload will contain second versions of some of my previously released SeaPort railyards, because I was asked to remove the huge/high light cones from some of the lots; expansion for the PEG-CDK3 set (which does not contain rail tracks - this set is nearly done), expansion for the PEG-CDK3-SP set (which contains rail tracks - this set is actually in progress); some new bigger I-M lots my DTR-STR Ind Harbour set, because why not; and a few quite big Harbour industrial lots (with several buildings, railyards etc). So that's what I'm working on recently: And of course thanks for @Simmer2 master again and always for his RRW NSB Overlay Texture Set, which will be the main dependency for the expansion. - Tyberius
    Wow, very nice! I've never used the original set, but after this, I'm gonna find the proper location for them in one of my cites Thanks for sharing this nice set!
  11. Well finally I got the time and put together this little set of diagonal IRM walls expansion. Altogether this pack contains 15 new lots based on @T Wrecks's IRM Fillers, each set gets 5 new pieces (2 full concrate - one with grass props, one without them -, 2 sidewalk-concrete - same variation like concrete version - and a dirt-concrete). Heretic IRM Fillers Diagonal Walls Expansion Special thanks to @Simmer2 for making the requestied overlays! And of course for T Wrecks, who made the original IRM set!