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  1. Could this be related to your "water won't travel" issue?
  2. So there's more to "zoning" than zoning.
  3. I apologize if I am being dense, but what's a packet? BTW, Are you trying to describe the "God Terraforming in Mayor Mode" mod?
  4. That's what I wanted to mention in my #2 bullet, but I didn't have the link. Definitely do that tutorial, learn its lessons, and then config SC4 to recognize your graphics card.
  5. A) Search for threads about running SC4 with only one CPU/core. B) What are your graphics settings, and have you tinkered with the config?
  6. I may have crossed the names of two different query cheats. Arrows show on roads when querying routes, and they don't all turn off by command. Sorry 'bout the confusion.
  7. Also look for a mod that lets sims work at home (home-jobs, telecommute, self-employment etc). Then your residences supply many of their own jobs!
  8. However, modded nets like NWM won't all have their arrows turned off until after the sector is exited to region. This can yield odd pictures in the transit view of the region (some brightly colored roads), but another open & close cycle clears that up.
  9. I've sometimes had trouble with vanilla pumps because the pipe needed to be connected to the building just so, and I hadn't dragged it that way. Try attaching pipe to building in various ways (in one side and out another) to see what happens when you run some time on the clock.
  10. Now that sounds like it would be a program weakness. Changing jobs and routes as new enterprises move in looks like an improvement. Other than piquing your curiosity, can you tell us how this new behavior hurt your game-play UX?
  11. In the BMP file, a (red) pixel is a small city-sector (or a 4x4 cluster of blue pixels is a large city). Therefore, these pixels really are the cities / tiles (which I call sectors). I try to avoid using the words "city" and "tile" around here because they're each used for multiple things, sometimes causing confusion. Following the game's lead, "City" usually refers to one sector of a region. However, it is also sometimes loosely applied to a whole region or a real-world city that spans several sectors within a region (e.g. The "real" San Francisco in my life-sized SF Bay Area spans a dozen or more "cities"). "Tile" is often used to denote a "city" sector, but you'll also sometimes see it used for one tiny square covered by a lot or road (e.g. triple-tile wide avenues). I've taken to using "sector" to denote one mayoral slice of a region, and I haven't yet had to pick an unambiguous word for the little squares that define lot-size and road-width.
  12. I'm trying to build a coherent region with a central CBD or two surrounded by urban/industrial within suburban within rural rings of sectors (no pics yet). I'm counting on NAM, CAM etc to integrate the region via highway and rail, but I still expect that some cap busters will be required in some sectors even though there's a perfectly usable duplicate just one freeway exit away in a neighbor sector. One of the mind-boggling aspects of this game is figuring out the difference between intuitive city planning and SimCity planning (e.g. How many international airports do I really need? How many world-class medical research centers? How are the answers to these questions affected by the mods I have?). I expect to be searching both SC4D and here for past discussions of each such facet of the game as I encounter it. One disheartening thing I've already learned is that my industrial output does not feed manufactured goods to other sectors' retail outlets, nor do farms feed the region's people and industry (in fact, it seems that sims eat electricity rather than food). Nevertheless, my region will produce and distribute both food and goods as if they mattered.
  13. What that means is that a city's neighbors may appear to have elevation zero (deep water) because those neighbors haven't been rendered yet. A similar thing happens if your region has holes in it (sectors left out, such as in the center of SF Bay where there is only water).
  14. Simtropolis has more llamas than Monte Python's Flying Circus <--- Mexican jumping llama like the ones used in The Holy Grail
  15. I've Googled these and not seen any (obvious) recent discussions: 1) What's the capacity of a generic FLUP "route" under something? Is it simply so fat that it's limited only by what I connect to it? 2) Does a FLUP ramp grant road access to lot(s) that point to the side of it? I wouldn't expect it to do so, but hovering lots seem to like pointing their arrows at them, so I'm not sure.