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  1. Man!! You can't stop making these amazing works! OK, obviously and sadly you can, but still... I'm not a big fun of rural scenes they are so "empty" for me, but watching your pictures I see the work/time/energy/creativity/imagination/fantasy in these fields and I love it... Thanks for sharing these, and especially for the links and ideas how you create these beauties. - Tyberius
  2. Hi everyone! The last couple of weeks I was working on Noir City - Counterpoint Disrict which is based on a lot of JENX and Porkissimo Parisian lots, but It really pissed me off because on those sets there are a very limited amount of low wealth residental lots, so I had to make a bunch of relots for the sake of variety (this is still work in progress, in action I realized that mixing some buldings - as props - not a good idea on the same lot, but it's a process of learning. Well, no I have the necessary prop-desc files, so in the futures for other cities I can make nicer lots. However now I'm not showcasing these new residental zones - anyway they are the same buildings than the original JENX-PK stuff, just lots with different stats -, but I would like to show Counterpoint's industrial/harbour areas, which is still WIP, but the main rail lines are established. Huge thanks for @Simmer2, his lots are essential on this area and @Eggman121 for the RRW development which is also essential. Mainly freight lines are on those pictures, but there is a commuter line for passanger rails, who knows maybe one day my sims start to use that one... 1. On the "hill" takas place the beautiful Shinjuku Station Complex with lots of rail tracks. The higher landscape will be a park. The lower place gives home to the whole harbour area with the industrial rail yards: SM2 Train Repair Yard, next to that it is @rsc204's Rail Depot Pack (RDP), SM2 Hump Yard, SM2 Intermodal Terminal, SM2_MV_Heritage Roundhouse, SM2 NUTS VDK Swan Mill Power Plant , SM2 Rail Service Yard 1 and in the right bottom corner is one of mine - NBVC Container port Transition Rail Yard. 2. Other angle. That little lake between the rail tracks one of my first MMP attempts, it's sceary for me, but I like it! 3. The main station of the city and the main yards... 4. The freight rail route to North Harbour and to the SeaPorts. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. There is a WIP lot on the left hand side along with the coast line (last lot), which will be part of the new SeaPort expansion, well I forgot to put the main bulding dependency into my plugin folder, so only some props and the textures can be shown. On the Right top corner there is that above mentioned little MMP lake. It's not so proffesional, but I like it. - Tyberius
  3. @T WrecksWow.... woooowwww Industrial Revolution! Thank you! It's very nice!
  4. Thanks very much, it's working now very nicely with the attached patch!
  5. @rsc204 It's awesome, dear god, this mod with its complexity... Woooooowww However I don't know if it's your mod, or what is happening on these GLR stations, but on closer zooms, the tram tracks are disappearing... Some station is from NAM, the terminus is from ITS GLR set. Anyway, thanks for your hard work, Oh Dear, 2 years, thats huge. I remember, when you "declared war" against maxis white, and no we gonna get this... Thank you! - Tyberius
  6. Thanks @Simmer2, I didn't recognize them, because I've never used them, but they're here on my HD Way too many possible plugins are "rest in peace" on my HD....
  7. @younghappy wow, amazing inspirateing pictures. On picture 12 there is a greenish/greyish wall set above the square. What is that set?
  8. Anyway there is at least one missing thing on STEX. The original dependency file for this NDEX ITS NAM Terminus modified by Gitbi is missing, no longer available on STEX. And it's lost since 2012 or so, I sent a message to @ILL Tonkso about this little problem back in january, but he hasn't been here since autum of 2016, so I don't know. I ran into the original one on a japanese page, which collected a few links, and pointed to the STEX, but nothing is here.
  9. I'm thinking about making a landmark and/or park unit from this station without any functionality. Plus, I may use the station as a prop and build into the SeaPort Project. If my game keeps crashing all the time, I continue the lotting stuff. I have a few debt, as I remember (canal extensions, SeaPort expansions, roundhouse).
    It's not that I would be complaining at all, but you said that you slow down a bit... well I can't see that. You are fast, and making a lot of amazing building. Thank you very much! This one is amazing again! Now I need to find the place! - Tyberius
    Thanks for sharing this. It gives more modularity, and perfectly fit for only Str setups.
    Thank you, man! Thank you! I'm speechless, it's amazing, your work is amazing! Thank You!!! - Tyberius
  10. @Bipin thank you very much! ☺
    Very nice building, It will be working perfectly with the Lindsay Bros building on my industrial Seaport! Thank you to sharing this! - Tyberius
  11. @nos.17...and when will you release your version of these beautiful bats? I was planning to make growable versions as well, but I just started to learn making growable lots, and started JENX's and Porkissimo's paris/french sets to fill my city...