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  1. Looks more as if some transparencies are allowing some of the underlying cosmic grid to show through. Could the water be too shallow there (is the ground under your water lot raised slightly there?). It could be that the cosmic grid is poking through the water-lot's opaque foundation layer so that the grid shows faintly through the translucent water.
  2. Did you run any time in your blank sector before declaring it dead? In what order did you age your sectors? It may be that a sector can't import and export workers unless it has some capacity of its own, but I wouldn't be sure until exhausting the permutations of timing.
  3. Right, this isn't RR Tycoon II where each curve is treated like a 2% grade (and where grade means anything). If the network's slope restrictions allow you to build it, then its traffic can move at full speed.
  4. It looks like "age" here describes the adults, so high schools work on households old enough to have children in high school.
  5. I don't think so. Speed is a network attribute. Curves and slopes are same net, so should be same speed. If I'm wrong, I'll be very keen to hear about it.
  6. I play Minecraft on servers where I can enter creative mode at any time and change the world. I've learned from experience that doing so indiscriminately wipes away all of the "game" tasks of a world. It's like basketball with the basket moved to the floor: Putting something in the basket is no longer a game but a chore. Like CM, I choose which features of SC4 I want to wrestle with, and which are "bugs" to be worked around. I want to build cities where traffic flows through reasonable networks, and I even want my budget to make a profit (I must be a black-hearted capitalist). However, I do not want to pay for all of the glitches where tricky draggable mods create rats' nests of unexpected overrides / intersections. I also do not want to pay for bridges that promised to be high enough for ferries but weren't. Whenever some part of the game temps me to tear my hair out, even after saving something I thought was right, I just demolish the mistake and pay myself moolah to do it over until I learn how to control the tools well enough to build what I asked for. I treat the game as if it had a planning mode, an undo button, and/or a rollback feature. BTW, It would be really nice if I could commit rights-of-way to highways, interchanges, rails etc without actually building them and owing maintenance. Then I could drag out certain networks long before my cities needed them or could afford them, helping me to build my early-days towns around their future needs.
  7. Wow, sounds like science fantasy. I can't wait to try an FTL drive in one of my cities! And the discussion up top has persuaded me to replace all of my avenues with NWM alternatives. With zones lining my boulevards, I'm currently partial to the TLA's that offer double-sided access.
  8. You were not crass at all, only paralleling real-world fiscal policy "discussion", and I thought it would be worth a chuckle to illuminate that. Personally, I found your analysis quite edifying.
  9. Why not just copy some other building in the game and use it on your power-plant lot? Maybe you could tweak it slightly or repaint it or something to distinguish it. You shouldn't need an art masterpiece unless your goal is artistic (but I suspect your goal is mostly functional).
  10. Wow, you sound like one a' them heartless Republicans I've read 'bout. I bet when your sims whine about this and that, you don't always scramble to supply their every whim. How do you sleep at night knowing that your electronic peeps have an unmet sense of entitlement?
  11. Sounds like there's a systematic override project out there for someone who understands this stuff. That opens the question: What curves would make more sense? I suppose that simple clinics would provide moderate care to the strongest age band (e.g. 15-40) and taper off toward the ends. The most advanced (and expensive) facilities would be both more effective in level and cover a broader age range. A specialized facility might be a less expensive way to provide better care over a large area for a targeted (and presumably under-served) age range, perhaps supplementing clinics in a town not big enough for a top-class medical center.
  12. Distinctively spikey on top, it reminds me of Barad-dur, the Tower of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings movies. Hmmm, that gives me an idea for a mod request. Excuse me for a moment...
  13. Building request: The tower of Barad-Dur, complete with the eye of Sauron on top, from The Lord of the Rings movies. If possible, make it growable. When disaster strikes an advanced city, and end-stage towers are suffering abandonment all around, Barad-Dur can appear in their midst, supplying huge quantities of slave labor. If Barad-Dur appears in your city, then something's gone horribly wrong. Then again, you could make it a ploppable monument for the mayor who wants to keep an "eye" on his sims. Maybe it could even be a re-skin of one of the census mods.
  14. OK, you caught me exaggeratin'. I must also confess that I made up the bit about watering stations and Indian guides too. It just looks bigger when you're standing there in 118 F heat confronting 50mph cross-traffic. Suddenly the crown of the intersection makes it look as if it is big enough to be affected by the curvature of the Earth. Looking at actual satellite views of where major boulevards cross, I can see examples about 150' on a side (looking at outer crosswalk lines). That's roughly 22,500 sf, which about matches our triple-tile roads and their 3x3 intersection.