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  1. Hi @Bipin! Could you update the dependency links on this upload (Bipins Police Precinct) (and any other uploads of yours, which had dependencies on the sadly-no-existing-anymore SIMPEG page)? Thanks in advance! - Tyberius
  2. @Bipin Hi! Could you update the dependency links on this upload (and any other uploads of yours, which had dependencies on the sadly-no-existing-anymore SIMPEG page)? Thanks in advance! - Tyberius
  3. Hi! Nope! I have the file, I just can't link as a dependency. The PEG CSK2 Locks is on the STEX, it belongs to the old CSK2 set, my dependency is the PEG PPond Locks, which is kind of upgraded stuff compared to the CSK2. I would like that file (PPond Locks) to be on STEX, because that would make things much more easier... @catty-cb: thanks, I think I read about you moved the PEG files, but I couldn't figure it out where. Now I found the "Locks", but I don't know how to link it... Well, at least they aren't missing anymore - Tyberius
  4. Well, last september I have asked three people (@Craig-Abcvs, @Pegprod and @blunder) who allegedly responsible for the Legacy PEG files to upload the PEG PPond Locks to the STEX, because the resource files are dependencies of my SeaPort pack, and however blunder said (answered to my PM), that he can upload the file, he has never done that (at least the first time he responded to my PM). I wouldn't have bothered him again, because @catty-cb's page had a copy of the file, what I could link, but recently those files went missing too, so I wrote blunder again, if he could upload the file, or give me a permission to upload only this one file, but that was one month ago without answere so far... So my question, could someone who is actually active (admin, moderator etc) handle the PEG Legacy files? - Tyberius
  5. Don't be scared, they won't hurt you, only the BDK dev. kit contains stuff which can cause prop pox. But for example I made a decent set of seaports and fillers based on the original PEG stuff, and I'm using them on large cities and haven't got Prop Pox. But you can use the original PEG stuff as well, only the BDK dev kit is problematic...
  6. Not neccesarily, but yes, I had to go back from level 11 (level 11 means the back-up level - I had 11 separete back-up from the same region) to level 2.5, because level 3 still contained some disabled props (4) even if I didn't have any development apart from roads and highways in the region. That was a Prop Pox issue definitely, it was discussed over at SC4D in a thread which was opened for this specific issue. But since last august I've rebuilt the city, now its size is 25 mb and no disabled props in it. So I think it's working now. And with the new cities I reduced the amount of plugins, I making the lots a much organized way more carefully. But yes, I had a few times when I got a CTD and when I went back to game it wiped out some props, but reloading some previous version from the back up folder solved those problems.
  7. I can tell (among others), that not only the BDK kit cause Prop Pox. The first time when I've met with this nice thing, yes, I used the BDK kit on large city with... basicly everything what I had downloaded since than. The secound city failiure was actually when I made the first attempts to lotting and I opened several times the city with the LE/PIMX plugins, not the original ones, so I got a nice save file corruption. The third one was hurting me very badly (because it killed a nearly fully developed city - the original Noir City North Harbour - about 15 months ago), and I don't know for sure what caused the Prop Pox (yes, that was Prop Pox), because I didn't use the BDK kit, but what I could figure it out, probably I did modify one or more of my custom lots in a very messed up, stupid way and the game didn't like that. And of course there are other effects, which causes similiar things like PP, but they are not PP, just some kind of save file corruptions. By the way, I occasionly check the under development cities of mine with SC4 Save tool, and back the whole target region folder up into a flashdrive. This way I could save my city (more or less) so I didn't have to start the city from the begining. - Tyberius
  8. @T WrecksOh, Man!!!! I checked the examplars inside the .dat file to see what's coming, and I discovered some very interesting stuff. I've never heard about @HunD88and his stuff for example, now I got some ideas to the seaports. This expansion of your will be huge and awesome! Thanks very much! - Tyberius
  9. @Simmer2 Nice wall project! It something different again! ☺ Are those cannons separate props or part of the BAT? Can they be separate props? - Tyberius
    Amazing model, I really like it, it can be usefully even in w2w enviroment. I've never met the old one, but this one is well made. Thanks for sharing this. @mattb325you made once a w2w church. I know you have your own projects, but could you make more w2w churches? ☺Thanks anyway!
  10. @rsc204Thank you very much! Yepp, that was the problem, and it is solved now. I also thank you for the excel sheet! - Tyberius
  11. Hi everybody! Recently I've started making my first custom textures, and I ran into a little issue. So I need a little help/advice what the mistake is what I made.My first few textures are appearing nicely and in the intended order in the LE and PIM-X too, but ingame only the first texture from the pack is appering. I attached 2 pictures, the first one is a compare picture between the PIM-X and INGAME. The 2nd picture shows what I see in the SC4 Tool, where I created the pack.Thanks for any help in advance!- Tyberius
  12. @Dreadnought Hi! I realy like these pictures, the rocky shoreline is nice, I specially like those little rocky islands with a couple of trees, and like the pedmalls by the wall (where did you get that wall set with that green fence? I recognise the stairs, those are I think @SimCoug's creations, but dont't know about the walls...). And I'm also curious about that two kind of w2w building on the #1 picture. I think I have them, but I'm not sure what are those... Thanks to share these! - Tyberius
  13. @RandyE These are quite the most common dependencies, and this is actually nothing compared to my SeaPort Project and its upcoming expansion which will contain more than 40 different building dependencies including a lot from Mattb325 and these are the spec. dependencies. I like this building it was growing nicely last night in one of my cities.
  14. @f3cs Hi! As I see on the third picture you're using Frogface's Estacao da Luz station, but with the old texture. Rivit made a patch, but I'm not sure if it's compatible with the normal RRW skin or only with the reskin, but I guess it worths a try. Nice pictures anyway! Thanks for sharing them.