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  1. @rsc204 and others: I'm the worst with computers, so I want to make sure everything is cool. I have Windows 10 and have accepted all updates since I got my laptop about a year ago. Is it likely that I have this 'patch' you're speaking about? How can I tell/where do I check on my computer? Any input would be helpful. Thank you. Sincerely, A Computer Dummy
  2. I like it. I like it a lot. {Lloyd Christmas-from Dumb & Dumber-voice}
  3. My screenshot:
  4. No Such Thing As A Free Gift: The Gates Foundation and the Price of Philanthropy by Linsey McGoey
  5. Hey @RRetail, thanks a lot for helping me out, it worked! Looking forward to downloading more of the relots you post. Take care.
  6. Thanks for responding @RRetail. I don't really have experience downloading dependencies, I have only downloaded a total of one. I downloaded it to my 'plugins' folder, and I hear that's where I'm supposed to put them (with all my downloaded buildings and such). I will do what you say and hopefully I will do it right so I can get all these buildings you posted. Thanks again.
  7. I want to have these on my game, but I'm really confused about how to do this download, do I have to have all those dependencies? If so, where do I find all of them? Do I just click the pink 'Download File' button, or do I have to find and download those dependencies from somewhere? I'm not good with computers, sorry. Any help on this from anyone will be appreciated.
    Another brick/concrete building to download always puts a smile on my face. Speceba, keep up the good work.
    Great building, definitely one of the more unique ones I have downloaded. Thank you.
    Good job for a big residential building that's just 2X2. This looks similar to some of the big behemoth apartment buildings where I live (NYC), like the ones you see on the Upper East Side and Midtown East. I prefer the look of these as opposed to most of the gaudy glass and soda can monstrosities that are all over my town these days. Keep up the good work.
  8. Wish there weren't so many dependencies involved with this cool looking building. (I don't really understand the whole dependency thing, I don't trust them, especially when you have to download some of them from other websites, and there seems to be way too many of them, so I never downloaded anything that has to do with dependencies.)
    Very nice. I downloaded it.
  9. Ok everybody, I'm gonna take the plunge and get the GoG version of SC4 and get rid of this garbage Origin version. I think I correctly saved/backed up my plugins and my region onto my portable hard drive, but who knows with me, I might've just unknowingly sabotaged my entire computer because that's the kinda relationship I have with these machines. Hope this will work out, and really hope I saved my plugins and my city/region the right way, haha. Wish me luck people.
  10. Can't believe I missed that one, llama makes sense, as I'm familiar with them being a staple in SC games. Although I'm not surprised I was mistaken, I haven't seen a large variety of wild animals where I live, unless you count rats, alley cats, and the occasional squirrel, haha!
  11. @MissVanleiderDon't worry, I have a filter on my internet, it takes out the sugar without affecting the taste, so your brownie will be diabetic-friendly. @jeffryfisherI am familiar with the 'Like' button/feature on this site, I've doled them out more than the corner boys on my block do with dope, I'm not that computer illiterate, I do have MySpace ya know, so I keep up with the latest trends. Ok, the MySpace part was a joke. On the other thing, mostly I can just call a friend on the phone and they can walk me through bunk/annoying/complicated computer jams, but if they have to come to my building I'll pay for their cab when they get here and hook 'em up with a beer while they fix the mess, but when they're done they gotta take the train back home, no round trip cab fare from this amigo, haha! @rsc204You seem to know what time it is on this site, why are the emoticons now on default to those sheep faces? Not a fan personally, and my lazy self doesn't like the extra mouse clicks I gotta do to get to the regs smiley faces and such. Any insight/inside knowledge on these tactics? Also, glad you're on board with the brownies.