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  1. Greats pictures!
  2. Hello everyone, I have not posted anything more than a month. So I come up with a new YouTube video that this time is not a tutorial plus an experience of changing deforestation. I hope that this new concept will please you, if it works well I will do some times in the same genre. Good viewing! Thank you. I did not want to take a close look at deforestation for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a close-up would have asked for more details and therefore more time. The second reason, with a bigger zoom on deforestation is less impressive: if one takes the first and last image of deforestation there is a clear difference. The goal of the first part of the video is not to do anything incredibly detailed with the MMP, but simply to see "live" deforstation. Thank you, I'm glad to see that the video passes a good message. I already thought about doing Africa, but it will not be for now, but it will come! Thank you Michael! Thank you for your kind words! On the other hand, there are also trees near me that have been cut down, it dramatically changes the landscape and makes it uglier. Less and less trees for more concretes, unfortunately. Contact with nature is soon lost. Thank you very much RandyE. Thank you! Merci! Your message affects me a lot, I'm glad to hear these words, thank you again! Thanks to you for the comment.
  3. Beautiful! I love the buildings used and the transportation network. I see only a small problem: in the first image we see the bridge for the tram passing the river at ground level, and immediately after the tram is elevated to 15 meters high.
  4. Magnificent! Your work is always impressive and enjoyable to watch! It never enough photos unfortunately! Continue, excellent!
  5. I love this area view.
  6. The last pictures are my favorites, with the small viaduct, the tunnels and the industrial zone! Very nice pictures!
  7. Magnificent! You realize the parks with much accuracy, they appear natural and the paths MMP of SM2 are great! The docks with all these boats are very beautiful too, and the city W2W is very well done. We want to walk the streets so much that it's beautiful! It was high time to make an update!
  8. There are good ideas and I think the city is doing well. The transport system in general is nice to see and you are doing very well. On the other hand, the grass everywhere, it is not possible! Why do not you simply leave the land blank with some MMPs? You do not need to download many plugins, some will suffice (some trees, bushes and Girafe flowers among others).
  9. Superb update! My favorite images are the mountains, the snow and the ice and very well made... One would think to see real images! The first two images are well done and at the same time shocking to see what man can do about nature... I do not understand that we can achieve such a result and it sad to see that.
  10. Great photos. Do not do my question on SC4D, I had not seen your answer here and thank you again. I have already installed the mod but I do not have these tunnels, I will install again and read the "Read Me". Thank you!
  11. Finally a city close to home me! You have reproduced the sinuous river that crosses Berne (or "Bern" in German) and I like the constructions you have begun. I look forward to seeing more!
  12. Great MMP work!
  13. Woah! What to say? The terraces are beautifully done and you have recreated this 3D effect. I imagine that the terrain is more or less flat? The last image is also very well realized, all the gardens and farms with these few houses ... it makes dream! Great update, a treat!
  14. Hi, thank you very much Abrams124 for being inspired by my work. I'm glad to see that my little "tutorials" are useful and it encourages me to continue! When yesterday I saw the image on the main page of Simtropolis, I first believed that it was me so that our two ponds are alike, you have superbly done your work! Thanks again.
  15. Hello everyone, For a moment I did not return to the forums because I had quite a lot to do. So to come back nicely I decided to make a video before continuing my Dahammas area. It is a video related to the creation of a pond, I hope you like it! Water : STEX - Paeng's Free Waters Rock : STEX - Murimk MMP Rocks - Pack 1 STEX - VIP RuralPack Vegetation : LEX - BSC - VIP girafe ashes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe bushes LEX - BSC - VIP girafe cattails LEX - BSC - VIP girafe chestnuts LEX - BSC - VIP girafe daisy LEX - BSC - VIP girafe elms LEX - BSC - VIP girafe feather grass LEX - BSC - VIP girafe lupins LEX - BSC - VIP girafe narcissus LEX - BSC - VIP girafe norway maples LEX - BSC - VIP girafe oaks LEX - BSC - VIP girafe poppies LEX - BSC - VIP girafe sparaxis LEX - RRP Pasture Flora Various : LEX - Mayor Mode Ploppable Livestock LEX - SFBT Craftsmen House by voltaic STEX - FrankU Heblem Sand addon STEX - Nams 48people MMP STEX - VIP AubracWallMMP It's a bit like a habit, and even if there's a mistake you have to keep going because the video is spinning and I can not do too much time. Despite that, we do not see it, but I sometimes have moments of hesitation during the video. Thank you for your comment! Thank you very much raynev1! Thank to you! Seeing elsewhere is always interesting even when one is able to do the same.