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  1. Your CJ with map is cool. I still don't have time to play CSL after 2 years of release.
  2. Your CJ is truly global.
  3. The reason may be unknown to others but the choice of color is by no means random.
  4. Hi, is there any reasons why residential zone is green, commercial zone is blue and industrial zone is yellow in the SimCity franchise?
  5. It is important to have highway going into city center or people will be forced to take subway due to traffic jam.
  6. CO word of the week #6 - 10/2017 https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/co-word-of-the-week-6-10-2017.1004063/
  7. CO is a textbook example of mismanagement of a video game studio. This trailer looks really amateurish. I can spot a few obvious problems with it. First, a ship in the second last photo is beached. Second, the bridge in the last photo is not realistic. CO needs to understand that most players want transport expansion in highway and railroad instead of other less efficient mode of transportation. Otherwise, the game is still worse than Cities in Motion.
  8. Every great city has a great highway system.
  9. Truly American.
  10. One needs to be a diorama builder to make a good CJ.
  11. Congratulations!
  12. Art deco is the best form of architecture.
  13. I don't understand why Paradox-CO got pathfinding right for their first game (CiM1) but got it broken for later games. They instead focus their effort in creating cute but unrealistic AI vehicles like doughnut trucks...
  14. It seems CO intentionally oversimplified network structure in CSL in order not to exclude the possibility of CIM3. Resources have been diverted to the creation of the mascot Chirpee.
  15. Your generous sharing of useful skills is deeply appreciated.