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  1. Well I cannot describe in an appropriate manner my feelings about this entry but to sum up I feel completely useless !
  2. My gf and I came in the UK on 2012 both for studies and to seek job. My gf is a NHS registrar ENT doctor and I am working as an assistant accountant in Birmingham. As EU citizens we were benefited in terms of university fees ( 4 Masters degrees in total paid with no loans or any benefits). However, we never seek any benefits, we never used NHS. We are paying on time our taxes, we have an excellent credit history. We have been chosen among other candidates for our skills neither for our nationality nor our connections. So we got our jobs in an equal manner. However, many times we were verbally abused as ''corrupted'' and ''beggars'' (We are Greeks :P). To be honest, I am happy living in the UK except these annoying instances . I wish British people and government allow us to live here and thrive. However, we are not British so we cannot have an opinion on what the British should have vote for their own country. If Brexit means a flourishing and safe country then its the best choice. I would like to mention only one thing. As Ln X mentioned Britain is a serious and strong economy even if it was tested and showed some flaws.However, you cannot relate the way EU will behave on Britain with the way behaved to smaller countries with weak economies such as the Greek. I realized that most of the Bremain propaganda it was the very same with the Gremain propaganda we had 1 year ago. Yes we still have capital controls but we lack a serious state with necessary automated processes, a strong raison d'etat sentiment and we weren't the 5th largest economy. Britain is a totally different story. Greece was set as an example to weak economies. You cannot relate the consequences in Greek economy to the British. Last but not least, British are known for their diplomatic skills. Do not rush , be strategic. .
  3. Hello everyone ! Long time no see ! Working and studying together left me with almost zero free time. However, I am working on Northern Valethorn Area and I have almost completed the Recycling Center, Car factory and Coal power plant. Early development: Everything started from this motorway. I tried to recreate a British motorway. However, I was criticized for using non-British props so lets say that its a fantasy motorway ! I have to mention that everything was plopped piece by piece as the new mod for placing props didn't have uploaded back then. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 My new fields and farms 8 9 10 11 12 13 Aerial view From right to left Recycling center Power Plant Fields and Toll Station Car Factory 14 Tolls and surroundings 15 16 17 18 19 I hope you like this new entry ! Feel free to comment!
  4. Magnificent Judazzz! From my WIP
  5. Your photos are really pleasant to my eyes. I really like your rocky areas, the paths inside the forest and the houses with the woods nearby
  6. Stunning ! Thank you! -korver
  7. Detailed and beautiful!
  8. GPU is ok but I am exhausted
  9. Thank you very much Boformer ! It would be also nice to have small rural dry walls similar to the vanilla medieval walls too !
  10. Photoshoped part of my motorway
  11. Awesome !
  12. Its like a painting!