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  1. Hello everyone, I just commented in this area because I first encounter a serious problem that needs to be taken into consideration quickly: Simptropolis bug and I find myself on accounts at other players. Tonight, I logged in to my Simtropolis account, I did what I had to do and I left on other websites. Back on Simtropolis, I found myself on the account of another player instead of mine (I will not mention his name here). At first I thought it was nothing serious and I updated the page and it was all good. Then, same story, but this time I arrive on the account of the Webmaster, and even while updating I was connected to his account and if I wish I can read all these messages, do all the actions I want (I read no message and I immediately stopped the connection from ST, believe it or not). I have now come to tell you about this problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible, I can not accept to be logged into an account of another player, I risk problems on my behalf, and it also means That other players may have the same problem as me and end up on my account unintentionally. This is a proof that I was on the wrong side tonight, without trickery:
  2. The motorway interchanges are impressive! Great!
  3. The medieval towns are always beautiful and full of stories. You too, the small streets, the small stream that passes through the city and all these details makes the city alive and beautiful! Congratulations!
  4. Located in Southeast Asia and in the Pacific Ocean, the Archipelago of Brebes and a group of 67 islands spanning about 580 kilometers and also the country of Halruaah. The largest island is 120 kilometers long by 40 wide and is home to the capital Kawayan. The archipelago was colonized about 70,000 years ago by men, from 500 BC the archipelago became highly coveted by its resources and its strategic position, it will be the scene of numerous territorial clashes between several neighboring countries. It was in 1760 that the British Empire took power from the archipelago and added a new colony to its list. Two centuries later, the local population revolted, and demanded its independence. After the Second World War, the United Kingdom can not preserve its authority against revolt because it demands too much military and financial means, it folds and the independence of the country will be officially signed on June 6, 1953. The civil war will cost the life of 150,000 citizens. Today, the archipelago of Brebes has just over 15 million inhabitants, the majority of which are concentrated in Kawayan. The poverty line decreases ant the unemployment rate of 11.2% of the active population. The country's main economy comes from tourism, oil and copper. Have a nice trip! Kawayan, the largest city and capital of the country. The population reaches 9'000'000 in 2016 and demographers estimate that the city is reaching 10'000'000 inhabitants in about twenty years. The city is contrasted by poor neighborhoods, other neighborhoods rise with large buildings blending British architecture in the modern Asian and Australian era. There are a multitude of small villages like this spread over the entire archipelago. Most of these villages depend on fishing and agriculture, for some of them tourism operates the local economy. One of the four airfields in the country. Built in 1940 during the Second World War, it served the British Army for military operations on the islands neighboring archipelago. The aerodrome has been classified as one of the worst in the world by an aeronautical review because of its delicate position between the ocean and the cliffs, the pilots have courage ... There have already happened a few accidents, but never anything serious. An old colonial house of the British Empire isolated from everything. In the archipelago still lives some indigenous tribes they live mainly of the fishing. There are about 1,700 natives scattered over several islands. After the war, the country developed to the detriment of the natives. One of the few stream in the whole archipelago. The Hainia Atoll. It takes millions of years for an atoll to form: at first it is a volcano to which coral is formed around it in shallow and warm waters. The volcano collapses until it disappears completely leaving behind only a coral reef in the form of a ring. This process takes several million years. In 2006, a man was found on an island in the archipelago, surviving for a dozen years before a fisherman's boat noticed an unusual activity on the island. The man had made a huge fire and kept it up for several days before anyone noticed his presence. He says he had a great holiday! Thank you Silur. Thank you. No, I was not inspired by this CJ, although it is very beautiful. Thanks Michael, the next update will be in a long time. As soon I will not have much time to dedicate to SC4, and also I want to prepare something huge that will take me a lot of time. Why not! Thank you for the comment! Thank you, I enjoyed doing this little aerodrome. I'm glad to hear it, thank you very much. Yes why not. Thank you GoKingsGo!
  5. Beautiful, the work is always meticulous and very detailed. A feast for the eyes. Thank you for your great updates and the time you spend making such scenes! You have marked your passage in the community SC4 and you always prove that with an old game one can do beautiful things!
  6. The beach is beautiful, and the effect of the waves is realistic. Beautiful landscapes!
  7. Some nice pictures, think to remove the grid by pressing "G" during the game.
  8. Greats pictures!
  9. Hello everyone, I have not posted anything more than a month. So I come up with a new YouTube video that this time is not a tutorial plus an experience of changing deforestation. I hope that this new concept will please you, if it works well I will do some times in the same genre. Good viewing! Thank you. I did not want to take a close look at deforestation for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a close-up would have asked for more details and therefore more time. The second reason, with a bigger zoom on deforestation is less impressive: if one takes the first and last image of deforestation there is a clear difference. The goal of the first part of the video is not to do anything incredibly detailed with the MMP, but simply to see "live" deforstation. Thank you, I'm glad to see that the video passes a good message. I already thought about doing Africa, but it will not be for now, but it will come! Thank you Michael! Thank you for your kind words! On the other hand, there are also trees near me that have been cut down, it dramatically changes the landscape and makes it uglier. Less and less trees for more concretes, unfortunately. Contact with nature is soon lost. Thank you very much RandyE. Thank you! Merci! Your message affects me a lot, I'm glad to hear these words, thank you again! Thanks to you for the comment.
  10. Beautiful! I love the buildings used and the transportation network. I see only a small problem: in the first image we see the bridge for the tram passing the river at ground level, and immediately after the tram is elevated to 15 meters high.
  11. Magnificent! Your work is always impressive and enjoyable to watch! It never enough photos unfortunately! Continue, excellent!
  12. I love this area view.
  13. The last pictures are my favorites, with the small viaduct, the tunnels and the industrial zone! Very nice pictures!
  14. Magnificent! You realize the parks with much accuracy, they appear natural and the paths MMP of SM2 are great! The docks with all these boats are very beautiful too, and the city W2W is very well done. We want to walk the streets so much that it's beautiful! It was high time to make an update!
  15. There are good ideas and I think the city is doing well. The transport system in general is nice to see and you are doing very well. On the other hand, the grass everywhere, it is not possible! Why do not you simply leave the land blank with some MMPs? You do not need to download many plugins, some will suffice (some trees, bushes and Girafe flowers among others).